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The best times in life sometimes go back a long way, when you had all your best friends with you and not a care in the world. The Inspiration You remember the time, when you would wait around at the bus stop, hoping to catch
It’s conventional yet desirable, predictable yet popular. Think what you want but pink is still the epitome of wedding colour schemes. What, after all, is a wedding without pinks? We go a step further – a wedding just in pinks. The Inspiration The pink impulse
A stylish wedding calls for a cool location. Highly recommend for a trip to the tropical south to find the coolest spot for solemnisation. The Inspiration You’ve probably heard of the most famous wedding adage – “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue”. While
When it comes to elaborate receptions, ideas are often borrowed from the West. Now, isn’t it time for our multi-ethnicity to show its true colour? Here we provide some ideas for you! The Inspiration The signature design and patterns of the Victorian era – the
The Inspiration This is a good old-fashioned wedding theme that bespeaks the Victorian days in 19th century England when expensive finery and exquisite porcelain tableware ruled. Creating the Theme In creating this wedding setting, the devil is in the details. To conjure the royal English
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