The Wedding is Not the End of the Story!

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If you’ve just survived the stress and madness of your big day, congratulations on being a newly-wed! But contrary to the popular belief that the wedding’s the end of the story, there are still a couple of things that need to be done before you throw the event to the back of your head.

The first one is also the most important one on our list — write your thank you notes! It is only polite that you express your gratitude to your loved ones who took time to join you and your spouse in sharing your joy on your big day. While handwritten notes can be considered a must previously, we think that a well-crafted email would be timely as well, depending on who you’re writing to. (For relatives, we suggest that you keep to the traditional thank you note. For friends, go ahead with the e-mail!) It would also be nice to get a preview photo (preferably a group shot with everybody inside) from your wedding photographer and send it together with your thank you note while memories of your wedding are still fresh.

The second set of thanks should go to your vendors who helped to pull off your big day. Write your vendors a review or testimonial to show your appreciation to the hard work and effort that they took to make sure everything went smoothly on your big day!

Next, if you’re dreaming about the day that you get to pass on your wedding dress to your daughter, do remember to send your dress for cleaning or to get it properly packed and preserved soon after your wedding! It doesn’t take anything more than common sense to figure out that a one-day stain will be easier to come off than a stain that has been sitting around for a week. Proper packing will also help to keep your dress in a good condition (and not yellowed) even after a long time.

When you’ve got more time to catch a breather, it’s time to figure out what to do with the wedding gifts you’ve received. If there are items that you do not wish to keep, make sure you return or exchange them within the allowed timespan. If you receive something that you like, but not in a complete set, do make time to hunt down the rest of the set as items may go out of stock if you wait for too long.

On a related note, couples who have taken the initiative to decorate their own venue might find themselves suddenly clueless on what to do with ten boxes of fairy lights, tens of glass vases and five vintage suitcases. Our secret tip is to try to sell these decorative items to wedding rental companies — chances are, they will be more than happy to take in these items into their existing inventory.

Last but not least, if you’re planning to take on your husband’s surname, find a day to put together the required legal documents (yes, we know this can be quite painful) and get it done. If you keep procrastinating, chances are it’ll never get done at all.

What other things did you have to follow up on after your wedding? Let us know!

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China’s hottest wedding photography trend

underwater wedding
(Picture credit to BBC)

A new way of shooting wedding photos is trending in the mainland and that is to go underwater.

According to BBC, China’s marriage market has been booming along with its economy for the past few years.
According to state media, the money spent on ceremonies, catering, honeymoons and hospitality for one’s big day in China has grown from almost nothing a couple of decades ago to a whopping annual 800 billion yuan ($130 billion).

Couples are willing to fork out the money to commemorate their nuptials in a big and unique way. Other than flying to South Korea for a K-pop wedding photography, going underwater for a photoshoot – pioneered by a Shanghai-based wedding firm called Mr Wedding – is the next big thing.

“People can do a lot of almost impossible postures under water,” the founder and owner of Mr Wedding Tina Liu said, according to BBC. “The sense of losing gravity creates the beauty of floating.”

According to CNBC, Mr Wedding first came up with this concept 2 years ago. They proceeded to build a tank in their studio for the service, which started gaining traction a year later. Liu says the service attracts mostly younger couples who crave for adventure and uniqueness.

Read more about this at BBC.

Fashion: Vera Wang Spring 2015

It is no secret that we at Wedding & Travel are eternal fans of Vera Wang, but we still have to say that Vera Wang has outdone herself again. Based off the concept of ‘Lightness of Being’, Vera Wang’s Spring 2015 bridal collection is just breathtaking.

What really set this Spring 2015 collection apart from previous Vera Wang collections for us, was the daring and edgy approach to the styling. With smudged dark eyes and white eyelashes paired with pale (almost pallid) dewy skin, it is as if a layer of frost has descended on the bride. Definitely a point-of-view that is very different from other Spring collections that draw inspiration from soft colours and florals

From the absolutely minimalist and simple, to the romantic and dramatic, this collection is a play on extremes — delicate and disciplined; sensual and seductive. Vera Wang shows that the same emotion comes through on both sides of the spectrum. On the visual level, we absolutely love the generous use of sheer fabrics that lends an ethereal air to the dresses. However, at the same time, the use of plunging V-necklines, low backs, and interesting cut out details also bring forth a sense of wildness and adventure — an interesting collision of styles.

Well, enough of us talking — we’ll leave the judgment to you as you look through the lookbook! Do also remember to check out the beautiful video at the end of this blog post, which Vera Wang has produced to showcase this Spring 2015 collection. (All photos from Vera Wang)

vw7 vw7b vw7c
There is just something charming about these silk chiffon dresses that are cut in sleek simple silhouettes and paired with sexy wet hair.

vw2 vw3 vw4
Ruched bodices paired with sheer skirts, a lovely interpretation of the mermaid silhouette in the form of a draped tulle skirt. Delicately beautiful.

