Ooh la la with merrymakers WULALA!

(All photos courtesy of WULALA)

We at W&T have always aimed to furnish you with ideas on how to celebrate in style one’s biggest day in life. And it is this love for pretty and unique festivities that attracted us to WULALA, a merrymaking lifestyle brand here in Singapore.

True to its name, WULALA is a delightful store stocked with a personally-curated list of party items, from tableware, utensils to decorative items that will bring your party to life. Unique fashion lovers will also be pleased to find one of a kind apparel, accessories and shoes fit for any celebratory occasion. Apart from being an online store, WULALA also added party styling services, including wedding related bashes, to its offerings since 2 months back.

Behind this nearly 8-month-old venture is Wu Lalu, a full-time visual merchandiser for a local F&B company. Despite barely having enough time for sleep when things get heavy for both work and WULALA, Lalu remains fuelled with her “love for having pretty celebrations, sharing cute quirky products and giving great surprises.”

For couples looking for good party expertise, read on more about WULALA and founder, Lalu, in our interview below. Plus, we got Lalu to introduce a creative improvisation of the Twister game, which we think is a genius idea to spend quality time with your other half this weekend.

W&T: Any special reason why you chose the name, WULALA?
WLL: My dad used ‘ooh la la’ on me a lot when I was younger. ‘Ooh la la’ is usually an expression for delight and surprise. My name is Wu Lalu so the name just kinda falls into place.

W&T: Which is the most memorably party WULALA has been involved? Any wedding related bashes?
WLL: I only began offering party styling services officially 2 months ago, after getting many requests to do parties. My favourite project during the 2 months was styling for Google Adcamp. The ‘tikibar’ that I created was the highlight of the students’ Hawaiian themed party.

Yes! Wedding related parties I’ve done included a Formula 1 themed hen’s night and a wedding photobooth for a Chinese/Armenian couple within this short span of time.



W&T: Where are your products from? What criteria do you have?
WLL: They are either handcrafted or sourced from all around. Besides having a good design/concept, I make sure the products are well executed (well-made with good quality). On top of that, I really appreciate humor in products so, clever + amusing products get me.

W&T: Can you recommend one handmade item from your store? Can you let us in on the brainstorming process?
WLL: The ‘ Apple of My Eye’ beret is one of my favorites. I kept one for myself and get complimented every time I wear it out. All the customers who purchased this item keeps telling me how much they adore it!


W&T: We love the improvised Twister game on WULALA’s blog for V-day, how did you come up with this? How can couples can recreate this at home?
WLL: I played ‘Battleshots’ (on bed) with my partner the year before and we enjoyed that so much. So I thought we could up our Valentine’s day this year by playing another game on top of Battleshots. Something more physical so Twister came to mind quite naturally!

DIY has never been easier. For the complete list of what you need and how to get about doing your own Twister game,, please visit WULALA’s wordpress and download the printable! Have fun!

Pop by WULALA at www.wu-lala.com and facebook.com/pages/WULALA!

When your wedding crasher turns out to be… Brad Pitt

brad pitt
(Photo Credit: here)

That’s what happened to a couple who wedded last Friday (Sept 13) at Stoke Park Hotel in Buckinghamshire.

Bride Abi Lingwood expected a prank on her when husband Daniel told her that he had spotted Brad Pitt at the bar, near their wedding reception. Little did she know, it was real. “I actually gasped and said to myself, ‘Oh my god, it really is you!'” the star-struck bride told E!online.

The couple later asked for a photo which the Hollywood heartthrob politely obliged. “He congratulated us on our wedding said I looked great in my dress, shook our hands and said to pose for a picture. He was very accommodating,” Lingwood exclaimed.

To see the “World War Z” star in flesh naturally caused a stir at the wedding reception. It is said that the 49-year-old was later swarmed with photo requests that he had to make a stop with this, “This the last one, we are trying to have a meeting.” The A-lister was reportedly in the area to film movie “Fury” and was in the hotel for a business meeting. Hollywood actor Shia LaBeouf was apparently present at the scene as well.

While the highlight of her big day unwittingly became Brad Pitt, Lingwood was not at all upset. “The girls were going wild and mental so Brad Pitt and the people he was with went upstairs to a room for their meeting. It has become more of a talking point than my wedding, but that is fine.”

Other well known wedding crashers…
Brad Pitt had unknowingly become a wedding crasher but there were other well known personalities who deliberately sprung a surprise for strangers on their big day.

(Photo Credit: here)

Believe it or not, Queen Elizabeth dropped in at a wedding in Manchester last March for a couple whom had sent her an invitation earlier. According to Daily Mail, the couple, John and Frances Canning were told that they would be sharing the town hall, at which their wedding would be held, with a V.I.P. When they knew who it was, they sent an invitation to Buckingham Palace but received a polite reply declining the offer.

