Wedding stories gone viral in 2013

While conventional weddings still remain the norm, more couples are opting for special ways to celebrate their big day and their actions have not gone unnoticed.

As the end of the year comes around, we round up some of the most unusual stories heard in 2013.

1. Bride goes traveling in her wedding gown
More than 147 (and counting) photo shoots thus far in 19 different countries all over the world, Jennifer Salvage from the United States proved that a wedding gown does not have to be a white elephant lying in your closet after the big day.

“We love the idea of using up the dress, reliving our wedding over and over again.” The USD$400 wedding dress, in which Jennifer had on while skiing and swimming with dolphins, is documented in her photography project “One Dress One Woman One World”. Recap Jennifer’s adventure here!

2. A Pinterest wedding surprise
The internet has become a daily essential in our lives so why not use it for your wedding? By simply referring to his girlfriend’s Pinterest board, Ryan Leak planned a surprise engagement and wedding in just a day. Recap the story here!

3. A celebrity surprise
You perhaps read here about how Hollywood star Brad Pitt gate-crashed a wedding earlier this year in Buckinghamshire, leaving the couple star-struck. Just recently, Justin Timberlake got in the fun as well by leaving the stage to a male fan who proposed during one of the NSYNC star’s 20/20 Experience World Tour.

4. Couple re-enacts Dirty Dancing for their wedding

This couple stunned not just their guests, but viewers all over the world, when their re-creation of the dance scene from “Dirty Dancing” went viral. Three cheers!

5. Girl on fire, literally

We’re not sure whether the bride in this story, Natasha Samuel, is a fan of the “Hunger Games” series but this is one daring act indeed. For her wedding photos, Natasha had her photographer, Eric Simantov, douse her wedding gown in flammable liquid and set it on fire before he quickly snapped a photo. Natasha later ran into the ocean to extinguish the flames, wow!

6. T-Rex invades wedding
This Jurassic Park-inspired wedding photo took the internet by storm, and its not difficult to see why. Hailed as the “Best wedding photo ever” by netizens, photographer Quinn Miller, the one who suggested this idea, became an overnight famed photographer after this photo was shared more than 12,000 times on his official Facebook page. Recap the ingenious idea here!

Fashion: Claire Pettibone

“I have a very romantic vision of how fashion can enhance our beauty and indulge our dreams. I invite you to share that dream.”

-Claire Pettibone, on her design philosophy

With the year almost coming to an end, there’s nothing like Claire Pettibone’s Continuing collection that makes us all stoked for the new year, and a new spring season ahead!

Here at Wedding & Travel, we’ve always loved Claire Pettibone’s creations for their bold imagination and whimsical romanticism! Spending her early days living in a 19th century farmhouse in rural New York, Claire Pettibone credits her free-spirited childhood as one of the biggest influences behind her ethereal and enchanted style.

Crafted from fine silk and laces, Claire Pettibone’s designs’ strongest suit will no doubt be the effortless melding of vintage inspirations into modern silhouettes, and the rich infusion of delicate trimmings to enhance the look. For starters, we can’t put into words how much we are in love with the generous floral beading details and exquisite floral embroidery that are featured heavily in this collection! Apart from that, the styling of bold blooms in various spring colours, and coral makeup accented with bold blue tones are also spot on with us!

Claire Pettibone-2 Claire Pettibone

A Curious Sight: Vintage Chinese Wedding Car

Vintage cars have been gaining steam as a wedding trend in recent years, but we’re thinking that not many would be in a hurry to use this particular Chinese model in their weddings — the Jinma QJM5022TYN6 Wedding Car.


With such a tongue twisting model name, the Jinma Wedding Car looks as almost as eccentric as it sounds. From what we’ve read, the Internet has mixed reviews about the car — some think that it is rather charming in a kooky way, while others are not so impressed.

Manufactured by the Jinma Motor Company from the early 1980′s to the late 1990′s, this wedding car was the epitome of Chinese conspicuous spending during that era — couples would hire it as a gimmick of sorts to impress guests during their wedding. It was also a symbol of longing for the western ways — most Chinese wedding cars during this era were modelled after western limousines. As such, it was also not unusual for such wedding cars to be decorated with Rolls Royce or Mercedes Benz lookalike ornaments.


