Innovative Pre-wedding Photography

Looking to make your pre-wedding photographs more special and memorable than others out there? Apart from splashing out on a more unique location (overseas pre-wedding shoots, anyone?), bespoke looks, here’s a solution that will cost you much less — how about coming up with your very own unique storyline? We came across this particular shoot that was trending online. (For full set of photos, please click here.)


The scenario for the couple’s pre-wedding shoot is set to happen during their wedding ceremony. On the onset, these photographs look regular enough, with the usual lovey-dovey poses. But here’s where things start to get a little more interesting. A character appears to disturb the couple’s peace, but this is no pesky relative nor any ex-lover with a vengeance — far worse, it is a (gasp) zombie!


This couple’s rather into it — the shoot’s even got some fairly realistic and may we say, violent scenes!


And if you’re like us who thought that the shoot would end with its usual hero-wins-the-day scenario, you’re in for a big surprise. Here at Wedding & Travel, we think what really took this set of pre-wedding photographs from just ‘great’ to the territory of ‘omgfantastic’ was the ending, which hinted at the death of the couple at the hands of the zombie mob, but not before they share a beautiful kiss to seal their fate.


We hope this set of photos gets your inspiration going! Maybe your very own  superhero versus villain story? Or have a go at the star-crossed lovers scenario? How about diving deep into fantasy or history? The possibilities are endless once you start thinking about them. Now just don’t get too addicted to the costumes and role-play!

Fashion: Theia Couture

Theia Couture Theia White-1 Theia White-2 Theia White-3

All you regular readers out there will know the drill by now — every now and then, W&T susses out worthy bridal labels out there who present a different point-of-view from the usual wedding dresses you see on the market! This month, we put the spotlight on Theia Couture.

Founded by Irishman Don O’Neill, the label’s namesake, Theia, was derived from the Greek goddess of the same name who had the power to make whatever she set her sights on glitter. We say, the name cannot be more apt for a label that sets out to create dresses that women can sparkle and shine in!

Looking at Theia Couture’s creations, one can immediately pick up the etherealness and delicacy that can be said to be the signature look of the label. We particularly loved the 2013 collections for their subtle references to the 1950s with details such as small polka dots in pastel shades, and a sweetheart neckline done with a quilting technique! Most of all, the simple but stunning gown with a pink ombre train is reminiscent of Christian Dior’s classic designs from the same era.

Despite being a couture atelier, you will be pleased to know that Theia Couture’s dresses will not necessarily bust your budget. Theia Couture upholds its commitment to quality by using fine brocades from French and Italy, but manages to keep prices affordable by outsourcing part of the production process to China. That’s how the label manages to deliver a dress that exudes couture but costs less than US$1,000!

Origami to spruce up your wedding

We at W&T are always looking for new ideas so that your big day can be most special and memorable. In this post, we turn to Origami, traditional Japanese art of paper folding, for inspiration on how to make your wedding one of a kind.

For the decor…
Remember how back in the 90s, where folding paper hearts from bus tickets as well as paper cranes were all the rage?

Well, if you enjoyed the process then, congratulations! You have just taken one big step towards sprucing up your wedding area. These origami details can make a difference in decorations bigger than you think!

(Photo Credit: here)

Paper cranes: During the origami rage back then, this W&T writer remembered how obsessed I was with paper cranes and I would be folding them as and when I could. Then, with a needle and thread, I would string them together and hang the cranes along my windowsill.

Yes, just like that train of white cranes in the picture above.

I would self-confess to be someone who’s not very adept with art and craft. So before you start shaking your head and say “No way!”, let me assure you that this is, if I can be anymore cliche, easier than ABC.

Plus, like they say, origami cranes not only symbolize longevity but also good luck. No harm getting additional blessings for your big day right?

(Photo Credit: here)

Paper tulips: Apart from origami cranes, also try folding paper tulips, made from different colored paper depending on your theme as well as sizes. They are relatively easier to make than roses and more unique, we say!

(Photo Credit: here)

Paper games: Remember this from primary school? Have them as little treats for your guests before the ceremony starts! Write interesting phrases or funny questions on them. We are sure your guests will have great fun and they can be perfect ice-breakers for guests who meet for the first time at their table!

Remember, you don’t have to do this all by yourself. Rally family and friends to help you along and very soon, you will find yourself having a good bonding session with your loved ones. You will also realize how much love you have around you and all these wedding preparations are really, stress-free.

For the groom…
(Photo Credit: here)

An origami bowtie. An easily-made accessory that makes one standout instantly. Plus, isn’t it cute?

Refer here for a step-by-step tutorial as well as a sample complete with lines to fold along, available for download so that you can instantly recreate one in a jiffy!