Little did they know, the Queen, accompanied by Prince Phillip and several royal dignitaries, had a surprise in store for them. Midway into the wedding, Her Majesty walked into the room and extended her congratulations to the Cannings. “It was bizarre that she knew our names. She said: ‘Hello John, Hello Frances.’ Apparently, we had been specially added into her rota. (The Queen) commented on how beautiful Frances looked in her dress and wished us all the best for the future.”

(Photo Credit: here)

When Freya and Graham McAnally got married at the Manchester Town Hall in England in December 2011, they were informed that “The Iron Lady” starring Meryl Streep was filming nearby. But what they didn’t know is that Streep would show up at their wedding.

According to The Daily Mail, the Oscar-winning actress made an appearance at the couple’s nuptials, then sent them autographed photos of herself bearing messages of congratulations.

(Photo Credit: here)

Justin Bieber and girlfriend Selena Gomez were strolling on the beach in California in July 2011 when they heard Bieber’s hit song “One Less Lonely Girl” playing at a local wedding reception. According to TMZ, the famous pair snuck up on the guests and got on stage to give the newlyweds a toast. “We just crashed it. We heard a party so we decided to just come. So let’s party,” Bieber said in an exclusive video.

Celeb-inspired hairdos for your wedding

This week, we turn to the glitzy red carpet for inspirations on how you can look like a star on your big day.

1. Thought head bands and floral crowns were a no-no? Wait till you see these. Most ideal for outdoor weddings, these looks are top on our must-try list.

Seen with a sparkly head band in the Golden Globes last year, Charlize Theron was a head-turner. To achieve this look, first gather your hair into a deep side-parting, tie the ends loosely into a bun and pin them in place at the nape of your neck. Place the headband, any matching color with your gown, about an inch and a half behind your hairline. Best paired with subtle makeup to complete this sophisticated madame look.

(Photo Credit: Hyori Together)
Flowers, on the other hand, add softness and romance to a wedding hairdo. To recreate this whimsical style, look no further than K-Pop diva Lee Hyori, who transformed from her sexy diva image into a sweet princess at her low-key wedding earlier this month. Set in a cottage surrounded by lush greenery in Jeju Island, the charming floral crown was fitting of the laid-back surroundings and a highlight to the bride’s simple white ensemble.

2. Yes, as you can tell, we love hair ornaments. For brides who wish to let down their hair yet worry about it being too plain, a statement-making brooch will be all that you need.

Like Rose Byrne, wearing a Neil Lane brooch in her hair, as well as Sandra Bullock. Sleek and straight hair can be seen as boring at times but the addition of a brooch will up the elegant factor.

Tips to ace this look: Gather a slightly off-center parting, so that it softens the straight hair cut. The placement of the hair ornament is also key. Have it placed directly behind your ear, which makes it less obvious and only fully visible when you turn sideways, for an unpretentious chic look.

3. The bun seems like a favorite choice amongst brides who opt for an updo. Not just the swept-back headmistress look, there are actually many options to do a bun as can be seen on these Hollywood A-listers.

Take a cue from J.Lo if you’re going for a classic princess look at your wedding. A high bun is impeccably chic and guarantees that your hair won’t be out of place the entire night.

As Julia Roberts took to the red carpet, for the premiere of her latest movie “August: Osage County” at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival two weeks back, we can’t help but have our eyes fixed on her tousled bun and loose waves encircling her radiant smile, which in our opinion is the saving grace to the red lacy Dolce & Gabbana dress which was a tad too bulky for our liking. The tousled bun is a look that provides the best of both worlds – still formal yet fun enough for an after-party.

Haven’t had braids since primary school? Add a twist into schoolgirl braids by having them in your bun to achieve a regal look, like forever stunning Amanda Seyfried.

Which is your favorite look or who do you think rocked these hairstyles best? Tell us your thoughts!

Colour Trends Spring 2014


Just fresh from New York Fashion Week 2013, the talented people at PANTONE have already come up with this amazing Spring 2014 colour trend report (click here for full report) that predicts the hottest shades in the coming season. Looking at the selected swatches, Spring 2014 sure looks exciting and full of surprises — apart from the usual pastel shades that can be said to be the mainstay for spring, vivid shades such as amber, tangerine and orchid also displayed a strong showing in the trend report. Looks like we can look forward to dynamic pieces this spring that play on the contrast between strong and weak colours to interest and effect!

As a fashion forward bride, PANTONE’s Spring 2014 palette can definitely be a great source for inspiration when planning your wedding. We’ve rounded up some inspiration (and pretty things) around the world wide web just to help get you started.

1. Mint x Violet
These gorgeous gowns from Romona Keveza look perfect in shades of mint and violet for Spring 2014! We’re loving the rosette detailing on the skirt as well.


2. Sky Blue x Tangerine
Put two and two together, and it seems that the shades of sky blue and tangerine would look perfect at a sunny outdoor wedding in Singapore! We know the heat can get overbearing — having your wedding reception begin when the sun is setting in the evening can be a romantic and practical solution!

