Vivian Hsu’s romantic wedding in Bali

vivian bali 1

For grooms who are thinking of serenading your wife at the wedding, you can perhaps consider taking a cue from Singapore-based businessman Sean Lee, the beau of Taiwanese actress Vivian Hsu.

After their low-key ROM in Singapore earlier this year, the lovely couple held their first wedding reception at the scenic The Edge Bali Villa on 29-June (Sunday).

vivian venue

The wedding: True to their preference for a private affair, only about 100 guests, most of whom are close family and friends, were invited for the happy occasion. Taiwanese actress Ruby Lin and Hsu’s former group mate Wang Szu-Han were among the minority from showbiz who were invited. Due to work commitments, Actress Shu Qi will be attending Hsu’s second wedding dinner in Taipei in July.

vivian sisters

The song: The couple performed “Till I Met You”, according to Taiwan media. The song was composed by both Lee and Hsu. The former wrote the music and she penned the lyrics which went: “Till I met you/We Believe/What is destiny.” Hsu was reportedly so moved that she teared several times.

vivian wedding 1

The gown: Hsu, 39, was decked head to toe in any bride’s most-coveted brand – Vera Wang – with jewellery gifted to her by her in-laws.

vivian wedding 2

vivian wedding 3

vivian wedding 4
(All pictures credit to Straits Times and MeRadio)

Wedding Inspiration: Jewel Tones

(Picture from Martha Stewart Weddings)

Jewel tones have steadily made their way into our wardrobe staples and accessories, and it seems that we still can’t get enough. Today, we draw inspiration from these vivid shades and show you how you can incorporate them in your wedding to add that touch of grandeur and opulence to your big day.

Bridal Fashion

(Picture from Pinterest)

Given their unique shade, and the fact that jewel tones are often used in eye-catching and flashy designs, it can be a difficult task for brides to find their perfect jewel tone wedding dress. (The bride above, however, has done well in finding a dress that places the emphasis on its beautiful emerald details with a simple and flattering cut!)

Do not be disappointed if you do not have much luck in locating the perfect jewel tone dress. After all, you should choose a dress that you can feel beautiful in for your big day, and not compromise and feel uncomfortable for the sake of your theme. The solution is to consider using jewel tones for your bridesmaid dresses — it is almost effortless to find simple and well-cut dresses in these popular shades!

b3 b3b b3c
(All pictures from Pinterest: here, here and here)

Your husband can also join in the fun by working in the jewel tones as accents in his accessories!

(Picture from Martha Stewart Weddings)

Table Arrangements

b5 b5b b5c
(Pictures from MMJ Events, Pinterest and Pinterest respectively)

While jewel tones may come across as a tad too heavy for the daytime, they would work like a dream for your banquet at night, especially if you are going for something that is more grand, mysterious, or even exotic. Depending on how you mix the colours, the resulting effect can give off rather different vibes. The first picture above created a mysterious forest theme with its generous use of blues, aquamarines and greens. For the second picture above, the use of warm jewel tones such as reds and oranges helped to bring on a passionate and grown up mood. The third picture balanced the jewel tones against neutrals such as gold and white, instantly creating an upbeat and luxurious setup.


(Picture from Martha Stewart Weddings)

Wouldn’t it be nice for your guests to see your jewel tone theme reflected on their plates as well? We are in love with this combination of blackberry cocoa sorbet and green tea cookies — classy to look at, and yummy to taste! Work together with your banquet service provider and chef to see if you can come up with any special concoctions for your guests. Consider yam, sweet potato, beetroot, mangosteen, and so on — all of which come in rich hues and suit our tropical palates!

Are wedding bells ringing for Jay Chou?

jay chou

Mandopop king Jay Chou once revealed that he would like to get married at the age of 35 and it now seems that this wish of his may come true soon enough.

The superstar told Taiwanese media three days ago that he plans to settle down before he turns 36 in January next year. The lucky bride-to-be is 20-year-old Taiwanese model, Hannah Quinlivan, whom Chou has been dating since 2011.

The couple has recently been spotted going on several high-profile dates, including a trip to a night market in Kaohsiung and another trip to Tamsui in Taipei – a sign that has given rise to speculations that Chou, who has always been tight-lipped about his love life, may finally be settling down soon.

