Romantic marriage proposals

In this post, we scoured the internet for romantic proposals caught on video. Gentlemen preparing to surprise your missus with the question, we hope these will help inspire you on your own proposal. For the ladies, be prepared with a hanky and go awww.

The idea for this post came about when this writer accidentally stumbled upon this video that had gone viral among fans of Taiwan indie band Wonfu. It was a surprise marriage proposal planned by the band’s guitarist Xiaomin for long-time girlfriend, bassist Twiggy. The location was set in a church where filming for the band’s title track, a chirpy love song 《爱你一兆年》 (Love You For A Trillion Years), from their latest album “Wonderful” was to be held. Everything from the song to the place (drummer Dupi even dressed up as a priest!) was ideally decorated for the touching occasion. To see the usually carefree and eloquent Xiaomin breakdown while reading a script he had prepared also made us tear.

Internet memes are more often used as a sarcastic remark online, but Timothy Tiew used it as a surprise for girlfriend Audrey Ooi by having them printed with his love declarations. Not only is this touching but also very creative. That’s what we call, “like a boss!”
An entire month was how long it took for groom-to-be Joe to shoot and edit himself into all of his girlfriend Rebecca’s favorite movies. In the end, he presented her with this amazing 4-minute montage video finished off with the perfect marriage proposal. 100 points for effort!

Aquarium Wedding Inspiration

We read with interest this Straits Times article ( that reported that a Malaysian real estate developer tycoon had booked the Southeast Asia Aquarium at Resorts World Sentosa for his son’s wedding. The total damage? Some 2 million dollars, including a generous gift of a 1.2 million dollar Lamborghini to the couple. This also marks the first time the Southeast Asia Aquarium is hosting a wedding on its grounds.

While most of us can hardly afford the lavishness of the above wedding, we can’t help but be inspired that the aquarium seems like a pretty romantic and unique venue for a wedding, especially since it has long served as the choice location in dramas and movies for the lead characters’ romantic endeavours! And with this we’ve rounded up some ideas around the Internet to get your mind into overdrive!

1. Colour palette: blue,  purple, aquamarine

The aquarium summons images of the tranquil and mysterious underwater world, and what better colour palette can better materialise this than those reminiscent of the deep sea — blue, purple and aquamarine? Forget cheery, cute shades of lavender and sky blue — instead, opt for deeper shades like violet, navy blue and cobalt to complement the overall dark environment. With the right balance, these colours can give an air of whimsical etherealness to your set-up, as these reference images show.

(Photo from Style Me Pretty)

ddfd8d520aea0a8ddefe275494465519(Photo from Love Olio)

2. Table decoration: elements of the sea

Instead of the usual fresh flowers, why not consider bringing something from your immediate surroundings to your wedding? You have the license to be creative — elements from under the sea at your possible disposal include sand, seashells, and even live fish. We’re sure this will help to create special centrepieces that will definitely brighten up your guests’ tables and create some buzz during your wedding!

(Photo from here)

(Photo from here)


3. Lighting: fairy lights and tealight candles

One of the biggest challenges of holding your wedding at the aquarium is how to make the dim surroundings work in providing visibility for your guests, and equally important, be conducive enough for some decent photo taking during the event. A cheap and simple solution? Put in some fairy lights and tealight candles. Not only are they pretty, to say the least, they also unconditionally contribute to the overall whimsical feel of the decoration, and help bring it one level higher. Of course, the fact that these are easy on the wallet are a big plus point as well.

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(From left: Photos from here and here)

Travel: Quince Eatery & Bar, Bangkok

(Photo from Quince Facebook)

Think about Bangkok and the first thing that comes to mind would be the vibrant street dining scene. But little known to many casual visitors, Bangkok too has its fair share of cosmopolitan and fashionable eateries that do not pale in comparison to those in big cities such as New York, Tokyo or Singapore. Quince Eatery & Bar, located at Sukhumvit Soi 45, is one place in question.

Founded by Australian chef Jesse Barnes, and serving a mostly expatriate clientele, the dining experience at Quince would fall into the category of contemporary casual fine dining — the cuisine’s ingredients are thoughtfully sourced from local suppliers as much as possible, and reflect the produce in season, but the dining environment is laidback and without the stifling uptightness that may accompany a more traditional restaurant. Expect innovative, healthy and delicious fare such as beet root salad with feta cheese and blueberry sauce; crab meat pasta; and homemade ice-cream in a variety of flavours including chamomile and pumpkin.

(Photo by Wedding & Travel)

Quince’s interiors reflect the dining experience it encompasses. From the approach, one is immediately attracted by Quince’s large glass facade that allows a generous amount of natural light through the cafe, effortlessly creating a relaxed atmosphere for guests to enjoy their meals. The furniture mostly appears to be repurposed — the tables, in particular, are mostly made from restored wood (you can still see the damaged grain) in muted shades. The vintage look is completed with linen place mats and napkins, and tarnished metal boxes as toothpick containers. Even the cut fresh flowers decorating each table are carefully chosen in sublime shades of purple and moss to keep the look cohesive.

