Incredible wedding day dances

We think wedding-related surprises planned by loved ones are super duper sweet so elaborate efforts involving meticulous dance choreographies like the two instances below, deserve special mention.

1. Groom transforms into pop star
The likes of Beyonce, Backstreet Boys and even a Persian dance number proved to be too easy for this groom, Sean, and his best men, who pulled out all stops to to surprise his bride Ariana with a splendid dance routine.

The reward? Screams from the crowd and a kiss from the bride after Sean finished the six-minute long choreography with Bruno Mars’ “Marry You”.

2. Imagine your in-laws dancing, just for you
It had started off as a normal slow waltz between a mother and her son, and then came on Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” and the pair burst into some impressive rhythmic moves, to the surprise of the bride and all the guests.

An epic dance mash-up, including N Sync’s “Bye Bye Bye” and the 2013 hit “Gangnam Style”, it is undeniable that it was the groom’s mother who stole the show – for pulling off the acrobatic routine dressed in a stunning floor-length midnight blue gown paired with tricky stilettos just for her son’s wedding.

According to the DailyMail, the bride who had no idea her husband and mother-in-law had the surprise up their sleeves, rushed to give the superstar mom a thrilled embrace after the dance ended. Who wouldn’t?!

Tips to Save Money In Your Wedding!

(Photo from CNN Money)

Melanie Hicken and her fiancé, Ryan (pictured above) were like any other couple when they were planning for their wedding — wanting to throw the best wedding reception for their guests, but mindful of their budget as well. We share some of the advice the couple had to give based on their experience; hope it’ll come in handy for your wedding planning as well! TGIF!

1. Trim your wedding, not your guestlist

One of the first things that couples often think of cutting when they face a tight budget is to trim their guestlist. However, Bay Area wedding planner Elizabeth Clayton suggests that couples try to save some money by reviewing the details of one’s weddings, rather than make excruciating decisions over who to throw out. For example, couples can save a couple of hundreds by simply limiting the beverage options available at the wedding. Another way to save money is to reconsider the use of fresh flowers as decorations and table centrepieces. Instead, consider budget-friendly options such as succulents.

2. Watch out for hidden costs

Some venues might have minimum spending requirements, and that could mean that you might be paying more than you are actually consuming. (Always read the fine print before you commit to anything!) To save some pennies, consider throwing your wedding banquet during less popular periods of the year, or days instead. Alternatively, spend a little more effort to find venues that do not have minimum spending requirements.

3. Shop small

While small businesses are not necessarily cheaper, they might be more inflexible to negotiate prices, or come up with customised packages to suit your needs. Instead of purchasing everything, some innovative startups might have solutions that can help you save some money — for example bridesmaid dresses rental services.

4. Stay away from the glue gun

Surprise, surprise — DIY might cost you just as much as buying decorations. Be mindful of how much your materials cost, as some DIY projects are less economical than they look. While the sums look small isolated, repeated trips to Spotlight or Daiso might add up to a bigger sum than you originally envisioned. For couples who are doing DIY for the first time, be sure to also allocate extra allowances in your budget to accommodate for mistakes.

Read the full article on CNN Money.

Shorts for your wedding? This bride did it!

This bride is none other than… American socialite Olivia Palermo.

At her top secret wedding last month in NYC, the 28-year-old wore a Carolina Herrera cream sweater with a statement skirt from the same brand. If you look closer into the tulle skirt, you’ll realize that the fashionista’s wedding outfit even includes a pair of crisp white shorts, for ease of movement under that pretty tulle skirt!

Olivia Palermo
(Picture credit: Johannes Huebl’s Instagram)

Earlier this year, she had told Brides magazine: “You’re not going to see me in a huge cupcake dress. As beautiful as they are, they’re just not me.”

And it seems she has made true her words as she tied the knot with her model-photographer boyfriend whom she had dated for 6 years.

We totally love the bridal look, what about you?

Just Married: Jessica Simpson

This month seems to be a great time for celebrity weddings — after a lengthy engagement of nearly four years, Jessica Simpson has finally tied the knot with her beau, former NFL player Eric Johnson in a lavish wedding held at the San Ysidro Ranch.

(Above: Carolina Herrera’s sketch for Jessica Simpson’s wedding dress; Below: The mood board that Carolina Herrera used for inspiration. Photos from PEOPLE)

We loved Jessica Simpson’s wedding look, which was classic and chic with just the right amount of glamour. While some were expecting Jessica Simpson to show off her newly toned body (she reportedly lost 50 pounds post-birth in preparation for her wedding) with a slinky dress, she went for  a custom-made Carolina Herrera gown instead, which was a divine champagne and gold strapless multi-layered tulle creation. Speaking on the design to PEOPLE magazine, Herrera said, “The whole dress is embroidered in gold and feels very regal.” She also noted that her goal was to transform the bride into a “beautiful golden girl”.

(Photo from PEOPLE)

Since the revealing of her first official wedding photo, the internet has also been abuzz with Jessica Simpson’s wedding beauty look — a romantic palette with purple on eyes designed by makeup artist Karan Mitchell. The touch of sparkle brought on by Neil Lane diamond earrings was a touch by Jessica Simpson’s longtime friend and stylist Nicole Chavez. As for her hair, it was “sexy, easy and ethereal” and “nothing too contrived”, as described by Jessica Simpson’s hair stylist Roque Jimenez.

Following the ceremony, Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson spent their wedding night at the rustic and romantic Ty Warner cottage of San Ysidro. The cottages are apparently the most luxurious on the grounds, which features its own private patio, pool, and other amenities such as canopy beds, jacuzzis and in-room spa services. Other notable celebrity couples who have spent the night there include John F. Kennedy and Jackie Onassis Kennedy on their honeymoon in 1953, and Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin.

We wish Jessica Simpson all the happiness for her second marriage, and we hope second time’s the charm for her!

Just Married: “The Muttons” Vernon has tied the knot!

couple and friends 2
(Photo credit to: “Muttons on the Move” Facebook)

Famously known as one-half of the hilarious duo “The Muttons” on air, 41-year-old Vernon Anthonisz married blogger Jayne Tham at Shangri-La hotel on Sunday.

The popular Singapore radio personality tied the knot with 23-year-old Tham after dating for two years.

Other local celebrities like radio deejays Jean Danker and Glenn Ong, as well as fashion personality Daniel Boey, were among the many guests who attended the garden-themed wedding.

It was a joyous day and “The Muttons” kept to their humorous style with many candid photos.

During the gatecrash, Vernon and co were supposed to garner 288 “likes” on their Facebook page before they could get a step closer to the bride. Till date, the photo has gotten over 2,500 “likes”, way to go! ((Photo credit to: “Muttons on the Move” Facebook))

couple and friends
(Photo credit to: “Muttons on the Move” Facebook)

The bride was more sentimental as she wrote on her Instagram: “Just like that, the best day of our lives whizzed pass quickly. But in every moment of that day, we were both filled with happiness and gratitude for all the help that we’ve received to make it the best day ever.”
(Photo credit to: Jayne Tham Instagram

In an interview with Xinmsn, Vernon said he has utmost confidence that this marriage will stand the test of time, despite their 17-year age gap.

“The fact that I was never looking to find another life partner and the fact that she made me want to get married again makes me more confident that our relationship is strong enough.

And I think that I am very sure about this, as opposed to the first one (marriage) where, especially in Singapore, where sometimes you get into a relationship where you are not ready to get married but you are kind of pressured into the moment because of housing, or peer pressure, your parents or relatives. So in this case, no one was pressuring us at all. We just decided let’s do this.”

Congrats Vernon and Jayne!