Just married: George Young and Janiet Hsieh wed in…. South Pole

Janet hsieh
(Picture credit to Janet Hsieh’s Facebook)

After being pals for 10 years and then a couple slightly more than a year ago, Singapore-based actor George Young and Taiwanese-American host Janet Hsieh have officially taken their relationship to a new level: They are married!

The new Mr and Mrs Young broke the news on their respective social media accounts, with a blissful photo of them, dressed in a wedding gown and suit, holding up flags of their respective birth places before a magnificent backdrop of an iceberg and surrounded by a group of penguins.

The couple had earlier shared their decision to have their wedding in the South Pole after getting engaged last year. According to Taiwanese media reports, 34-year-old Young spent close to US$1.27 million just so their loved ones can travel to the South Pole for their wedding.

This can guarantee a sunny day on your wedding…


Thinking of having an outdoor wedding and you’re worried that it could be ruined by an unexpected downpour? Or you want to ensure sunshine for your outdoor wedding photoshoot?

Well, all you need is US$150,000.

A UK-based luxury travel company, Oliver’s Travels, is offering a “cloud bursting” service that can 100% guarantee fair weather at your request. At the moment, the service is only available in certain venues in France (the company is planning to expand to the U.K. and Italy if the concept “takes off”).

For a fee starting at US$150,000, the company will give a team of pilots and meteorologists 3 weeks to plan and affect the weather on your big day. The technology is called “cloud bursting” (or “cloud seeding“) or using a chemical called silver iodide to “seed” the clouds and cause them to rain. By inducing rain and cloud dissipation for 24 hours before the wedding day, the team can guarantee a relatively cloud free and sunny environment on the day of.

Something to consider only if you have deep pockets and a dire need for sunny weather on your big day.

Fashion: Jean Paul Gaultier Couture Spring 2015 Collection

Naomi Campbell closing the show “dressed” as the bridal bouquet

We were so excited and blown away when we saw Jean Paul Gaultier’s couture Spring 2015 collection — unlike traditional couturiers who would close their show with a bridal look, Jean Paul Gaultier went all out and made the entire collection wedding-themed instead.

But if you were expecting things to be all sugar and spice, then you’re in for a surprise. As typical of Jean Paul Gaultier, the designer kept things edgy even as he embraced the wedding theme. Apart from beautifully pleated dresses shown in white, nude and black, the collection also featured masculine-inspired pieces including impeccably tailored suits and separates such as a crisp shirt paired with a ball gown skirt. Our favourite pieces in the collection were none other than the pieces that seamlessly incorporated tailored and pleated elements — kind of like Hyde and Jekyll — in the same piece. The contrast of styles, and in some pieces, colours, were more than enough to make each piece a standout on its own. Naomi Campbell “dressed” as a bridal bouquet (instead of the bride) at the end of the show also provided the best element of humour and surprise that let the show end on a high note.

We are betting it would be no time before Jean Paul Gaultier’s fashion-forward ideas are translated into ready-to-wear looks! For brides who are getting married this year, you heard it from us first. Check out the collection below!

Jean Paul Gaultier had us at hello with this opening look that featured his model dramatically styled with curlers in her hair. Definitely a signature touch of humour from the designer.

With all the talk about gender-neutral bridal wear, and remembering how Solanges Knowles kickstarted the trend when she sported a pantsuit for her wedding last year, we won’t be surprised if we see more brides taking up this idea moving ahead.

One of our favourite pieces from the collection, the colour blocking and mixing of tailored and pleated elements are dramatic without being in your face.

Here’s an idea for brides who are looking for short wedding dresses — we love the tulle overlay in this piece as it adds a touch of romance to your dress without making it hard to move around in.

jpg7 jpg9jpg11
More pieces that feature a mix of different elements in one dress. We are loving how the pleats in the last piece remind us of the silhouette of a bridal bouquet.

jpg15Who says tailored pieces necessarily look heavy? This dress shows us just how to keep things light while cutting a cool figure — just mix and match with sheer fabrics.

Bohemian brides listen up — here’s an updated look for you! We are loving the mix of the sheer lace shirt and the dramatic ball gown skirt. This look takes things up a notch in terms of formality while retaining the carefree air of a bohemian look.

Another “Hyde and Jekyll” piece, this time done in a long dress. We have a soft spot for the beautifully layered tulle on the right side. Sexy but sharp.

