Fashion: Jenny Packham

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(Images from Jenny Packham website)

There is something fascinatingly charming about a Jenny Packham creation. Entering its 25th anniversary this year, the British label shows no signs of slowing down — rather, it continues to exhibit astute sense in whipping up hit looks on the runway for the bridal scene.

Here at W&T, we’re absolutely in love with these pictures from Jenny Packham’s 2013 bridal campaign, which showcased a collection of dresses that are at once girly, whimsical, and glamourous too. How’s that for having your cake and eating it too! There simply is something for every bride in the collection — romantic-at-hearts will love the dresses in classic silhouettes that are lightened up with chiffon and tulle; glamour pusses will love the dresses with modern strong silhouettes that are bling-ed up with hand beading and applique; old world darlings will love the gorgeous silhouettes that draw from the 1920s and are va-va-voom chic. Just top it off with a lovely beaded belt from the accessories collection!

Jenny Packham’s not only got the skills, she has the street cred to boot too. As some of you would already know, the label has dressed its fair share of A-listers, including the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton (we hear that Jenny Packham is one of her favourite brands!), Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston, Kate Winslet, Miley Cyrus, and so on.

With the variety and versatility of Jenny Packham’s designs, we’re sure there’ll definitely be something in her collections that will get your inspired for your big day.

Kelly Clarkson’s Wedding Dress Look

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Just two weeks ago we blogged about Kelly Clarkson’s impending nuptials in the style of an “elopement” wedding (read it here if you missed it). Well, the news is out — Kelly Clarkson wedded her boyfriend, Brandon Blackstock in a gorgeous country wedding at Blackberry Farm, a luxury resort in Walland, Tennessee on 20 October 2013.

While previously there was word that Kelly Clarkson will be tying the knot in a Vera Wang creation, it turned out that she selected a Alice Temperley lace number for her big day. Great choice, we say, as Kelly Clarkson looked divine in the full lace dress which showed off her assets with a classy V neckline, while concealing other not-so-flattering features! For accessories, Kelly Clarkson wore an elegant Maria Elena headpiece that set off the applique on the dress perfectly, and brought a little sparkle to the get-on. On the whole, we’d say that the vintage-inspired look was a hit with the rustic setting of the wedding. Meanwhile, Brandon Blackstock kept it simple and classic with a well-cut black suit, making sure that all attention goes to Kelly Clarkson instead. (And rightly so, we say!) Brides who are looking towards a romantic outdoors wedding can take a leaf from Kelly’s look for your big day.

Once again, congratulations to Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock!

Lego… nail art

Yes, you read that title right.

After two blog posts (we have them here and here if you previously missed them) on how you can attain that perfect manicured nails, we thought it’d be fun to share this one of a kind nail design we found online.

(Photo credit: Dori the Giant)

The idea to transform one of our favorite childhood toys, LEGO bricks into nail art came from Dorota Pankowska from Ontario, Canada. On her blog, the 23-year-old freelance photographer showed her nails glued with the iconic tips from the beloved bricks. And on one, she even attached a puny-sized cartoon, Patrick Star! How cute!

(Photo credit: Dori the Giant)

While this will not be the nail art you’d want to don on for your wedding, this writer certainly loves the creativity and spontaneity behind this fun idea! If you ever try it, let us know how it turns out!

2People1Life: 49 weddings around the world

If you were intrigued by our previous post about how a bride traveled to 19 countries with her wedding gown over 5 years (click here if you missed it), this tale about a couple renewing their vows for 49 times now (and counting…) while globe-trotting will similarly interest you.

(All photos taken from 2People1Life)

Alex and Lisa are the adventurous duo behind this seemingly crazy travel project called 2People1Life. For the past 3 years, the British couple, who became lovers after being friends for a long time, have been to 49 destinations where they would have a wedding according to local customary at each place.

Their most recent wedding was held on June-16 at the location where the globe-trotting pair called as “one of the most romantic places on earth – Aix-en-Provence, France.

“Why get married at so many places?” You must be wondering.

Well, according to Alex, here’s the reason: “We decided we were going to emigrate to Australia from England, and before we settled there, we’d do some traveling. We decided to write a blog about unique places to get married around the world. In England it’s quite restrictive; you have to get married inside a registered building. Then we came up with the idea: How could we really write about this without experiencing these ceremonies firsthand?”

So, the traveling began. With ‘Peggy’, a van they had bought in Canada, Alex and Lisa’s road trip started in Vancouver and ended up driving through Brazil as well as the entire length of America in nearly 15 months!

Now, well into the second leg of their trip where they’ve previously shipped ‘Peggy’ over to England, Alex and Lisa will be attempting to go across Europe, then drive through Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, India, up to China and down to Singapore! After which, they will ship their van to Australia which is their final destination and where they will finally decide upon their favorite wedding place and head back there to be finally legally married.
Wedding No.39: In Scotland, which is one of the most memorable weddings for Alex, as the ceremony was held very close to the town where Alex’s father came from.

Wedding No.28: A voodoo wedding in New Orleans.

Wedding No.21: A traditional Andean wedding in Peru.

While the journey sounds all fun and romantic, driving around in a van is no easy feat. For Alex, finding somewhere safe to rest for the day as well as dealing with breakdowns have been most challenging.

For Lisa however, the trip has been about learning how to communicate beyond the comfort zone of the English language. “We’re in the van and off the beaten path. We expected people to speak a bit of English, and we got to Mexico and not a word of English and we didn’t have a word of Spanish. You just have to muddle through, and it’s exhausting to ask for directions. We’re very good at sign language.”

While some would say there is no definite perfect place for a wedding, we think that Alex and Lisa are two adventurous souls who have embarked on a most amazing trip to not only see places, but also learn and interact with people from the various cultures we have in this world we live in.

If you can’t get enough of their adventures (cos we can’t and simply can’t wait to read about what they will be doing in Singapore!), simply follow Alex and Lisa at or!

Vera Wang Fall 2014 bridal collection

(Photo Credit: here)

“Pink as sensual, pink as seductive, pink as dreamy, pink as sophisticated, pink as strong, pink as cool,” were the words of Vera Wang on her latest bridal collection.

As you may have guessed from the quote, the coveted fashion designer, whose gowns have been worn down the aisle by well-known public figures like Chelsea Clinton and Victoria Beckham, is defying tradition yet again with her Fall 2014 collection unveiled just last week.

Ditching the traditional color of white, models strutted down the runway in vibrant hues of petal, rose, coral and peony. Further pushing boundaries were large bow and flower details to match the gowns in both voluminous and slim silhouettes. According to British’s Daily Mail, the 64-year-old American designer was inspired by classic films like ‘Funny Face’ where an entire scene was dedicated to “thinking pink” for summer dresses as well as Marilyn Monroe’s Schiaparelli pink gown in ‘Gentlemen Prefer Blondes’.



(Photo Credit: here)

We think this is yet another bold statement to make by Vera Wang, who has long been known for her trail-blazing designs. Who knew that pink could be such a lovely shade for bridal gowns and like Wang said, pink certainly flatters all skin types!

This writer at W&T certainly hopes this opens up to more wedding gowns of various colors from here on. What do you think?