Retro Theme Wedding

Did you already catch Jay Chou’s second directorial effort, Rooftop (天台) in theatres? While reviews on the film may be mixed, we love the retro vibe that clearly had a big influence on the film’s aesthetics, from the wardrobe to the styling, and art direction!

If you’re yearning for a bit of nostalgia yourself, why not opt for the ever-popular retro theme wedding? There is definitely no lack of inspiration in this area from our very own Singaporean heritage (think 60’s getais, old-school kopitiamsah-go-go and so on) — the many classic local productions such as Beauty World, Wok of Life (福满人间), and Right Frequency (播音人) that have spawned over the years are the perfect proof to how evergreen retro themes can be!

Below we’ve put together some references to serve as the springboard to help you plan your retro theme wedding. Go crazy with the ideas and have fun!

1. Venue

re(Photo from Hotel Re!)

For the venue, why not consider Hotel Re! at Pearl’s Hill? The daring colours (you can spot the 12-storey hot pink building from a mile away!) and patterns in the hotel’s interior design recall a psychedelic age that goes especially well with a retro theme wedding. Depending on your preference, you could either hold the event at the usual ballroom, or outdoors at the open driveway.

2. Fashion

When we say ‘retro’, we think of polka dots, and neon colours, in this order! For the feminine bride, we love this Maggie Sottero beauty in blush — the contrast between the sexy lace bodice, and the playful polka dot overlay is just too much to resist! For those with a more minimalist aesthetic, this elegant but youthful white number from Christos will be perfect for you.

Maggie Sottero, Rasharna

Christos Fall 2011 Collection

For the more adventurous bride, we’re sure you know that neon colours are so vogue this season! We love this neon tube gown by Jason Wu and its asymmetrical hemline that is flattering for every bride. The dress has also earned its stamp of approval from fashionistas with its appearance in the pages of Vogue magazine.

Jason Wu Spring 2012 Collection

3. Wedding Favours

It’s easy and economical to find polka-dotted packaging in all kinds of form, be it bags or cones or boxes! Here are a few of our cutest picks.

Polka-dotted cones form Favor Studio

Polka-dotted candy bags from Kraftbits

4. Wedding Invitations

Who says that retro can’t be chic? This set of stationery by Etsy seller, Jamie Konet definitely shows that monotone does not equal boring. You can even customise your order by choosing your own colours for the design!

il_570xN.267945165Wedding stationery by Jamie Konet

For those that prefer a dash of colour, these pieces from Ladyfingers Letterpress will definitely bring a smile to your face! Lovingly hand-lettered before being printed on letterpress, this set of stationery evokes retro influence not just through its design, but through its production as well.

neon neon2
Photo from Ladyfingers Letterpress

Did you hold a retro theme wedding for your big day? We would love to see how you interpreted the theme!

Travel: Dalat, Vietnam

Talking about overseas pre-wedding photoshoots, we’re sure the first names that come to your mind are places like Taiwan, Japan, Korea, or even Europe. But, did you know that you don’t actually have to look too far from our own backyard to find a gorgeous city for your pre-wedding photos (and this’ll be gentler on your pursestrings too)?

Enter Dalat, Vietnam — previously a summer retreat for the French during the colonial era, Dalat is a breeze to get to at a mere 35-minute domestic flight away from Ho Chi Minh City. The French were apparently so enamoured with the city that they coined it ‘Little Paris’! (Look out for the replica of the Eiffel Tower in the city centre.) Dalat is situated 1,500m above sea level, giving it a pleasant springtime weather all year round. Though immensely popular with local Vietnamese couples as the choice destination for pre-wedding photoshoots and honeymoons, Dalat has been relatively under the radar for international visitors to date. But not for long, we say. Check out these scenic spots that we’ve sussed out and you’ll see what we mean!