The singer was recently voted as the “Male celebrity that women most want to marry in 2014” conducted by an online poll in Taiwan. On that, Chou had jokingly told the media: “Before you decide to marry me, you have to think carefully. Are you sure? I think I’m not a good man. I’m a filial man but there is a lot of gossip surrounding me.”

However, Chou, who is scheduled to perform at the National Stadium in Singapore on November 8, said that he has yet to pop the question but plans to ask for his girlfriend’s hand “in a romantic and unique fashion.”

Jay, what do you think of our swanky new National Stadium? Have it as your proposal venue during your upcoming concert, maybe?

Beauty: Fall 2014 Makeup Trends

For those of you who are getting married later this year, check out these makeup trends from this year’s fall runways for some inspiration for your wedding look!

Blue Eyes

(All pictures from Pop Sugar)

Fall season always produces the ‘It’ colour of the year (remember mustard yellow and wine red?), and it seems like this year, it’s gonna be blue. The runways of Kenzo, Temperly London, Christian Dior and so on spotted blue on the eyes as an accent colour, but really, it was Creatures of the Wind’s look, which used blue on the lower rim of the eyes that captured our attention. Cynthia Rowley also deserves a special mention for the innovative use of blue as an eyeliner, which gives this longtime look a new spin.

Cat Eye

cateye-Cushnie-et-Ochs cateye-KarenWalker cateye-Roccobarocco
(All pictures from Pop Sugar)

Fans of black eyeliner will have reason to rejoice as the cat eye enjoys a resurgence on this year’s fall runways. From the more retro interpretation at Cushnie et Ochs, to more dramatic versions at Karen Walker and Jean Paul Gaultier, and to a fresh and dewy take over at Roccobarocco, there is surely a style to please every girl. Meow!

The Twiggy Lashes

lash-Marco de Vincenzo lash-PeterSom lash-Saint Laurent
(All pictures from Pop Sugar)

Few can forget supermodel Twiggy’s iconic look, which placed emphasis on the lower lashes, creating a ethereal doll-like appearance. If you’ve always wanted to give this look a try, this is the season to do it, as clumped lashes appeared in full force on the runways of Saint Laurent, Marco de Vincenzo, Peter Som and so on. This might also be the only time when clumpy or smudged lashes could be more of a hit than a miss!

Au Naturel

au-Isabel Marant au-Lacoste
(All pictures from Pop Sugar)

Brides who go by the motto ‘less is more’ will be delighted that natural nude makeup is still here to stay, as it was spotted across runways of Lacoste, Victoria Beckham, Isabel Marant and more. Given that this is a relatively lighter look and therefore offers less coverage for any blemishes, we suggest that you spend more of your energy on skincare so as to make sure your skin will be in tip top condition when your big day arrives!

Pink Palette

pink-Diane von Furstenberg pink-Suno
(All pictures from Pop Sugar)

Last but not least, perhaps the most relevant of this year’s fall makeup trends for our brides would be the pink palette that designers have been using on their runways. Feminine brides can take a leaf from Diane von Fürstenberg’s book and indulge in pastel shades of pink (first picture above). For cool brides, you can still play with this easy-to-wear shade with subtle brushes of pink on the cheeks, and a tinge of pink highlight on the eyes, as seen on Suno’s runway (second picture above). Just pair the look with sleek straight tresses to bring up the cool quotient.

Which of the above trends do you think would work best for your wedding? Let us know!

A proposal video that took 4 years to make

Yes you read the title right. Filmed in 26 countries across the globe, this 6-minute long video took 4 years to film.

And it all started when University of Montana student Jack Hyer went on a first date with Rebecca Strellnauer in 2010 and fell so deeply in love that he vowed one day he would marry her.

According to DailyMail, Hyer, who studied Management Information Systems and International Business, knew he would be traveling a lot for his studies and so he hit upon the idea to lip-synch the song “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) by Scottish band The Proclaimers at tourist destinations across Cambodia, Israel, China, Greece, France and Turkey.

It’s not surprising why Hyer’s girlfriend was dumbfounded when she eventually saw the video at their college graduation dinner. So sweet!