For the bride…
Origami-inspired gowns usually boast of complicated folds, making them intricate dresses fit for a queen. Naturally, we’d turn to Yumi Katsura, renowned Japanese designer of ready-wear and haute couture bridal pieces and who’s notably famed for incorporating Japanese elements like Kimono into her gowns, for some wardrobe ideas.

(Photo Credit: here)

Like what we recommended in this post? Share with us your thoughts on origami and how they can be better used for DIY wedding decorations.

Just Married: Kate Bosworth & Lee Hyori

Wedding bells ringing again in showbiz and here’s two beautiful celebrity brides who said “I do” last weekend.

1. Kate Bosworth & Michael Polish
The newlyweds have given exclusive rights of their wedding photos to Martha Stewart’s wedding magazine. This is a teaser shot released online. (Photo Credit: Martha Stewart Weddings)

Against a picturesque backdrop of lush green meadows, American actress Kate Bosworth exchanged intimate self-penned vows with Director Michael Polish atop a mountain in Montana, United States last Saturday.

The wedding ceremony reportedly took place at sunset and was attended by not more than 75 guests from both sides of the families. Relegating the scenic natural surroundings to the sidelines is Bosworth, who arrived at the idyllic site in a horse carriage. The 30-year-old looked absolutely radiant in her ivory white Oscar de la Renta strapless gown, made of radzimir-satin complete with a eight-feet long train.

According to Hello Magazine, guests were given Polaroid cameras and asked to take their own photographs of the newlyweds during the ceremony. After which, they are to complete captions starting with the phrase, “Love is…” (Now, that seems like an interesting thing to do at your wedding!)

It was a tale of love at first sight when the couple first met on set of the movie “Big Sur” directed by Polish, 42, in 2011. ” I never even dated my husband-to-be. He said to me after just a few weeks, before we were even together, ‘I’m going to marry you.’ He just knew,” Bosworth reportedly told InStyle UK magazine.

2. Lee Hyori & Lee Sang Soon
The Lee couple in 2011.

The Queen of K-Pop surprised fans and media when representatives from the couple confirmed that the K-Pop diva have tied the knot with her three-year boyfriend in a private ceremony yesterday (September 1).

Prior to that, Lee Hyori only confirmed rumors earlier in July that she will be marrying fellow singer Lee Sang Soon but declined to reveal an actual wedding date. The 34-year-old, who made a successful comeback earlier in May with album “Monochrome”, had revealed on Twitter that she will be bucking the trend set by many Korean A-listers to have a lavish wedding. “I didn’t want a huge wedding in the first place. We will just gather our parents and close friends and have dinner together in place of a wedding. I’ve always said that I wanted a small and quiet wedding and Sang Soon has agreed with me on this.”

True to her words, the K-Pop golden couple held a private ceremony in Jeju Island and at the time when this story is written, released no official photos from the ceremony. But according to the Korean media, Lee Hyori had worn a simple white sleeveless wedding dress with a tiara made out of flowers and Lee Sang Soon was decked in a light blue tuxedo.

We at W&T can only say, congratulations to both couples!

Lifestyle: Have a butt-full of G.O.D mooncakes

(Photo Credit: G.O.D Singapore Facebook)

Goods of Desire has done it again.

With the Mid-Autumn Festival just round the corner, the Hong Kong lifestyle label, famed for its knack to give old-school a modern (and often, cheeky) twist, has released their take on our favorite traditional munchies – Butt Mooncakes.

Taking form of the butt (hence the name), the mooncakes come in four bold designs, namely Bunny, Cover-Up, T-back and The Split. Why “Butt” you may wonder? Cos’ the day Mid-Autumn falls on the Lunar Calendar is August 15, which in Chinese goes as 八月十五 and is often referred to as a slang for (ahem) butts.

Immaculate-designed boxes and paper bags which the mooncakes come with. (Photo Credit: G.O.D Singapore Facebook)

On our most recent visit, we were told by the friendly G.O.D staff attending to us, that the main draw of the brand’s latest release, is its immaculate design. True enough, even the boxes and paper bags in which the mooncakes come with are thoughtfully crafted to the Mid-Autumn festive theme.

But this is not to say that the mooncakes fail to delight us in terms of taste. Produced by Mei-Xin Fine Goods, a household brand in Hong Kong who also worked with G.O.D on its Mahjong Tiles Pineapple Tarts, ensured that the White Lotus Seed Paste was velvety smooth and just enough sweet.

The retail price of $14.50 each or $52 for a box of four might be a little out of budget for the wallet-conscious but if you’re looking to have something different for this coming Mid-Autumn, look no further than G.O.D!

Goods of Desire Singapore
6 Eu Tong Sen Street, #02-08, Central