Fashion: Anais Anette

Anais Anette-2 Anais Anette-3 Anais Anette

This month, we put the spotlight on Anais Anette — a romantic Toronto-based bridal label created by a pair of European sisters.

Looking at Anais Anette’s collections, one can easily see that the label is all about pairing beautifully crafted structured bodices with other romantic design elements such as flowy skirts and delicate floral patterns. We think that this may be an influence from the designers’ childhood — born to parents who were a a dressmaker and a tailor, it is no wonder that the girls have been brought up to stand for quality craftsmanship and tailoring skills! In the designers’ own words, “It is said that history repeats itself, for us, our desire to create and share beauty manifested itself in a way we did not imagine or plan.”

The style of each Anais Anette creation is influenced by the enchantment of Parisian culture, and the designers envision that each dress will be worn by a confident and effortlessly chic woman who is not afraid to express her style. And rightly so, we say! From delicate Swarovski hand-beading to hand-dyed tulles, each dress is designed to stun and awe, and we bet your guests would not be able to tear their eyes away!

2014 Wedding Cake Trends

We understand the feeling of searching for the perfect wedding cake, but having no knowledge of where to start. That’s why we’ve sussed out some of this year’s top trends for these sweet treats to give you a headstart in your wedding brainstorming process!

1. Bring on the shine

Dazzle the crowd and wow your guests with shiny wedding cakes that take the spotlight — this year’s wedding cakes are unabashedly loud with generous use of glitters and metallics to set the look! We say that this trend is great for couples who are going for extravagant old-world glamour (read: the ever-popular Great Gatsby look) as your wedding theme. (Pictures below from here, here, and here respectively.)

glitter2 glittercake gli4


2. Make a statement

Be it through the use of bold colours (hint: we hear that purple’s hot this year!), gravity-defying heights, or unconventional shapes or garnishes (a wedding cake covered with macaroons anyone?), this year’s wedding cakes are all about coming up with something that speaks of you. The best part about this trend? Your wedding cake can be open to all creative options and you can go wild customising it to suit your wedding theme! (Pictures below from here, herehere and here respectively.)

sta1 sta2 sta3 nocake1

3. Au naturel

There is a recent interesting trend of naked wedding cakes, meaning, cakes that are sans icing and sugar coating on the outside! Instead, wedding cakes are dressed up with natural ingredients such as berries and fruits, or simply, flowers. The look is unpretentious and natural, and goes perfectly with a casual wedding in the rustic or bohemian style. On top of that, we dare say that this will definitely be welcomed by people who do not have much of a sweet tooth; definitely a welcome trend for our waistlines as well! (Pictures below from here.)

naked2 naked3 naked4

4. Now you see it, now you don’t

Another trend that is rapidly gaining popularity is the elimination of wedding cakes altogether! In place of a centrepiece wedding cake, more couples are opting for a dessert table of sweet treats such as cupcakes and macaroons that their guests can nibble on. Well, we’re a fan already ‘cos we definitely won’t say no to more variety! (Pictures from here, here and here.)

ta1 ta2 ta3 ta4

Lifestyle: Lola’s Cafe

(Photo from Lola’s Cafe’s Facebook)

If you, like this W&T writer, always had to travel around the sunny island in search of new cafe joints, aren’t you glad that there’s now an increasing number of new food ventures that are willing to settle down in residential areas?

While these new establishments revel in cheaper rents (which usually translates into wallet-friendly prices), foodies like me are rejoicing now that we can finally enjoy hipster meals right in our own backyard.

And Lola’s Cafe, a nine-month old cafe nestled in Kovan, is one new joint that has been attracting families and residents from the housing estates nearby.

Its relatively cheaper prices, as compared to other cafes, is perhaps its main draw. Signatures like Duck Leg in Orange Mustard Sauce and Slow-braised Pork Goulash range from $13 to $16. Pastries and cakes, fresh out of the oven daily are also very much sought after.

This writer particularly enjoyed my Mushroom and Cheese toast — crunchy toasted foccacia topped with creamy mushroom and melted mozzarella, which cost only $10!

Hipsters will particularly like the front of the cafe, which has a blue-grey feature wall done up to resemble a stylised alley wall. Dining tables are also an attraction — they sit atop the legs of old-school sewing machines, complete with pedals!

Lola’s Cafe
5 Simon Road, Singapore 545893
Opens from Tuesdays to Sundays, 10am to 11.30pm, with Fridays and Saturdays closing late at midnight.
6284 0349 |

Lifestyle: Habitat Coffee & Bistro

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(Photo by Wedding & Travel)

For couples who are looking for a cozy chill out spot to while away an afternoon in each other’s company, check out this little gem on Upper Thomsom Road — Habitat Coffee & Bistro.