Pleats, pleats, pleats!

Last but not least, something for the gothic brides out there. (Love!)

(All photos from Fashionista)

For photos of the entire collection, visit Fashionista.

Steal the look of… Hannah Quinlivan aka Mrs Jay Chou

On our blog, we often share inspirations about how to make your big day closer to perfection. We also absolutely love sharing happy news about celebrities and/or famous personalities who have tied the knot and moved on to the next stage in life.

And on the list of famous newlyweds this year is model Hannah Quinlivan, who recently tied the knot in a fairy-tale wedding in Yorkshire, northern England, with Mandopop king Jay Chou (If you missed our entry on that, click here!)

The look: Decked in a white Tudor-inspired dress by Canadian designer Mikael Derderian with a heart-shaped cutout on the back. Quinlivan was also wearing a crown that cost US$1.05 million and a necklace worth around US$10 million during the lavish ceremony.

Make it yours: If pricess-looking gowns with heart cutouts are your cup of tea, here’s our selection of similar designs!


Hayley Paige
Hayley Paige



maggie sottero
Maggie Sottero

mori lee
Mori Lee

oscar de la renta
Oscar de la Renta

Movie-Inspired Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot Ideas

For couples who are brainstorming for interesting ideas for your pre-wedding photo shoot, movies might be a good place to start from. Movies are an easy way to get your ideas rolling if you’re thinking of creating a pre-wedding photo shoot that would tell a story, instead of simply capturing posed moments. They are also a great wealth of inspiration to tap on for colour palettes, fashion choices, and the mood and ambience for your photo shoot. Today, we share with you three couples who recreated some of our favourite movies in their wedding photo shoots.


Is there anyone who doesn’t have a soft spot for this classic Pixar animation, UP? Lisa and Geoff took their photo shoot to the replica of the UP house in Utah, USA and reproduced their favourite scenes from the movie. The results are a heartwarming and colourful photo shoot that immediately brings a smile to our faces.

This replica of the UP house was built by Bangerter Homes. Not only has the team reproduced the house’s exteriors, the amount of detail put into the interior design is amazing as well!

up2 up5 up6 up11 up12 up13 up15
(Photos from The Goodness Blog)

The Notebook

Nicholas Spark’s The Notebook is no doubt one of the most popular romance movies of all time, so we were definitely not surprised to see Italian couple Angelo and Chiara recreate these immaculately romantic scenes from the movie! What we loved the most about this photo shoot is how it captured the drama and mood of the movie perfectly with its muted colour tones and vintage-inspired aesthetic.

nb1 nb2 nb3 nb4 nb5 nb6 nb7 nb8
(Photos from Huffington Post)

Before Sunrise

Cult favourite Before Sunrise might be a lesser-known movie among the mainstream crowd, but is definitely not lesser-loved. While London couple Betty and Seng could not replicate the exact scenes in the movie, they sought to capture the mood and ambience surrounding the main characters. (Note: For those who have not watched the movie before, Before Sunrise portrays the story of two travellers who met on the train, and fell in love as they spent the night talking and walking around Vienna.) This is a great example of a photo shoot that shows how you don’t always have to translate your inspiration literally in your photo shoot!

bs1 bs2 bs3 bs5 bs6 bs7 bs8 bs9 bs10 bs13 bs14 bs15 bs16
(Photos from Whimsical Wonderland Weddings)

Not Your Usual Bridal Salon

(Photo from the New York Times)

For those of you who are expecting soothing pastel colours and floral scents when you step into a bridal salon, you will be surprised by Mociun White, a not-so-usual bridal salon in Brooklyn, New York.

Mociun White is the brainchild of designer Caitlin Mociun, who was inspired to set up her store after a trip to the bridal salon with a friend. “There were little vases of white flowers and rococo furniture, and it smelled like potpourri — it felt like a little girl’s dream, not the dream of an adult woman who’s really into design,” she recalls. Instead, she says, “I wanted a beautiful space that was cool architecturally.”

Indeed, Mociun has created a visually engaging and adventurous space for her bridal salon. Instead of a subdued palette that is commonly found in bridal salons, she has opted for pops of vibrant colours on the railings, complemented with ables made with Archer Modern, a Bec Brittain chandelier and loop lights by Lucas Peet.