(Picture credit: here)

3. Camel x Grey
While camel and grey may seem like unlikely choices for a colour palette for a wedding just because they seem so plain, you’ll be surprised to know that this palette can actually deliver rather impressive results for the classic, understated bride who is all about sublime elegance.

imagen-43 imagen-64

These pictures from Beautiful Blue Brides show how other couples have tastefully used camel shades to bring out a vintage and old-world charm to their weddings.

Screen shot 2013-09-18 at PM 02.47.33

These ‘Save the Date’ cards from Zazzle are a nice twist from the predictable monotone combinations these geometrical cards usually come in.

brown-shoesLast but not least, here’s something for the guys! These great leather shoes from Frank Wright will be a perfect companion to the bride’s look. There is absolutely no excuse for guys to be sloppy about their coordinates anymore!


Lifestyle: Barbie LIVE!

(Photo Credit: Base Entertainment Asia)

First created in 1959, the Barbie doll has been an iconic toy for girls through many generations. Its modelesque figure, flowing blonde hair and love for glitter and gold, seen as the epitome of female beauty by some and the sexist stereotype by feminists, have been its trademark so it is inevitable that we wonder: what does it take for one to play the role of Barbie on stage?

“What I do is make sure to eat healthy and exercise. Personally, I believe that it is most important to be beautiful on the inside, and therefore it is essential to be kind and to educate yourself by reading as much as possible so that you can have the best understanding of the world around you.”

These words come from Chelsea Bernier, a stage actress from Las Vegas, who plays the life version of the iconic doll in an all-new musical production “Barbie LIVE!” world premiering in Singapore this week. According to the musical’s director cum choreographer Kobi Rozenfeld, Bernier who previously played Millie in “Thoroughly Modern Millie” and Ellen in “Miss Saigon”, possesses “a special aura” which made him instantly decide that she’s the one for the role.

This special aura however, does not include a perfectly proportionate figure. Just like how Bernier’s reply focused little on mimicking the doll’s almost-too-perfect appearance, Rozenfeld reiterated that this musical isn’t about Barbie being pretty, rather “It’s all about her friendship with her best friend Teresa and building confidence.”

The two-hour song and dance extravaganza, which runs at the Marina Bay Sands from Sept 10 to 14, follows Barbie and her best friend Teresa as they embark on a new movie together. When the latter begins to doubt herself, Barbie will have to teach her friend to believe in herself and be confident as they chase their dreams.

In our email interview with Bernier, we similarly learn how the starlet, who moved to Los Angeles to pursue her passion in acting, found friends off stage and gained confidence in doing what she loves from her stint as the world’s most famous toy character.

(Photo Credit: Base Entertainment Asia)

W&T: Was Barbie your favorite toy during childhood? If yes, what was your best memory of the toy?
Chelsea: I played with Barbies quite often when I was younger. What was so special about her was the fact that I could share stories with my mother and grandmother since Barbie has been around now for multiple generations. When I was younger, I loved role playing with Barbie and ultimately it inspired me to always remember that I could be anything I wanted to be.

W&T: With Barbie being a very popular childhood toy for most girls, do you have any pressure playing this role?
Chelsea: It is an honor to play the role of Barbie in this brand new musical production. I certainly feel there are a lot of expectations to live up to, but with the rigorous rehearsals we have gone through for the show, I don’t think anyone will be disappointed.

I think I’ve been subconsciously preparing to play the role of Barbie in Barbie LIVE! for some time. I’ve trained extensively in singing and dancing, and I’ve also worked hard to always maintain a positive image and to be a role model to those around me. The Barbie brand spreads the message that you can be anything you want and do everything you dream of doing. It is a pleasure to be able to help spread that positive message.

W&T: The show is about friendship and finding self-confidence, has playing this role helped you to forge new friendships and finding new self-confidence?
Chelsea: The cast and crew of Barbie LIVE! are incredibly talented, and I would definitely say that we are developing some beautiful friendships. It’s wonderful to be surrounded by so many talented people that constantly inspire you.

W&T: What do you hope the audience, especially children, take away from the musical?
Chelsea: Barbie LIVE! is such an exciting musical production for fans of all ages. I hope that when audiences leave the theater they feel inspired, and that the message of believing in yourself, being confident, and embracing the power of friendship is one that stays with them for a long time.

(Photo Credit: Base Entertainment Asia)

“Barbie LIVE!” is on from now till Sept-10 to 14 at the Marina Bay Sands Theatre. Tickets can be purchased at www.marinabaysands.com/ticketing, 6688-8826 or in person at the Marina Bay Sands Box Offices or SISTIC.

Ticketing information as below:



A Reserve

B Reserve

C Reserve

D Reserve

Tue – Fri:  2.45pm and 6.45pmSat: 11am, 2.45pm  & 6.45pm

(including photo taking session)