While some may say that it is ironic to indulge in such hipster cuisine in Bangkok when you can get the same at home, we say, why not? Such options are an experience in itself, albeit a different one from the usual you would expect in Bangkok. And who’s to say that you are not discovering something that is unique to Bangkok through this fusion cuisine that combines the best of western culinary techniques and Thailand’s local ingredients and seasoning?

Quince Eatery & Bar
Sukhumvit Soi 45 (Beside Casa Pagoda)
Nearest BTS Station: Phrom Phong

Travel: Hen Night in Bangkok

If wild hen nights (and strippers) are not your cup of tea, you’re probably the bride who opts for that extra bit of pampering on your hen night, just to help you become the prettiest bride you can be on your big day. While we know that you can easily indulge in your spa treatments, manicures and pedicures in Singapore, why not make your money work harder by checking into Bangkok? At only three hours away by flight, Bangkok is a breeze to get to, and can give you more value for money on your hen night than you can imagine. Here are our three tips on what you can do.

1. Indulge in head-to-toe beauty at the Shiseido Spa & Salon qi-emporium

A haircut, manicure, facial, full body exfoliating scrub and so on — chances are if you can name it, Shiseido Spa & Salon’s probably got it. You can easily spend up to half a day in this pampering environment to get your skin and beauty to tip-top condition. The Shiseido Spa & Salon uses the brand’s luxurious Qi line of products and is complemented by a mix of Western and Eastern massage techniques that aim to provide balance for the mind and body. You will also be delighted to know that the Qi line of products possess no artificial colouring and are usable on even sensitive skin. All products also feature a faint, spicy, herbal fragrance that is designed to relax and refresh.

You can choose form any of Shiseldo Spa & Salon’s four outlets in Bangkok, namely at Emporium, Jasmine City, Siam Paragon and Central Chitlom.

2. Shop for bridesmaid dresses at Platinum Fashion Mall

Boasting more than 5 levels and 3 zones of shops, Platinum Fashion Mall is a dream come true for every shopaholic. It is no exaggeration that you can likely find anything here — the range of products carried by the stores include flower crowns, leather accessories and even dramatic hats! Of the many apparel stores, you can easily find more than a dozen who selling dresses that are perfect for your bridesmaids. These dresses are typically made from chiffon, and come from a range of pastel colours that will definitely complement your wedding gown. And the best part? Buying more than 3 pieces at each store in Platinum Fashion Mall automatically qualifies you for a wholesale price discount, which is always a good thing!

3. Eat!

Yes, we hear you. You must be thinking, how can we advise you to eat when you’re trying to lose weight to look your best? But what’s a Bangkok getaway without a taste of some signature Thai dishes? The best way to get around the dilemma is just to pick the not-so-sinful dishes — for starters, try the spicy mango salad or tom yum goong; for mains, opt for the healthy and nutritious steamed whole fish instead of the usual grilled pork and chicken. Skip the dessert and drinks — the Thais have an extremely sweet palate, which means that you might be putting on the pounds without knowing it if you’re not careful with your sugar intake.

For an authentic Thai dining experience at an extremely agreeable budget, we recommend Sabai Jai Gai Yang located at Ekamai Soi 1.

“Follow Me”: A creative photo shoot about love

On this blog, we periodically share innovative ideas others have for their big day and that includes the pre-wedding photo shoot. While the snaps that got us marveling in this post might not be the norm for wedding photos (well, we aren’t sure whether Singaporeans are receptive to not having your faces in the photos), but we hope this ingenious theme which the photos follow through, can inspire you to work out an unique concept for your own nuptials shoot.

(Photo Credit: Murad Osmann’s Instagram)

This clever project titled “Follow Me” is put together by Russian photographer Murad Osmann. In case you thought these are part of his professional portfolio, well, not really. In fact, these are mostly taken via iPhone, with some by a DSLR, then beautified through the mobile application “Camera+” and uploaded on Osmann’s Instagram.

While some have lamented on the limitations posed by Instagram and its square frame, Osmann did not seem to have any issues with that. Within every frame pictures Osmann being led by the hand throughout the world by his girlfriend Nataly Zakharova, whose back-view is beautifully captured against various landscapes.

(Photo Credit: Murad Osmann’s Instagram)

According to, this project started during a vacation to Barcelona in the year 2011. It all began when Nataly became annoyed with Osmann for being so occupied with his camera and started pulling him by the hand, which didn’t stop Osmann from snagging a shot. That accidental shot would spark this brilliant series that now captures gorgeous views of the couple in New York City’s Times Square, streets of Hong Kong, London’s Brick Lane and even Singapore!

Osmann’s creativity certainly drives home the point that photography is not just about how sophisticated your photography equipments are. What matters ultimately is how you can see the world through the lens hole differently! While you might not be the one helming the camera at your wedding shoot, go ahead be different and come up with a theme for your shoot. When you do, let us in and you might just see your photos featured right here!

(Photo Credit: Murad Osmann’s Instagram)

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