The sartorial choices available are of course, non-traditional as well — the collection consists of coloured wedding dresses (in for example, lemon yellow) and separates that her clients can mix and match as well. Last but not least, she has also curated a tasteful selection of made-to-order ceramics and houseware for brides who are putting together a wedding registry.

As brides become more sophisticated and conscious of what they want, it’s about time that bridal services catch up on these specialised needs. We say, Mociun White is definitely making a good move ahead.

Read the original article at the New York Times.

Just engaged: Taiwanese actress Sonia Sui says ‘I do’

While the Chinese entertainment world gets caught up with the lavish wedding of Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivan, another Taiwanese star has reportedly said ‘I do’.

Sonia Sui
(Picture credit to here)

According to Apple Daily, 34-year-old Taiwanese model-actress Sonia Sui has married her boyfriend Tony Chia in Las Vegas on 10 January while on their vacation in the U.S. The wedding news was later confirmed by Tony’s stepmother, Taiwanese singer Lai Pei-hsia, who stated, “They are very sincere in their relationship and are very happy together.”

Sonia’s manager meanwhile denied that the actress, who had only been dating Tony for four months before their marriage, is currently pregnant.

The boyfriend of the 34-year-old TV Star is said to be a UCLA graduate who works in finance. Sui acted with Lai, as well as actor Christopher Lee, in the 2014 television show Mr Right Wanted. It was Lai who introduced Sui to her
stepson, who turned out to be the actress’ Mr Right.

Disney-Inspired Traditional Indian Wedding Costumes

Who says you can’t work a little bit of creativity into your traditional wedding costumes? Amrit Grewal, a wedding photographer based in Vancouver, has re-imagined traditional Indian bridal wear by infusing some inspiration from nine classic Disney princess looks into the designs.

“It was important to show how Disney could translate into the traditional Indian aesthetic because of the differences between mainstream wedding styles and Indian weddings. Indian weddings are extremely extravagant and ornate and outfits are extremely bedazzled, whereas mainstream weddings are more simple, sleek, and polished.” Grewal said.

Check out the vibrant hues and extravagant details in the shoot below!

ind1 ind2 ind3 ind4 ind5 ind6 ind7 ind8 ind9

(All photos from the original article at Daily Mail)

Just Married: Jay Chou

j1 j2 j3
(Photos from China News)

King of Mandopop Jay Chou, 36, has finally tied the knot with Hannah Quinlivan, 21! True to the superstar’s flamboyant style, the wedding was literally a fairytale come true, as it was held at Selby Abbey in Yorkshire, northern England, a church that dates back to the 11th century.

Matching the grand and stately venue perfectly, Hannah Quinlivan was a sight to behold in an off-shoulder ball gown with a heart cut-out on the back from Taiwanese boutique, Sophia Weddings. (Hits the spot with the hottest 2015 bridal trends!) Jay Chou was also decked out in a Tudor-inspired suit to match the event.

Known for his musical talents, it therefore comes as no surprise as Jay Chou composed his own theme song for the wedding march in, which was played by an string orchestra at the ceremony. In the subsequent dinner at the hotel and after-party at Castle Howard, Jay Chou also planned the night’s entertainment as if he was planning for his own concert, complete with a symphony and rock band.

According to Apple Daily, the cost of the wedding was estimated at S$1 million, which makes it the most lavish wedding in Taiwanese entertainment history.

We will be sharing more details of Jay Chou’s wedding as they come along. Do keep checking back at Wedding & Travel!

Best colors for your bridesmaid dress


If you think looking for your wedding dress is difficult, try putting yourself in your bridesmaids’ shoes. The style, length, and color of the average bridesmaids dress are, most of the time, non-negotiable. Here’s how we think you can please even the most difficult bridesmaid.

1. Mint
Mint is so flattering on so many complexions and we love this fresh color in a range of shades from light and subtle to its deep rich, almost jade, hue,” explains Lovely Bride’s Cassandra Quinn.

2. White
Try selecting ivory or white tones for your bridesmaids, which is compatible with most skin tones.

3. Navy
It is timeless and rarely sparks any disagreements among people of the most diverse likings.

4. Black
There’s a reason why black is linked with the term “classic”, right?

5. Burgundy
Rich, vivid hues like burgundy look amazing on most ladies.

6. Emerald Green
Fashion-forward brides may wish to channel 2014’s fairytale trend by selecting emerald green for bridesmaid dresses.