1. Xuan Huong Lake

Photo by phucthang

You would never miss Xuan Huong Lake, which is located right in the centre of town. The lake takes on various personalities throughout the day — at dawn, it is mysterious when enshrouded with the morning mist; at mid-day, it is piercing and clear as the tranquil waters reflect the colours of the sky; at dusk, it is slightly melancholic as the waters fade to deep navy blue, then velvet, and the lights start to come on nearby. Whichever your pick, we’re sure this is a surefire spot for great pictures.

2. Valley of Love

Photo from Sinh Cafe Travel

From its namesake, we believe you don’t need further emphasis on how romantic this attraction is! Located about 3km away outside of Dalat, Valley of Love (or Vallée D’amour, as the French call it) features dramatic peaks and dips, French architecture from the late 19th century, vast expanses of pine trees, and also gorgeous views of the nearby Lang Bian Peak. We also recommend the Da Thein Lake as a photogenic spot for those pictures!

3. Dalat Flower Park


Flower lovers listen up — the Dalat Flower Park will be your dream come true as it contains more than 300 species of flowers over its 7000m² grounds! They certainly don’t call Dalat as “the city with thousand flowers” for nothing! Make the most out of your visit by timing it with the annual Flower Festival, which usually takes place from the last week of December, and stretches over to the first week of January. While you should expect big crowds, you would also enjoy the added bonus of catching sight of imported species of flowers that are usually not featured in the park.

4. Prenn Fall

Prenn Waterfall
Photo from Vietnam Tourism Group

There are no lack of waterfalls near Dalat, but it appears that Prenn Fall is by far the most popular and a must-go on any Dalat itinerary. Conveniently located just 10km away from the city centre, Prenn Fall is easily accessible through a short car ride. While you’re at it, be sure to try out the local fish soup, which we hear comes highly recommended among other travellers!

Which other scenic spots in Southeast Asia would you recommend for overseas pre-wedding shoots? Give us a shoutout anytime!

Life as a Wedding Singer: Dawn Wong


Armed with a passion for singing, Dawn Wong has come a long way from Project SuperStar 2 alum to being boss of her own company providing live music services for weddings.

Hummingbird Concepts was started by Dawn with a mission to provide quality music. “It was only after singing at weddings and events for 4 to 5 years that I started my own company. With experience under my belt, I felt that more could be done to develop our industry of live music services. Lots of people think it is so easy to form a band and sing for weddings, but there is so much that goes on behind the scenes to ensure that quality music is consistently presented to clients who require our services. After all, it is both a skills-based and service-based industry, neither of which are easy to manage.”

And speaking of skills, Dawn, who received training at notable music schools like Ocean Butterflies and the Lee Wei Song School of Music, certainly has plenty to boast of. Apart from being a finalist in the local singing competition Project SuperStar 2 in 2007, the 26-year-old also made it to Taiwan’s Super Idol 5 as a PK challenger. Her rendition of “Loving You” won over judges who complimented Dawn’s unique husky voice.

To date, the bilingual songbird, who has a repertoire ranging from Mandarin classics to Alternative Pop and Jazz, has sung at more than 500 weddings. The usual routine will see Dawn and her live band performing for 2 sets of 45 minutes each, covering close to 20 songs which will fit in well with a 9-course banquet.

According to Dawn, the peak period for a wedding singer usually ranges from end of year up till before Chinese New Year. Her busiest week saw her performing at 6 weddings from Friday evening through to Monday. In order to remain fresh for the occasion, she tries to sing no more than 2 weddings a day.

In between her busy schedule as a wedding singer, Dawn also found time for her debut self-titled EP released late last year. The five-track album was written, conceptualized and produced entirely by Dawn who invested $20,000 of her life savings. The result, is a sincere record brimming with the singer’s dedication and passion for music.

And it is not hard to tell that Dawn’s stint as a wedding singer has clearly influenced her music. The EP contains two wedding tracks – English song “The Perfect Two (Stuck Like Glue)” and Mandarin ballad “Ring Finger (无名指)”. Both have lyrics penned by Dawn and channel positive feel-good vibes. Have a listen!