Infographic: US Wedding Trends

(Infographic from Piccolo Trattoria)

US wedding caterer Piccolo Trattoria recently released the above infographic, which summarises some of the prevailing wedding trends in America. In general, it seems that couples in the States spend more (per pax) on their weddings than our Singaporean couples, and they also place more emphasis on personal touches to make their weddings unique, for example, concocting signature cocktails for their guests.

On average, US couples host a total of 180 guests, and spend about US$220 on each guest, up from US$194 in 2009. Out of this US$220, US$66 (or 30%) is spent on food. 28% of US weddings include a desert bar, and 20% include signature cocktails specially created for the wedding. For couples who put in an open bar serving free flow drinks and alcohol at their weddings, the expenses usually come up to about 20-25% of the total catering bill. The survey also found that the number of after-parties has increased by 11.5% as compared to the previous year.

From the above findings, it is interesting to note that US couples typically spend around US$40,000 on their weddings — not too different from local couples. However, US couples seem to place more emphasis on the overall experience of their guests, as they host a smaller number of people, and are prepared to spend more on them. A small but significant group (20%) of couples are also willing to go the extra mile to put in personal touches that would make their weddings more memorable for their guests.

What do you think of the above findings? Share with us your thoughts!

Tips from celeb wedding planner, Preston Bailey


When planning for your big day, getting advice from married couples who have been there done that can save you lots of hassle. What’s more if you can get sound tips from celebrity wedding planners who have worked with some of Hollywood’s biggest names?

For this post, we consolidated four handy tips from celebrity wedding planner, Preston Bailey, who has worked with the likes of Jennifer Hudson, Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

1. Give your guests drama
“For me, any wedding or any event is about transporting the guest into a very dramatic environment — having them escape in this world of beauty and real lusciousness. To me, ‘over the top’ represents generosity, and I think that’s what events should be about. You are going to spoil your guests with every single luxury, food, music that you possibly can.”

2. Wow them
“Capture the guests’ attention from the moment they arrive. Even if other aspects of the wedding are more subtle, a strong first impression (like a striking escort table arrangement) will set the right tone and create lasting memories for your guests.”

3. Don’t disregard the ceremony decor
“It’s easy to get caught up in the themes and details of the party, but the ceremony should get equal attention. Ultimately, that is why people are there. You want to create an emotional environment that moves everyone to tears.”

4. Relax and enjoy!
“I think the greatest mistake that most brides make is that they’re so tense the day of their wedding. I suggest hiring people you trust so that even if you tend to be a bit obsessive over details, you’ll know they’re taking care of everything. That way you can actually enjoy yourself and your guests. You should be at your best on the day of your wedding so let go, and have a great time!”

Fashion: Celestina Agostino

celestinaAgostino1 celestinaAgostino2 celestinaAgostino4 celestinaAgostino5 celestinaAgostino6 celestinaAgostino7 celestinaAgostino8 celestinaAgostino9
(All images from Celestina Agostino)

Today, Wedding & Travel puts the spotlight on Celestina Agostino, a French designer who has been creating couture bridal dresses for the past 20 years. Looking at the label’s lookbook for its 2014 collection, Celestina Agostino’s creations would strike one as romantic and feminine, but not losing a sense of empowerment for the bride. The high fashion lookbook, which is photographed in black and white, shows the models moving freely in the dresses, and expands on the beauty of the lightness of the dresses’ fabrics and flowing silhouettes.

Celestina Agostino values an intuitive and personalised approach to designing her dresses. For her, the most important thing in the design process is to get to know the bride and what suits her the best. “The greatest compliment is when people don’t recognise my work — if they can tell it’s me behind a gown, it’s mission failed. I don’t start with the dress, I start with the bride. I get to know her and create a style that I think works with her personality, that I go on to work into a gown.”

Unsurprising for a couture label, Celestina Agostino is also known for her use of quality materials to craft her dresses. The designer has famously said that she never uses poor fabrics such as acrylic for her dresses, not even for lining, as it is her belief that a dress should make a bride feel beautiful from inside out.

When asked for her best piece of advice for brides-to-be, Celestina Agostino said, “Choose your wedding dress like you chose your fiancé. It’s a real choice, a big step, so choose a label with which you feel comfortable, where you will remember the team and the atmosphere, because you’ve only got one shot, it’s an experience that you will probably only have once. A wedding gown is a garment that must be respected and that must respect the woman wearing it…. It’s probably the only time in your life that you will wear a long white dress, so make sure it’s the right one.”

