Tips from celeb wedding planner, Sarah Haywood


When planning for your big day, getting advice from married couples who have been there done that can save you lots of hassle. What’s more if you can get sound tips from celebrity wedding planners who have worked with some of Hollywood’s biggest names?

For this post, we consolidated four handy tips from celebrity wedding planner, Sarah Haywood who’s Britain’s most sought-after wedding planner and also author of UK’s top-selling book “Wedding Bible”.

1. This is her best advice.
“Always remember that when you are planning a wedding all you are doing is creating a backdrop to the day, and when that days comes it will be people who define the day itself. Happy guests make happy weddings, so get the guest list right, and give them a great experience. No-one wants to be eating the cheap chicken dinner and looking at extravagant flower arrangements. If you live a five-star lifestyle then of course you’ll want a five-star wedding to match. But if you do not, just create a day more magnificent and special than that which you enjoy every day, but do not make your friends and family feel uncomfortable because the day is so far removed from your comfort zone and theirs.”

2. When planning a wedding, time is key.
“When you plan a wedding, remember it takes time. Ideally allow yourselves more than six months and less than twelve.”

3. Tips for finding a wedding planner.
“When you are trying to find a wedding planner look online to see who is planning weddings that you like the look of. If they are open and transparent online that’s a great start, as is lots of imagery that demonstrates their experience in working at different sized events. Perhaps see what other people say about them.

When you meet they should explain their fees structure so you understand what it will cost you to hire them, how they work as well as the different services they might offer. But never hire a wedding planner to save you money; hire one to offer you value for money and to assist you effectively manage your budget, introduce you to great suppliers and take some of the strain. When you are confident with the service it is then all about how well you think you will work together so that they can help you find and turn your wedding day dream to reality.”

4. Be careful about the advice you seek.
“There is a plethora of advice out there and most of it badly curated by people who have never planned a wedding. So start by concentrating on where and when you’ll be married and who will be attending. Then hire your key suppliers (photographer/videographer, florist, caterer) and take their advice where relevant – that’s partly what you are paying for. Next fill in the details. And also look at what free advice is available from professional wedding planners – most have blogs and some, like us, have books and smartphone apps. (Text first read here)

Bridal gowns that look fit for everyday wear

On our blog, we previously shared how Hollywood actress Keira Knightley recycled her mid-length Chanel ivory tulle off-shoulder dress not once but thrice (if you missed that entry, click here!) with one of the occasions being her wedding with James Righton in May 2013.

While this notion remains uncommon among the general public, designers showcasing their latest wedding collections at the Bridal Fashion Week in New York City seem to have caught on a little of the recycling bug.

Bucking the norm of runway fashion with all its pomposity and impracticality for everyday activities, we are more than thrilled to find a handful of gems that will make the wedding gown no longer a white elephant in your wardrobe.

1. Elizabeth Stuart Fall 2014
Romanticism with a modern twist, is what characterizes Elizabeth Stuart’s latest collection and the epitome of it all is this design which pairs a traditional huge dress bodice with a contemporary crop top. We’re sure the top can be put to good use after the big day, for both office attire as well as casual weekends.
elizabeth stuart
(Picture credit: here)

2. Angel Sanchez Spring 2015
Floral elements, embroidery and lace all with a touch of mod inspiration define Angel Sanchez’s brand new bridal collection. Versatility is key in this collection and best exemplified in the below two mid-length dresses that we absolutely adore!
angel sanchez 2

angel sanchez 1
(Picture credit: here)

3. Temperley Bridal Summer 2014
A jumpsuit is perhaps the last thing on our minds when browsing through a bridal collection but the latest summer series by Temperley Bridal redefined expectations with its all-white piece. The other chiffon piece we included in this entry makes for a sophisticated wear on a night’s out.
temperley 1

temperley 2
(Picture credit: here)

4. Houghton Spring/Summer 2015
Minimalist is the theme in this collection. By forgoing the usual beading, embroidery and lace found in typical wedding gowns, the result is a series that emphasizes on sleek lines and exudes chic and effortless. We especially love the silky pantsuit that can easily be seen as a staple in the low-fuss everyday getup.
houghton 1

houghton 2
(Picture credit: here)

5. Watters Fall 2014
A lacy romper is undeniably the biggest surprise in the Watters Fall collection and we’re sure you’ll have no difficult wearing this out for day-to-day activities.
watters 1

watters 2
(Picture credit: here)

Just Married: Oh… Ji Ho releases wedding photos


South Korean actor Oh Ji Ho, best remembered for his hunky demeanor and memorable roles in hit dramas “Couple Or Trouble” and “The Slave Hunters”, will be tying the knot with his girlfriend of two years on April 12.