W&T: Do you still remember the first wedding you sung at?
Dawn: My first ever wedding was a friend’s wedding at Raffles Town Club. It was nerve-wrecking, but it helped that it was a intimate gathering and I knew the couple. Their son is almost of primary school age now!

W&T: When you first started out, were there any difficulties you faced? For instance, song dedications that you’re not familiar with?
Dawn: I’ve had interesting song requests that I apologetically decline, but I do try my best to learn as many popularly requested songs as I can so as not to disappoint at the next wedding. I’ve also had very enthusiastic guests who sing along, and those I love! It’s a really great feeling when you see people enjoying themselves. But of course it all depends on the couple, their guests and their requirements. For example, if it’s a big wedding with lots of business associates, we may not entertain requests to maintain the couple’s desired image.

W&T: What are some popular wedding songs in Singapore?
Dawn: There’s a not so new radio station called Kiss92, all the great songs in one place. And we’re really the live band version of that. Sometimes couples come to us with very specific song lists, but by and large we play the most popular songs out there. So it is inevitable that some songs feature in almost every wedding like ‘The Moon Represents My Heart’ by Teresa Teng. But the funny thing is, that song almost always gets an appreciative reaction from the crowd and as long as people enjoy listening to it, I’m happy to keep singing it. Although I must say that on my days off, it is nice to listen to other tunes!

W&T: Any per-requisites a wedding singer must have?
Dawn: If I had to pick a wedding singer, I’d pick someone who can really sing (that’s a given), and who also enjoys singing love/positive/happy type songs, because that comes through in a performance. But what’s really important to me is a genuine interest in your audience’s enjoyment. We’re there to enhance a wedding, but the couple is the star of the show. So we must make them look good by helping their guests have a good time.

W&T: You released your self-titled EP in 2012, can you tell us whether your experience as a wedding singer helped in any way?
Dawn: Subconsciously, singing at weddings made me realise that positive and hopeful songs were more suited to me than the emo heart wrenchers I had been singing before. So my experiences definitely influenced the direction of the EP. I’m still discovering myself, trying new music genres, and working on interesting projects, and I hope that translates into even better experiences for my audiences at weddings or other events.

To know more about Dawn, go to or

Dawn’s EP is available via mail order at, for download from iTunes & and also on spotify.

The Minions Special

It’s Thursday and the clock just struck 11 in the morning. Are you already all prepared to rush into your nearest McDonald’s to lay your hands on those minion figurines, which comes free with every Happy Meal for these two weeks? (We heard last week’s first set of three were a sold-out!)

If yes, we think you’ll like our special write-up on how else you can fully indulge in this craze.

cake pops
(Photo Credit: Bakerella)

Eat! Originally sidekicks to Despicable Me’s main character Gru, the minions army who speak cute gibberish have become so popular that everyone wants a slice of them.

Well, now you can. Literally.

Local cake store Cake Funtasie custom makes Despicable Me cake designs. Despite the hefty price tag of $320 for the 4kg cake, the store has seen a 20% increase in orders over the past two weeks, according to Straits Times. So if you are looking for a special something for an upcoming party, book early is our advice.

For those who are into DIY baking, look no further than popular blogger, Angie Dudley aka Bakerella. The creator of cake pops (i.e. cake + lollipops) has cashed in on the minions fever and come up with a new step-by-step recipe for those who are keen to remake these little yellow creatures at home. Too cute!


Play! If Happy Meal figurines can’t satisfy you, head on to Toys R Us for a full collection of the pill-shaped cutie merchandise. From plush toys, figurines to battery-operated robots, we are sure you’ll be spoilt for choice.