For the Jinma Wedding Car, its design was mirrored after the Great Wall Motors pickup. With the open top, couples could stand behind the front bench and wave to their guests. However, one thing we’ve got to love about vintage cars is the workmanship behind it — the body of each Jinma Wedding Car is made completely from wood by hand. (Later models, unfortunately, became to be made from plastic.)


While such cars may look out of place in our modern context, it is always interesting to read about things that were in vogue back in the days. With fads and trends being cyclical in nature, who’s to say that they won’t have their heyday again in the future?

Read the full article at Car News China.

2013 best wedding photos

It is the time of the year to look back at the year’s finest and best memories. Today, we scoured online to find some of the best bridal photos that we hope can inspire you for your own.

On every wedding day, the bride becomes the centre of attraction and rightly so.
(Photo credit: CINEMATICbyDavidM)

Considering how Singaporeans love fireworks, any couple daring enough to emulate this?
(Photo credit: Nathan Desch Photography)

Come what may. Not even a bad weather is going to stop you from having a blast at your own big day.
(Photo credit: Unplugged Photography)

Who says mudbloods (pardon the quote from Harry Potter) can’t have magical weddings? A little help from sparklers and the slowing of the shutter speed will do the trick.
(Photo Credit: Captivating Weddings)

Huffington Post has also come up with a selection of the year’s best 25 wedding photos, click here to view more.

Interview: Green Banana


A few weeks ago we wrote about the use of fern and moss in one of our wedding inspiration features (read it here if you haven’t!). As promised, we speak to Ivan Lim of Green Banana to find out more about the process and inspiration behind their beautiful terrariums, and more about how you can use these beautiful green pieces to beautify your wedding.

W&T: Could you share with our readers how you came into contact with plants, and what made you start Green Banana?

Ivan (I): Green Banana expresses a passion towards nature and greenery, and an enthusiasm for small unique plants. I’ve always been fond of greens and have been planting since young. Planting is like a personal hobby and a form of alternative calming therapy for me. It was only in 2012 when I decided to take things further.

W&T: What are you inspired by when you create, and what is your approach to curating Green Banana’s terrariums and plants?

I: I get most of my inspiration from nature. It could be a drying twig, a pile of after rain mess in the park, or a picture of a beautiful landscape. I tend to use natural and organic materials in my landscaping style. Earthy and black and white are my favourable tones. The vessels I use for my terrariums are carefully crafted and designed to showcase the different species of cacti, succulents, moss and even air plants that I use.

W&T: For the benefit of those who are unfamiliar with terrariums, what are some quick plus points of terrariums?

I: Terrariums are perfect to keep at home or at the office as decorative items as long as they are placed next to a light source. Plants can purify the ambient air, and decrease the absorption of harmful substances from the air.

SONY DSC 2013-11-30 17.13.08-1

W&T: Your terrariums have recently started to make appearances at weddings. Tell us, how did that come about?

I: I started doing weddings as a coincidence — a customer first approached me wanting to use my terrariums as wedding favours. Subsequently, other customers started coming to me with similar ideas. I think the use of terrariums has become a nice trend in western countries whereby wedding planners and stylists like to use succulents in the decorations and flower arrangements. This is an unconventional, unique and out-of-the-box choice for those who prefer something more memorable.

W&T: For interested couples, how can they go about commissioning you for their weddings? How does the process usually work?

I: I prefer to have a one-to-one meeting with the couple and find out their needs. After the meeting, I will propose the type of plants for their wedding, with samples of how they can be set up in different types of glassware. For wedding favours, the price may range from $12-$20 per pax, while table pieces may range from $30-$500 per piece depending on the size of the vessel and the complexity of the design.

W&T: Do you also offer event styling services?

I: I am mainly focusing on making small terrariums for homes at the moment, but I do have clients who engage me to customise larger pieces for retail outlets, hotel lobbies, or events. In my opinion, there are plenty of possibilities when it comes to landscaping. I’m looking forward to experimenting with different sectors!