Wedding Magazine Issue 21



Wedding & Travel Magazing Issue 21

How do you define “The Best Wedding”? Is it the venue, the food, the dress or the guests? It is hard to credit a single element for there are many components that make up a wedding. And sometimes, it can be the least expected ones that make a wedding memorable.

The tears from a grandma’s eyes, a touching speech from the groom, or simply the love that a couple shares. Since every couple is different and so are the circumstances surrounding their occasion, it is hard to decide which wedding is ‘the best’ until you’ve truly experience it.

At W&T, we believe every union of true love deserves the title of The Best Wedding. Hence, we came up with this Real Love issue to honour the love of 14 wonderful couples who shared their stories with us.

The wedding is a joyous occasion. But there is even more cause for celebration when a couple renews their vows 20 or even 25 years down the road. This, we witnessed first hand at the 20th anniversary of one of Singapore’s greatest philanthropists – Dr Lee Seng Gee and his wife – Dr Della Lee.

Mr and Mrs Lee are not alone in their time defying love. Mr and Mrs Soenaryo also shared their recipe for 25 years of blissful marriage with us in “Golden Couple”. These stories are not only inspiring and heart-warming, they also tell us that love can be celebrated at any age because it transcends all generations.

Speaking of celebrations, have you heard about the growing trend of couples who opt for destination weddings? Some do it because of the couple’s origins; others are captivated by the image of open blue seas and clear blue skies permeating a glass wedding chapel in island paradises like Bali.

While it certainly looks fun to go places, couples who have their weddings in Singapore have a jolly good time too. In “A Wonderland Wedding”, the couple hired wedding planner Eternally Yours, to create an Alice in Wonderland fantasia theme.

Another couple, in “Superhero Marries His Princess”, delighted their guests by engaging masquerading stilt walkers and a contortionist to infuse a carnival atmosphere to their wedding.

As you can see from the experiences of these couples, there is no right or wrong way to do it. The only advice to bear in mind is that couples who make the slightest effort to make their wedding unique, no matter how small the effort, will always find greater pleasure and fonder memories in this momentous occasion.

With Love,
W&T Editorial Team