Established in 2011, Habitat Coffee & Bistro has been faithfully serving up its brand of cuppa and western comfort food such as truffle fries, homemade cakes and pastries, shepherd’s pie, and better still, all-day brunch. The store’s interiors are unpretentious and homely, with warm lighting and easy wooden furniture. What we appreciated more was the owners’ smart utilisation of space, which saw the accommodation of a good number of seats despite the generally small space. This meant that there was hardly any need to wait for seats despite the healthy crowd that was coming through the cafe’s doors! Definitely a welcome thing for customers!

With the influx of new cafes on the Singapore food scene these days, Habitat Coffee & Bistro may come across as a tad dime a dozen, as compared to its initial days. But our verdict is that the store still deserves a stop on your cafe-hopping itinerary for its reliable cup of coffee, and its affordable menu that is value for money in terms of taste and presentation. Just remember to stop by on off-peak hours for a more conducive environment for your we-time together!

Habitat Coffee & Bistro
223 Upper Thomsom Road
Singapore 574355

Opening Hours:
Tue – Fri: 11:00 am – 10:30 pm
Sat – Sun: 10:30 am – 10:30 pm
Closed on Mondays

Wedding Inspiration: Fashionable Wedding Stationery

If you think runway trends only influence our clothing choices, you’re in for a big surprise — the latest fashion trends often get translated into fancy stationery as well! If you’re looking for some inspiration on how to dress your wedding stationery up to the nines, check out our round up of these beautiful pieces that incorporate the hottest fashion trends today!

1. Velvet

For a quick touch of chic and elegance, inject a velvet detail into your wedding stationery. The luxurious texture of velvet is an effortless way to dress up simple paper instantly! To prevent your wedding stationery from looking gaudy, always opt for dark opulent shades such as midnight blue, royal purple, or timeless black.

(Picture from here)

(Picture from here)

2. Animal Prints

Who would’ve thought that animal prints could also make waves in wedding stationery? Animal prints are definitely an unconventional and unique choice above more common prints such as florals and plants that most couples opt for! For a new twist to this trend, you could also go creative with your colour choices!

(Picture from here)

(Picture from here)

3. Baroque

For something that conveys stateliness, baroque is definitely the prime choice. Couples who are opting for a formal and traditional wedding could look into this style — we especially recommend the use of letterpress stationery to complement the weight of baroque prints. Depending on the choice of colours, baroque wedding stationery could come across as solemn and dignified, or vintage and old-world romantic.

(Picture from here)

(Picture from here)

(Picture from here)

4. Sheer

For budget-conscious couples who are looking to inject that little something into your wedding stationery, why not consider sheer papers? Not only are they easy on the wallet, they also help to soften the overall look of your wedding stationery to make it more delicate and refined! From sheer paper inserts, to gate folds, there are no lack of creative ways to work this trend into your stationery!

(Picture from here)

(Picture from here)

5. Cut Outs

One of our favourites on the list, cut outs with attention to great detail are a sure way to impress your guests from the onset! Let your creativity take free rein with how you use them — cut out letters, prints, or better still, the entire design like these examples below! (Psst, we’ve included classy cut-out options for your traditional Chinese wedding invite cards as well!)

(Picture from here)

(Picture from here)

(Picture from here)

(Picture from here)

(Picture from here)

A wedding for sports lovers

In this post, W&T catches up with the recent Winter Olympics fervor and scoured the internet for ideas on how you may style your wedding according to your favorite sport.

The first step, make your bridal photos come to life by having it at where the action takes place!

A baseball-inspired bouquet anyone?

A must-have for all Lakers fans!

Details are what that counts, baseball cufflinks will make your man happy.

Spice up your ring box!

Have your invites, guest cards and all wedding collateral designed with your favorite team logo and colors!

We think this makes for a unique wedding favor!

Transform your cake!

Not just the cake, pledge your loyalty with a cake topper like this!

A common sight at sporting events, turn them into a part of your wedding. (Photo credit (from top to bottom): here, here, here, here. here, here and here)

Wedding veils and headpieces we absolutely adore!

There’s just something magical about the wedding veil. The soft white fabric, that some call it as the second-most-important piece to a bride’s ensemble, completes the transformation from a woman to THE bride.

In this post, we suss out some of the prettiest veils celebrities have adorned and dish out must-know tips on how you should be choosing your very own perfect wedding veil.

Li Hyori: K-Pop’s sexy siren went all ethereal at her low-key wedding with fellow singer Lee Sang Soon, held last September at South Korea’s Jeju Island. The floral headband, atop Li Hyori’s long brown tresses, was something unexpected of the Queen of K-Pop and exuded whimsical beauty.

(Photo credit: here)
Anne Hathaway: Its either you love it or you don’t but even detractors can’t stop talking about Anne Hathaway’s Valentino-designed ensemble at her private wedding in 2012. Decked out from head to toe in a 1920s-inspired getup, the Hollywood actress was a lovely sight to behold. The traditional chapel length veil aside, we particularly loved the “The Great Gatsby” alike headpiece which complemented her pixie-cut.

