Fashion: Joan Shum

Joan Shum



Once in awhile it’s nice to look beyond the major brands and labels to put the spotlight on small personalised designers. In a way, they are closer to the consumer, and many times, they are able to come up with more unique designs because of that!

We took a quick look around Etsy, and were delighted to stumble upon Joan Shum‘s page. There is something charming about Joan Shum’s pieces as they are mostly references to silhouettes from the 1920s to the 1950s, and recall a romantic old-world charm. But then again, there is also something very modern in the pieces — we think it could be the attention to detail that gives the dresses a refreshing and updated look!

We particularly loved the short tube dress paired with a birdcage veil (second picture above) — the flower applique on the skirt of the dress definitely helped to liven up this classic vintage va-va-voom look to make it less ordinary! We also loved the off-shoulder dress (third picture above) that gave off a strong modern bohemian vibe. The dress really reminded us of the heroine in Gone with the Wind (in a good way), and the floral detailing on the skirt is spot on in terms of what’s on trend this season!

We would admit that Joan Shum’s lookbook definitely does not have the matured polish of other more established brands. But what drew our attention was the clarity with which the atmosphere and personality of the brides pictured came through. Looking at the pictures, it is clear that the Joan Shum girl is warm, natural, and romantic in their own kooky way. And needless to say, having your wedding gown encompass who you are about is definitely a great way to start your wedding.

Embrace beautiful things with Mondays Off

In this digital world that we live in, postcards and posters may have become much of a rarity or to some, a memory of the good old 90s. For those who relish the joy of surprising someone with a postcard or simply treasure the charm of a nice print design, be pleased to get acquainted with Mondays Off, a local venture aspiring to create and share beautiful print.
(All photos courtesy of Mondays Off)

Nearly 8 months old now, Mondays Off is a project of 2 best friends, L and R. Sharing a passion to create “beautiful things”, the pair has come up with plenty of posters and postcards that are not the usual offerings you’ll find off the racks. When this writer from W&T first came upon Mondays Off many months ago at a flea market, we couldn’t help but be attracted to the striking typography presented on every piece that are exquisite to say the least. Now, good news for couples who are looking to have your own customized wedding invite, the creative pair have started taking on projects centred upon custom making wedding invites!

Below, we speak to co-founder Leyna, who studied design in Melbourne and is a full time designer at the moment, on her work at Mondays Off.

W&T: Independently designed posters and postcards are increasingly rare in Singapore, are you hoping to change anything with Mondays Off?
Leyna: About a year ago. I was just in my self-discovering phase, finding out what is it that really drives me and trying to pinpoint my true passion. I’m a graphic designer, but graphic designing is very general, trained designers can do many things, what was it I do in my profession that I also love doing even if I was not paid for it. I think the answer was typography and the love of creating was a marriage. It is rare in Singapore, but I think its slowly picking up base on my visits to flea markets, many designers are starting to showcase their flair in designing stationery. I probably won’t get sidetracked and still make posters as my primary business.

W&T: In your opinion, what defines a “beautiful product”?
Leyna: Something that gives the eye pleasure, limitless attraction.


W&T: How many custom-made wedding invites have you done thus far? Any memorable or difficult projects thus far?
Leyna: Not many, since I only started this service about 6 months ago. I think like all design projects has its challenges in terms of getting to know your client and understanding their level of expectations, whereas for weddings, people are high in spirits and are very much in love. I tend to be more delicate with them and try my very best to meet their expectations. And like any other design briefs, it’s good to really nail down details like what style, color, feeling they are looking for, before any work is done.

W&T: What was the best comment you’ve heard from a customer?
Leyna: In general with Mondays Off’s business, that they really like my posters and illustrations, and gave encouragement like, don’t stop doing this, keep it up. These encouragements do go a long way, because its indisputable that it’s hard to survive especially with such a niche audience.

W&T: If you have to recommend one item in your store that you really like at the moment, which would it be?
Leyna: ‘When there’s a will, there will always be a way” does keep me going. It will be a pity if I gave up and couldn’t inspire as much people as I want to.


Mondays Off
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Lifestyle: The Bravery

(Photo from The Bravery Facebook)

In the sea of cafes that have sprung up as part of Singapore’s Third Wave Coffee movement, what is it that distinguishes The Bravery from the rest of the pack? We always love a good coffee break over here at Wedding & Travel, and we found out when we paid The Bravery a visit ourselves.

For one, the minimalist industrial interiors of The Bravery is a refreshing change from the rest of the cafe scene, whose in-your-face hipsterism is honestly, getting a little stale. But that is not to say that The Bravery does not embody hip — we have no doubt that the super unpolished look of the cafe (think rough around the edges cement, low crates as chairs etc) was achieved with deliberate, conscious decisions on the interior designers’ part. (Psst, for those who are more blur, just push the gold door — there is no obvious door handle whatsoever.)

“Fancy” interiors aside, The Bravery definitely has got what matters right — the coffee. Brought to you by the same people who opened The Plain over at Craig Road, The Bravery crew likewise serves up a mean cup of coffee that is bound to satisfy any caffeine addict. For those who are partial towards weekend brunch, you can make a trip down to Bravery as well, as they serve up a decent brunch menu with items like eggs on toast (you can choose your own toppings), pancakes and sandwiches.

With The Bravery’s accessible location at new cool neighbourhood Jalan Besar (Chye Seng Huat Hardware Store and Windowsill Pies are a few streets away too), it’ll make for a good stop on your cafe-hopping routine.

