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Travel Things to Do on Your Mauritius Honeymoon Whether you want unique dining experiences, postcard-worthy beaches, or Instagram-friendly resorts, Mauritius has got you covered for a picture-perfect honeymoon. text DIANA ONG Now that the wedding’s been done and dusted and all the thank-you cards have
RED Valentino’s Pre Fall 2018 collection
Weddings are such exuberant and fun events. It’s even more exciting when you are all dressed up for the occasion! To give you an idea on how to shine on the big day without taking away the spotlight from the bride, here are some inspiring
Behind a wedding invite is a huge and tangled mess of decisions to do with the wedding dress, bridesmaids’ dresses, groomsmen outfits, the venue, the menu, the guest list and more. With the stress of such copious decision-making, it’s no wonder that those involved in
The initial romantic attraction, or so called Love at First Sight, took Daniel and Kelly down the aisle in elegance and style. text CINDY ONG Love at first sight. That was how Daniel met Kelly. He laid his eyes on her during a New Year’s
Bring in the garden Inside every woman’s heart, there lives a little girl who dreams of a rustic garden wedding. Wedding Planner SPELLBOUND WEDDINGS 9658 0816 Dining Ware & Accessories SPELLBOUND WEDDINGS & FRANCFRANC Photography ANDY LIEW, N.D PHOTOGRAPHY text SUMMER LEE The Inspiration A
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