Simple Tips to Get in Shape

While Chinese New Year is a joyous festive season, it can be a nightmare for the bride-to-be — just think about the tons of new year goodies tempting those taste buds, and zealous relatives who egg you on to eat more for a prosperous new year! That’s why it’s a good time to read up on these simple tips to get in shape from personal trainer Justin Gelband, whose clientele includes the likes of supermodels Candice Swanepoel, Kate Upton, and Irina Shayk!

1. Think long and lean, not muscular

Be careful about the type of exercises you choose — while some may be great fat-burners, they may bulk you up, which may not be the best look you are going for on your wedding day! Choose exercises that help to tone instead of build your muscles — this would mean saying no to squats and lunges!

2. Get in the ring

Justin recommends boxing for a great workout to firm up your arms, core and legs. But lay off on the skipping — this will put more muscle mass on your legs as well.

3. It’s all about the intervals

While cardio is about getting your heart pumping, do remember to build in peaks and valleys in your workout routine instead of simply maintaining a constant pace. This will help to boost your metabolism rate, which will ensure you burn a larger amount of calories and lose those fats!

4. Kill the booze, salt and sugar

Be serious about that diet you always talk about (but that’s not to say you have to start starving) — simply reduce all alcohol, salt and sugar intake for a healthier body!

5. Mix it up

And if you’re looking to lose weight more efficiently in time for your wedding day, Justin recommends that you get into as many different fitness disciplines as possible! “Your body doesn’t want to find results the same way,” Justin believes. “If your body gets used to doing the same thing, it gets too adjusted.”

Enjoy the rest of the first day of the lunar Chinese new year, but kickstart your regime once the celebrations are over! Good luck!

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Creative wedding invites

We love it when newlyweds throw in creativity and innovation into their wedding. While most attention is usually focused on decor and attire, don’t leave out the nitty gritty like wedding invitation cards. Talk about leaving a good first impression, so why not give your wedding cards a makeover and surprise your guests with your creativity? Get started with what we found right here.

For the music lovers. (Photo Credit: here)

A stationery suite with several special details: cards tied together with twine, a tree wax seal, and a rubber stamped return address. (Photo Credit: here)

Channel your foodie personality with this. (Photo Credit: here)

Wow. (Photo Credit: here)

A handkerchief invite? Now that’s something special! Plus, it comes with a custom-illustrated map of the wedding location. (Photo Credit: here)

More ideas on how to use cloth, instead of the usual paper, for your invites. (Photo Credit: here)

Vibrant colors and out-of-the-norm designs are some easy ways to make your invites special. (Photo Credit: here)

For those who love traveling. You can even work your travel photos into your invites! (Photo Credit: here)

Another way to make use of your pre-wedding bridal photos, they shouldn’t be left just in the album. (Photo Credit: here)

Lifestyle: Au Jardin

au au2
(Photos from Au Jardin website)

For lovebirds who are looking for a romantic restaurant to commemorate a special day, or couples who just feel like going on a more indulgent and pampering date than usual, Au Jardin, housed in a 1920s colonial bungalow tucked away in the heart of the Singapore Botanical Gardens, will be the best choice for you.

Au Jardin, which means ‘in the garden’ in French, is a restaurant under the Les Amis Group offering French fine dining. Upon entering the restaurant, one is first greeted for the bar area, which evokes a mysterious and dignified air with its subdued lighting (low lights accented by green retro lamps) and plush leather armchairs. The dining area is a completely different experience — a generous amount of natural light streaming in from the windows sets off the tasteful white interiors perfectly. The mostly glass facade is also great for taking in the green surroundings of the botanical gardens while you enjoy your meal. Apart from the exquisite menu selection, wine connoisseurs will be delighted to know that Au Jardin carries more than 1,200 labels of wine — for the best recommendations on what would best complement your meal, check with the experienced sommelier.

A four-course lunch starts from S$45, while a five-course dinner can set you back by about S$100 per person. (Ala carte menus available too.) Of greater interest to our couples, Au Jardin has also come up with special Valentine’s Day lunch (S$65 per person onwards) and dinner menus. For dinner, indulge in a seven-course meal in the romantic and private ambience of the restaurant’s balcony at S$560 for two persons! (Reservations for the main hall will start from S$460 for two persons.)

For more details, visit the Au Jardin website!

Au Jardin
EJH Corner House,
Singapore Botanical Gardens Visitors Centre
Cluny Road, Singapore 259569
Tel: 6466-8812

Food pictures inspired by national flags

With the proliferation of smartphones and social media, snaps of yummy (or not) food have become the norm, but this is nothing like the #foodporn you’ve seen online.

As part of last year’s Sydney International Food Festival, this advertising agency WHYBINTBWA whipped up 18 food images that would form glorious imitations of 18 national flags. The ingredients used were also thoughtfully chosen to be food that each country would be most commonly associated with, how brilliant!

Italy: basil, pasta and tomatoes


United States: hot dogs, ketchup and mustard

Brazil: banana leaf, limes, pineapple and passion fruit

China: dragon fruit and star fruit

We first read about this interesting news here. Click to view more pictures!

Wedding Bells for Taiwanese Entertainment Host Aya!

(Picture from Channel NewsAsia)

Wedding bells are ringing for Taiwanese entertainment host Aya, best known for her comedic stints on popular variety shows Guess Guess Guess and Super Sunday. On Thursday, Taiwanese media reported that she is now expecting a child, and is set to wed her American-Chinese boyfriend, Tony!

The couple reportedly met in the US, when Aya took a sabbatical to study there for a year in 2006, and subsequently carried on with a long-distance relationship. Aya’s mother was quoted to be all praise for her son-in-law to-be, describing him as a “scholarly looking” man who is “ethical, well-mannered, and has many life experiences”.

On the baby, Aya’s mother reportedly said that it came as a surprise for the couple, but they are keen to keep the child as they feel that this is fate. The couple also decided to marry in order to provide the child with a “complete family”.

Congratulations to Aya and we can’t wait to read more about your wedding!

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