If you are planning on getting one as a gift for your other half, we recommend you however to build your own minion from the ever trusty LEGO. Tutorials are aplenty online and they provide detailed instructions on how you can go about building your favorite minion character. This can also be a new bonding activity to spend quality time with your partner this weekend (ditch that usual eat-shop-movie routine for once!). Either way we are sure this will help you score extra brownie points from your girlfriend/wife!

(Photo Credit: Instagram)

Ladies Only! Get in trend by having minions on your fingertips! Nail parlours are now joining in the competition by offering minions in drawing or gel manicure design. A gel manicure with the cartoon is said to go as high as $150. For the budget conscious, pop by Daisy Nail Shop at Far East Plaza. They offer decent minion nail art (see pic above) at $58.

For the interested, this graph picture titled “Guide to Despicable Me Minions” is where you can learn to differentiate these little yellow characters. Originally labelled as minions, they now have individual names which we think you should know before their spin-off movie “Minions” lands next year.

We also found some behind-the-scenes information here on the creation of these cute creatures, which makes for interesting good-to-know. Wouldn’t you want to know how the creators came up with the gibberish minion language?

And just in case you feel like listening to the famed “Banana Song” again for the millionth time, we made it easy by including it here. So click away and sing along!

Running Man HaHa’s Comedic Wedding Photos

For those who are fans of popular South Korean variety show “Running Man”, we guess you must have been very much pleased with the casts’ recent visits to Singapore.

Following Muscle-man “Sparta” Kim Jong Kook’s visit earlier in February, the latest “Running Man” member to come for a fan meeting is, HaHa!

As the stage name suggests, HaHa whose real name is Ha Dong Hoon, is often the joker on set. He is the one who has numerous sneaky ideas up his sleeves and always up to crazy antics like staging his own movie in the middle of the chase. The 33-year-old, who is also affectionately known as “Haroro” for his resemblance to South Korean’s cartoon penguin “Haroro”, is also known for being “the betrayer”. In the action variety program where the seven-member cast form teams with celebrity guests each week to compete in various missions and rip off each other’s name tags, HaHa is famous for constantly betraying his teammates by telling on them or switching camps in order to win.

In his interviews with the local media before his fan meeting, the entertainer however emphasized that he is nothing like that in real life. “If people believe that is how I really am, they will definitely criticise. But I think my character is likeable. I trust the audience and hope they can enjoy my performance in the show. I believe that betrayal is death and this applies to everyone around me.”

While HaHa might not be the betrayer we see on screen, we think he is definitely the comedian in real life. And the evidence is none other than his wedding photos!

Taken last year before his marriage to South Korean singer Byul in December, the photos featuring “Running Man” and “Infinity Challenge” casts, exude HaHa’s signature wacky comedian spirit. Our favorite has to be the series with Korean Hip Hop duo Leessang, formed by “Running Man” Gary and “Infinite Challenge” Gil, pretending to be Byul’s body guards. The serious looking pair coupled with a confused looking Lee Kwang Soo in one photo sparks off the most comic effect. The bride was later quoted saying that she had so much fun and laughter during the shoot and we think that is the best memory one can have from a wedding photo shoot!





(Photo Credits: ojs4wedding)

HaHa and Byul’s wedding invitation card is also all about fun and breaking norms, with the couple portrayed in a cartoon caricature under a sea of stars. (Photo Credit: Lee Kyun’s Twitter)

HaHa welcomed his first child, Dream, last Tuesday. The name is apparently inspired by children being seen as God’s dream. To the couple, our heartfelt congratulations!

HaHa will hold his first fan meeting in Singapore coming Saturday (July-20), 7pm at Zouk. He is joined by Skull, a South Korean reggae singer whose 2007 single “Boom Di Boom Di” made it to Top 3 of the Billboard Hip Hop/R&B Singles Charts. Both singers will be belting reggae tunes off their individual albums as well as songs from the duo’s collaboration album “Ya Man”.

Ticket going at $128 and $88. To buy or for more information, go to LEAP IMS website or facebook.