Royal Wedding - Wedding Guests And Party Make Their Way To Westminster Abbey
(Photo credit: here)
Kate Middleton
: It was the wedding of the century and the list wouldn’t have been complete if without the look that grabbed fashion headlines all around the world. While most attention was on the exquisite gown (a Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen piece), Kate Middleton, or the Duchess of Cambridge’s, long veil was also a head turner. Made by members of the Royal School of Needlework, the mid-length veil was made from ivory silk tulle trimmed with hand-embroidered flowers.

Arissa Cheo: Wife of Taiwanese pop singer Vanness Wu, one-fourth of popular boyband F4, the Singaporean captured our attention with her tasteful and adventurous fashion sense. At her wedding in Los Angeles, Cheo had on a full-length gorgeous veil.

How you should be choosing your ideal veil:
Alike hairstyles, an ideal veil depends not just on the style of the wedding gown, but also the bride’s face shape and personality. Whatever style you prefer, do consider the following pointers before making your final choice:

1. For diamond or oval-shaped faces, congratulations for your choices are unlimited. Go ahead and play with all options as long as they complement your gown, neckline and body proportions.

2. If you have a round face, opt for a veil that falls along the sides of your face. Complement the look by wearing your hair down or donning a face-framing bob.

3. For brides with a square jaw-line, you’ll need a longer veil that can frame your face to soften your features.

4. If you have a heart-shaped face, do choose a back-piece veil.

5. A rectangular face will do good with veils that add softness to your features. Paired with a side-swept fringe, a voluminous veil will bring out the feminine in you.

10 wedding favors your guests will love

Enough with run-of-the-mill cups or chopsticks or keychains. Make your wedding favors indispensable and something that guests actually want to keep with just a tinge of creativity like below…

1. With outdoor weddings getting popular these days, do your guests a favor and shield them from the sun. Throw in a witty statement like this and your guests will love it even more!

2. Program booklets that double as paper fans are also must-haves for summer outdoor weddings.

3. Say something fun or cute or thankful about each guest who’s taken time off to attend your wedding. We’re sure they’ll appreciate your efforts.

4. This sure is helpful for friends who partied way too long at your after-party.

5. If your friends and relatives still haven’t had enough of the party, more booze is always the way to go.

6. Food or anything edible always makes people happy.

7. Help them create moments worth keeping.

8. Be puny!

9. Something fun and cute always stands out.

10. This is by far our favorite choice of gift! For Instagram lovers, make full use of your own pictures and have them printed as coasters. Just be sure to select meaningful images and not just selfies.
(Photo credits: here, here and here)

8 creative wedding photography ideas

Yearning to capture moments of your big day in unconventional ways? Here are 8 absolute must-have bridal photography ideas that we think will make you and your other half stand out from the crowd.

1. Symbolism of two becoming one. Arrange your rings with things significant to the both of you – it can be a favourite pastime, like scrabble!

2. A photo with your bridesmaids is a must. Liven up your group shot like below!

3. Who says dressing for the men has to be boring?

4. Children with their innocence usually make the best photos.

5. Have a pet? Don’t leave them out!

6. Cheesy (and fun) photos are always welcomed.

7. Play with mirrors!

8. L-O-V-E.
(Photo credits: here, here and here)

Things you didn’t know about Christina Aguilera’s engagement ring

(Photo credit: here)

American pop singer Christina Aguilera announced on Twitter last week that her beau of three years, film producer Matt Rutler, proposed on Valentine’s Day in Hawaii. Captioned “He asked and I said…”, Christina’s photo captured the couple hand in hand with a stunning ring in sight.

While the couple have yet to reveal specifics about the proposal and engagement, sources have spoke to various media about the eye-catching ring. Not just because it looks elaborate in size, it was specially designed by Rutler to be an one-and-only ring for Christina!

According to, Rutler has been working on the ring for over a year, carefully choosing each and every stone and every detail to represent different facets of his three-year relationship with Aguilera. Read on more about the details below!

(Photo credit: Christina Aguilera’s twitter)

The band: Every intertwine of the band and diamond symbolizes how the couple have crossed paths and the ring narrows at the base to reflect how their bond will continue to grow close and stronger over time.

The gemstones: There are 9 multi-color gemstones that are hidden within, each representing something unique to the couple like love, protection and healing. According to the ring designer who worked with Rutler, Christina is a very spiritual person and believes that by having the stones touch her skin, she will be surrounded by positive energy.

The vintage look: According to two jewellery pieces that Christina adored, Rutler decided to opt for a vintage-setting for the ring. By incorporating two designs into one, it also symbolized the two of them coming together as one.