3 best wedding spots in Bali

Last week, Mandopop singer Evonne Hsu got married in an intimate low-key wedding ceremony in Bali, Indonesia. (click here if you missed the story)

Before Hsu, celebs including Australian beauty queen turned model Jennifer Hawkins, Taiwanese variety host Patty Hou and others have also chosen to say “I do” on this beautiful island that is already a wedding hotspot for many famous personalities.

For those who wish to wed in style like the above mentioned, here is W&T’s pick on the best spots in Bali.

1. Conrad Bali

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Needless to say, we were won over by the resort’s most iconic wedding venue – the Infinity, a stunning glass chapel built just two metres above sea level. With the shimmering Indian Ocean as its backdrop, this triangular minimalist designed structure is a beauty to look at and undeniably, a most romantic venue to get married.

There are also other wedding venues in this resort, located on Jalan Pratama Raya in Tanjung Benoa, north of Nusa Dua Beach, like the Water Garden and the Beach Bale. Both have Balinese-styled pavilions capable of accommodating around 400 guests.

To book, visit: conradbali.com/weddings

2. Khayangan Estate

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Taiwanese news broadcaster turned variety host Patty Hou held her wedding in this idyllic mountain villa in 2011, hence drawing our attention to this remote resort which is a beautiful meld of the old and new.

Notwithstanding the breathtaking view for being located on a cliff top fronting south west Bali, the villa’s charm lies in its well-kept antique wooden villas that were once the homes of Bali’s noble men. Have a stay in these hundred-year-old houses to immerse in authentic Balinese history.

To book, visit: khayanganestate.com

3. Ubud Hanging Gardens
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Bali not only offers idyllic beach weddings, but also lush greenery and mountain settings in Ubud, also known as the cultural and arts centre of the island. In Hanging Gardens, one can opt to oversee an amazing view of treetops or the river valley for a more dramatic wedding experience.

To book, visit: ubudhanginggardens.com

It Figures Decoded – Budget Weddings

For all couples who are looking to cut down on your wedding budgets, check out this short but useful video from Channel NewsAsia that teaches you how some other couples do it!

Depending on the individual, you might not be keen on all the measures — for example, we are guessing that few brides would want to do their wedding make-up on our own, even if we are completely capable of doing so! There’s nothing like feeling a bit special on your big day, right?

That said, we did agree with sourcing for alternative venues for your wedding other than the usual hotels. Not only are they a more economical choice, they can also bring more character and hip factor to your wedding! It has also become more common for younger couples to opt for alternative venues such as colonial restaurants at Labrador Park, Dempsey and so on.

Do you have your own smart tips for saving money in your wedding? We’ll be thrilled to learn more!

Wedding News: Kelly Clarkson

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Wedding bells are ringing for Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock! The American Idol alumni was engaged to Blackstock, the son of her talent manager Narvel Blackstock, since last December and the couple will finally wed this month.

While the couple was originally planning a big bash in Nashville, they were put off by the stress and frustrations of too many decisions, and leaked details, so they opted, at a very late stage, for a romantic elopement to complete their union. The couple sent out cards that said, “Thank you so much for understanding, but it’s just going to be me and Brandon and his two kids and the minister.”

On their decision, Kelly Clarkson said, “Weddings are not for brides or grooms they’re for everyone else.”

Despite the low-key event, that has not stopped Kelly Clarkson from showing her blissfulness openly in the lead-up to her wedding. The joyous bride-to-be has been happily donning wedding dresses for her performances, and has even made her back-up dancers dress up accordingly in wedding garb! In a recent performance, Kelly Clarkson shone in a sweet lace number, while her female dancers wore lilac bridesmaid dresses.

With the marriage, Kelly Clarkson will also become step-mom to Blackstock’s two children, aged 6 and twelve. The excited Clarkson has also said that she would love to give birth to her own children after her marriage as well.

We wish Kelly Clarkson all the best, and look forward to seeing her wedding photos soon! (Psst, we heard that her wedding gown will be a Vera Wang creation!)

This bride got married to herself… and got something more!

There’s nothing like a heartwarming story like this to get us out of our mid-week slump!

Mary-Anne from Melbourne decided to throw her own wedding party at 30 years old at a five-star venue for about 100 guests. The only twist? Well, she didn’t have a groom. We can totally imagine how she might have been so sick of tired of hearing the ‘single forever’ talk from her loved ones (relatives at Chinese New Year, anyone?). But instead of moping around, she decided to have a blast by throwing her own wedding party in lieu of her 30th birthday party.

Mary-Anne’s party at the Hotel Windsor in Melbourne was serious stuff — she wore a wedding gown and veil (of course), and even arrived at the venue on a horse-drawn carriage! Her invitation to her loved ones was pretty good-humoured — the cards said that her ‘knight in shining armour hadn’t arrived’, but that she was going to have a wedding anyway.

Now here comes the best part — little known to Mary-Anne, her colleague, who was also present at the wedding, had always had a crush on her for a long time running! When he knew of how lonely she was, he arrived at the wedding venue in a suit of armour and got down on one knee in front of Mary-Anne! Here’s what he said —

“I’ve loved you forever. Would you consider going out with me?”

Collective swoons now please! The story, of course, ends of on a great note — the couple reportedly got married one year later, for real this time, of course.

Read the full story here.

Bride goes travelling in her wedding dress

In our last post, we shared a story about a couple in the UK who managed to only spend S$2 for their wedding reception (click here if you missed it). Today, we continue on the topic of thrifty individuals who make their money spent on wedding essentials go far and well worth.

(All photos credit to One Dress One Woman One World)

Jennifer Salvage, 42, from New Jersey, America, calls her USD $400 wedding gown a traveling dress. Not just because the white laced gown survived a trip to Easter Island, Chile, for the pre-wedding photo shoot, but it remained as THE dress in subsequent travel photos which sees Jennifer playing ice hockey and diving with dolphins in more than 19 countries over five years.



Jennifer and her husband Jeff’s ingenious idea to make sure the former’s wedding gown will never be left untouched ever in their wardrobe, is well captured on their website, One Dress One Woman One World.

“When my husband and I decided to get married in the most remote, inhabited place in the world, Easter Island, we knew we needed a dress that could be stuffed in and out of a backpack without primping,” said Jennifer on her gown.

“People would think they’d stumbled on a wedding, then realise it was something much cooler. I decided at that point to make it a project,” Jeff added.

Since then, the couple has embarked on 147 photo shoots in countries like China, Egypt, New Zealand, Jamaica, Russia and others.


A quote on the website sums up the Salvages’ adventure brilliantly: Jennifer and her dress have traveled across the world in search of adventure, beauty, an excuse to never end her honeymoon with Jeff. Not only have they made the dress, which many brides bemoan about how it can only be worn once in a lifetime, a fun addition to their travels, but they’ve also come up with a most unique way to commemorate the biggest and most memorable day of their lives. How very romantic!