Wedding Inspiration: Polka Dots

Polka dots are one of the most loved prints around, and we won’t be surprised if all you fashionable brides out there are thinking of incorporating them into your wedding. Some of you might be put off the idea by the thought that polka dots might come across as too Minnie Mouse-y (gulp), but we rounded up these inspiration from around the web to show you how the print, when used well with good measure, can be effortlessly chic as well.

Wedding Stationery

polka3 polka3apolka3b
(Pictures from Martha Stewart Weddings, Jupiter and Juno, and DGD Invitations)

If you are under the impression that polka dots can only come across as girly and teenage, these beautiful wedding stationery will convince you otherwise. The trick is to go easy on the full-on polka dots and pair the print with a solid colour block for a more measured and classy look. Playing with different paper stocks and layering the polka dots on translucent paper is a creative way of introducing the print to your wedding theme as well.

Bridal Fashion

polka4 polka4b
(Pictures from Lace Wedding Dresses UK and Wedding Party App)

If you don’t want your dress to be mistaken for your niece’s birthday dress, go easy on the colours for your polka dot wedding dress. As polka dots are a playful print, simple and classic silhouettes and a monochrome palette are best for creating a grown up and elegant look. For your white dress, instead of a full polka dot print, choose to use the print in the details, such as in sheer panels or trims. For your night look, why not consider a black-based polka dot maxi dress, cinched with a classy velvet belt? Not only is this look extremely wearable, you can move easily in it too.

polka5 polka5b(Pictures from One Wed and Pinterest)

A less predictable place to introduce polka dots than your dress would be on your veil. For brides who are worried about going too over the top, a polka dotted veil is definitely a foolproof way to get started.

Table Arrangements

polka6 polka6b polka6c
(Pictures from Pinterest, Pinterest and Pinterest respectively)

Again, the trick to give polka dots an elegant touch is to be mindful of the colour palette — black, white and nude are the best shades. We love how the polka dotted tablecloth introduces some interest to an otherwise conventional formal setup in the first picture above. For trendy couples who are looking to introduce playful details in an otherwise chic setup, draw some inspiration from the second picture above, whereby the interesting mix of prints creates a modern but classy ambience. Bohemian brides would be delighted with the third picture, which shows how a sheer polka dotted tablecloth adds on that touch of delicate charm to an otherwise grungy setup.


polka2 polka2b
(Pictures from Pinterest and Martha Stewart Weddings)

There is no better wedding fixture than the photobooth that promises boundless fun for your guests, and if they come with cute polka dotted backgrounds, we say it’s all the better!

Wedding Cake & Dessert Table

polka1 polka1b
(Pictures from Martha Stewart Weddings and Polka Dot Bride)

We are absolutely in love with how cute these polka dot desserts and cakes look. Judging by how yummylicious they look, we dare say these sweet things will be a hit with both adults and children alike!

Do you have other ideas for incorporating polka dots in your wedding? Share with us!

Theme Wedding: Soccer

As the world cup season heats up, we take a look at how some sport-loving couples have put a creative spin on their soccer-themed pre-wedding photoshoots and weddings!

There’s nothing better than a friendly match between the bridal parties to liven up the wedding! (Picture from Pinterest)

This bride is taking aim straight through the heart, baby! (Picture from Juxtapost)

soccer3 soccer3b soccer3c
Kudos to this bride for being game enough to play football in her pre-wedding shoot, on heels no less! The results are energetic and spontaneous photos, especially in the shots whereby the groom makes a diving save for the ball! We can definitely see how much fun the couple had during the shoot! (Picture from Pinterest)

This adorable photoshoot would be great inspiration for couples who are looking for a casual setting to reflect their love for sports! (Picture from Pinterest)

A soccer theme wedding does not mean the ball has to be seen in every single picture. We love how this photographer got the wedding party to pose in a circle, echoing the shape of the ball and keeping to the theme of the wedding without being too literal. How smart is that! (Picture from Pinterest)

Have you attended or organised a soccer- or sports-themed wedding before? Let us know!