Ahead of the private wedding ceremony, fans of Oh were given a treat today by the actor’s agency who unveiled several wedding photos of the lovely couple. On his marriage, the 37-year-old was a la the prince charming image he always portrayed on-screen, “I finally met the person I’ll cherish and be with forever. We promise that we’ll cherish each other and understand each other, while embracing in love.”



(Story and pictures credit to allkpop)

You’re Not Invited Cards

(Picture from here)

Received a fancy card in the mail and think it might be the invitation card to your best mate’s wedding? Well, don’t count on it yet. It seems that recently a most bizarre trend has been going around the bridal circles — the ‘you’re not invited’ cards.

As its name suggests, the “not invited” cards serve to inform recipients that they have been passed over to be invited to a wedding. Proponents of this trend insist that they bear no malice — some couples think that it would be better for the person to hear from themselves, rather than from the grapevine that they are not invited to the wedding. Others see it as a way of giving advance notice to “B-list” friends that they might be invited to fill in the place of an “A-list” friend who cannot make it to the event.

While the senders might have thought they were being considerate, recipients of the “not invited” cards, on the hand, have understandably felt rather scorned. First of all, many feel that senders of such cards are quite self-centred and narcissistic to assume that the recipient had expected to attend their wedding. Others also feel that as if not being invited isn’t enough, receiving this card is like a blatant snub that adds insult to injury. More believe that sending such cards is just an overt lack of etiquette and EQ.

Here at Wedding & Travel, we think that this strange trend might be a result of more couples opting to go smaller and more economical on their weddings; consequently, their guest lists have shrunk. Despite the well-meaning intentions of the couple, we are more inclined to think that recipients of the “not invited” cards would not take too kindly to being passed over. Well, maybe this might work in cultures where people are more open to such brutal honesty, but in Singapore where we still follow rather Asian values? Our two cents are they probably aren’t a good idea.

What is your take about “not invited” cards? Would you choose to send them out?

Fashion: Vera Wang Fall 2014

Vera Wang is one of the collections that we look out for every season, and we believe we’re definitely not alone in our love for the label, which has consistently embodied romance and feminity in its creations.

Vera Wang’s Fall 2014 collection shows spirited bursts of colour through the use of a variety of pinks that dominate the collection — from sweet saccharine shades to deep sensual hues, the collection is all about showcasing the versatile faces of pink. We also spot strong floral influences in the details of the dresses; considered together with the colour palette, this is indeed a rather unconventional choice for a fall collection. Not that we’re complaining. We’re sure the girly girls out there would be spoilt for choice!

vw0 vw1

We’re loving how the structured details on these dresses are giving a new twist to what is otherwise, a rather standard-looking gown. (From top: Petal strapless silk mermaid gown with organic flower detail accented by tulle hand draping and cascading bias cut silk organza flanges; Petal strapless silk gazaar ball gown with hand draped bodice accented by exposed corset neckline and peony organic pleated flower.)


A voluminous cake skirt crafted from tulle and lace, paired with a well-constructed bodice — this pink iteration of our favourite Vera Wang staple is also one of our favourites from the collection. (Rose strapless silk ball gown with hand applique Chantilly lace bodice, grosgrain bows and draped skirt accented by crystal pleated tulle detail.)

vw4 vw5

And how’s this for some understated drama? We’re loving these meticulous mermaid gowns that look absolutely classy, but also offer a bit of surprise with the details put in. (From top: Coral strapless chiffon mermaid gown with alternating pleat bodice, organic flower detail and pleated tier skirt; Peony strapless faille sweetheart mermaid gown with double bow back detail and floral beaded embroidery)