Beauty look up-close

vw1 vw6 vw6b
A daring Chantilly lace shirtwaist gown crafted with hand applique; loving the web lace long sleeved blouse that is paired with an ivory tulle ball gown — absolutely fashion-forward!

vw5 vw5b vw5b2
Nude high-low ball gown with skirt accented by ruched tulle details and silk organza; Deep V-neck silk charmeuse halter ball gown with ruched tulle skirt. The low back and thin straps are all spot on for Spring 2015!

Chasing Alix | Vera Wang Bride Spring 2015 from Vera Wang on Vimeo.


Tips for Camera-Shy Brides

If you’re feeling nervous about all the cameras that are going to be aimed at your on your wedding day, we totally feel you. That’s why we’ve put together this list of tips to help you look all photo-ready on the biggest day of your life!

Check yourself in all angles

A low textured bun is our favourite wedding hair look as it photographs well from every angle! (Photo from New Orleans Weddings Planner)

It’s not enough that you look good from the front on your wedding day — be sure to check out your back view too! Pick a hairstyle that will photograph well from all angles. For that, we recommend a low textured bun that rests at the base of your neck. If you’re getting braids or an up-do, do keep in mind that your hair usually turns out flatter in photographs. Consider using clip-on hair pieces to give your hair more volume. Alternatively, you could use big hair accessories to create a favourable contrast for a smaller face.

Use large hair accessories to create contrast for a smaller face (Photo from Behind the Blowdryer’s blog)

Make sure the lighting works in your favour

You can look like a million dollars, but you need the lighting at your venue to help you out as well! Lights that are lit from the bottom are a big no-no since they cast unflattering shadows on your face. Also be mindful if there are spotlights right above your table for the same reasons. To mitigate that, consider adding more soft lights above to balance out the lighting. (Psst, fairy lights are great for this function and look romantic as well.)

Fairylights are not only romantic, they are also absolutely photogenic as well! (Photo from Louisville Wedding Blog)

It’s all about the poses

We’re sure you know this by now — you’ll look wider if you get photographed head on. Always remember to angle your body slightly when you’re getting your photograph taken. Also, work your dress and bouquet! Hold your flowers in front of your stomach as this action will naturally cause your arms to curve away from your body, creating the illusion of a slimmer waist (it will also hide your tummy at the same time). If you’re taking some walking shots, hitch up your skirt as you are walking as this, again, naturally causes your arms to bend and make them look slimmer in photos.

(Photo from Real Simple)

Smile and enjoy yourself!

This is the perhaps the most important piece of advice we can give any bride — just go with the flow and enjoy your happiest day! If you’re feeling stressed about things, trust us, it will show in your photos. And, if your smile is not genuine, it will show too! The best photos almost always happen when they are not posed for, but are captured in the moment. Be sure to communicate beforehand with your photographer on the type of shots you are looking for. If you have a preferred style, do bring along some reference photos to let your photographer know. With all the preparation work done, there will then be no need to worry too much about how you’re going to look in your wedding photos! Leave the worrying to the professional photographers — that’s what you hired them for! Enjoy yourself, and trust that the right moments will be captured.

Just married: George Clooney & Amal Alamuddin tie the knot in Venice

(Picture credit to AFP)

It’s been billed as the wedding of the year, with a flurry of news over the internet all weekend.

And it’s now official: Hollywood film star George Clooney has married his Lebanon-born British fiancee Amal Alamuddin in Venice on Saturday, the actor’s representative said.

The pair had swept into the floating city on Friday aboard a water taxi dubbed “Amore”, zipping up the Grand Canal to cheers from fans at the start of nuptials set to span the weekend. And tantalizing details of Clooney’s wedding dinner have emerged, according to AFP, with Hollywood stars reportedly to dine Saturday on lobster, wild mushrooms and figs at a banquet in Venice fit for the gods. The venue is reportedly an exclusive seven-star hotel in the 450-year-old Palazzo Papadopoli.

On Friday, former supermodel Cindy Crawford and Hollywood actor Matt Damon were among the first guests spotted in Venice. Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Sandra Bullock also checked in to the Cipriani before the gala meal rustled up by Italian chef Riccardo de Pra.

Clooney, 53, and Alamuddin, 36, who were engaged in April, have not publicly divulged details of the weekend-long celebrations — leaving plenty open to speculation. Media have speculated that the couple will have two ceremonies — one on Saturday followed by a civil ceremony Monday.

Venice city officials have announced the closure of a 50-meter (yard) length of pedestrian way along the Grand Canal near the 16th-century Cavalli Palace, used for civil marriage ceremonies, for two hours on Monday, citing the Clooney nuptials. The Cavalli Palace is just opposite the Aman hotel.