The Bravery
66 Horne Road
Singapore 209073

Just Married: Lee Bo Young and Ji Sung


After a six-year courtship, long-time celebrity couple Lee Bo Young and Ji Sung finally tied the knot officially yesterday in front of 200 loved ones at Seoul’s Sheraton Walker Hill Hotel!

The couple first met each other on the set of TV series Save the Last Dance for Me in 2004, and as with most other celebrity relationships, have experienced their fair share of difficult times. Ji Sung said that there were times when he had been upset as he was unable to dispel break up rumours in the media. Mutual trust and communication played a big role in helping the couple get to their happy ending.

Ji Sung said, “We believed in each other. We understood that we would sometimes be too busy with our personal schedules to pay attention to each other and we were sorry about that.”

Wedding Theme

The couple drew inspiration from the classic Le Petit Prince (The Little Prince), and decorated the wedding venue with elegant touches of pristine white and smart architecture features to give it an European vibe. Apart from the decorations, the couple also meticulously applied the theme to the wedding invites. Instead of flashy invites with their photographs on it, Lee Bo Young and Ji Sung produced a simple and meaningful invite — underneath the image of a tree, the couple had the following message:

“On the day our meeting came as a heart flutter, Ji Sung promised to become a strong and large tree for Bo Young. Just like the little prince who takes great care of his star, I will take great care of my star. We are inviting you to Bo Young & Ji Sung’s star. Please congratulate us so that we can continue making our star beautiful.” Collective aww now please!


Wedding Dress

Unlike many celebrity couples, Lee Bo Young declined the invitations of many big-name designers, and opted to have her gown designed by long-time designer friend, Ji Choon Hee. The couple was reportedly extremely hands-on during the process, as Ji Sung had revealed that he personally chose the wedding gown. The result was a modest but elegant wedding gown that is generously embellished with silver and crystals. The classy creation also effortlessly tied in with the overall wedding theme. Here’s a piece of advice for brides-to-be: if you’re conscious about your arms, why not consider sleeved gowns like Lee Bo Young’s? With the sleeves done in light fabrics such as lace or chiffon, there is no worry of weighing down the look, or looking too bundled up to be pretty!


Wedding Photoshoot

The couple took their wedding photographs in Madrid, Spain. Of the pictures that were disclosed to the public, (the pictures were published in an editorial in Grazia magazine), we can see the couple in two distinct looks — first, a timeless white wedding dress look, and second, a throwback to the classic Hollywood glamour look (think Audrey Hepburn and a Chanel little black dress.)

ji-sung_1379359605_20130916_leeboyoung_jisung2  lee-bo-young-ji-sung_1379358651_af_org lee-bo-young-ji-sung_1380172364_af_orgji-sung_1380172408_20130926_LeeBoYoung_2

Looking at the photos, we can only say that Lee Bo Young and Ji Sung are definitely a handsome couple who only has eyes for each other. Once again, congratulations!

Lifestyle: Archifest 2013

Always felt city life to be too fast, too depersonalised, and wished that you had more means to engage in and enjoy the environment around you? If your answer is yes, then you’ll be delighted to find out that from this weekend onwards, Archifest is back! Lasting for 3 weeks till 13 October, this year’s Archifest will present a myriad of events and activities that explore ideas to make Singapore’s urban ecosystem more livable and sustainable.

With the theme of ‘Small is Beautiful’, Archifest 2013 will explore and celebrate projects, design studios, communities, businesses and ideas that may be small by choice and circumstance, but are large in ambition and impact. For one, we particularly are looking forward to the popular Architours, which are guided by architects and students, and will give participants a first-hand look into various projects. This year, don’t miss out on getting to know more about what goes on behind the scenes at these hidden gems in Singapore’s urbanscape — locations include Kam Leng Hotel, PARKROYAL on Pickering, BBH Office and so on.

Another event that got us excited was the Urban Picnic — scheduled to be held on 12 October as a closing event to this year’s Archifest, the festival’s pavilion at Dhoby Ghaut Green will be transformed into a vast picnic ground for visitors to enjoy their time outdoors. Held simultaneously with the Urban Picnic is Singapore’s first Experience Market. The Experience Market seeks to provide an alternative retail and F&B experience by not only involving the consumer in a buy-sell transaction, but more so, in the actual creation of the product. We’re definitely looking forward to the type of unique experiences that we might be able to buy!

On the philosophy and motivation behind Archifest, Festival Director, Adib Jalal shared, “Archifest was created to be a platform for everyone to propose and discover ideas for the city. We also want the festival to engage the communities and appreciate the finer details in our built environment. I hope through this year’s theme and various improvements to the festival experience, creative professionals, students, families and children will be inspired after attending the festival’s programmes. ”

Indeed, as our city lives grow more hectic, and interpersonal ties more distant, there is definitely a need for us to slow down and just to revel in the beauty all around, and more importantly, the company of our loved ones, that make the world we live in complete. With the extensive line-up of programmes in this year’s Archifest, we’re sure you will definitely be able to find something that you can enjoy — be it if you’re just looking for a quiet introspective time to reflect on city life; or if you’re looking for something adventurous and interesting to do with your friends.

Archifest 2013
27 September – 13 October 2013
Archifest Pavilion @ Dhoby Ghaut Green (Field in front of Park Mall, beside Dhoby Ghaut MRT)