The Dress You Have Been Searching for (Literally): Eva for Loverly

US wedding search engine Loverly has collaborated with designer Eva Franco (whose works are sold in Anthropologie and Nordstrom) to debut their first collection of 35 wedding and bridesmaid dresses. The catch? The choice of designs and colours featured in the collection is based on what Loverly users have been searching for on the website.

Specifically, Loverly looked into the styles that their users had been searching for to identify trends that are hot with real-life brides and bridesmaids at the moment. Some insights they got, for example, were that crop tops had been gaining popularity in the past year, and brides were increasingly looking for separates and alternative options such as pantsuits for their wedding attire.

The results? An absolutely accessible and on-trend collection that any bride or bridesmaid would be sure to find something that appeals to them. We think Loverly’s approach of giving the user what she wants, as opposed to fashion’s “traditional” role of breaking new ground, is an innovative one that would bode well with its users.

Check out pictures of Loverly’s debut collection below! (For the full collection, visit Loverly. All pictures from Loverly.)



Loverly identified pantsuits as a popular style that brides have been searching for, though offerings on the market are still limited. Channel your inner Solanges Knowles with these chic ensembles!



Loverly’s debut collection also features a spectrum of beautiful hues such as navy, pink and mint — all of which are popular colours with its users. The collection’s range of casual and flirty dresses are versatile as well, as they cater to both bridesmaids and brides who are looking for a light dress suitable for a more informal setting.





No bridal collection would be complete without some classic white dresses. Apart from beautiful foolproof options that feature beautiful lace overlays, we are also a fan of the sets of matching separates — we’re almost sure that every bride would be wearing these again even after their weddings.

Fairytale wedding destinations on Airbnb

No matter how grown up we are, there’s always the kid in us that will be wowed by good old fairytale romances. Especially when they are set in some of the most picturesque places in the world and you get to be the hero and heroine in the story.

1. Secluded Intown Treehouse (Atlanta, GA, United States)
Tarzan & Jane

Secluded intown treehouse in Atlanta 1

Swing into this magical treehouse located in the heart of Atlanta, United States, and embark on an exciting photography journey to mark the beginning of your marriage.

Capture your Tarzan and Jane jungle romance on the rope bridges draped in fairy lights, and set amongst lush greenery and natural artifacts.

Couples can also explore the option of exchanging their wedding vows beneath the 150-year-old South Short-Leaf Pine tree, witnessed by Mother Nature and graced by the melodious tune of birds singing in the background.

Surrounded by picturesque landscapes of the nearby stream and thick greenery, this hidden gem is an ideal wedding photography site for tree huggers and nature lovers.

Price: S$488/night, with a minimum stay of 2 nights.
For more information, visit

2. Le Manoir Equivocal (Corgoloin, Burgandy, France)

Len Manoir Equicoal in Corgoloin 1

Let your hair down for your prince charming in the enchanting heritage tower of Le Manoir Equivocal. Located at the top of the hill in the hamlet of Moux, Burgandy, France, this manor house built in pink tinted stone from the 15th century is the perfect site for fairytale-themed wedding photography.

Couples will never run out of muse for a picture-perfect shot with various romantic backdrops, ranging from majestic stone walls to the beautiful work of nature at the nearby rivers.

A handy photography tip: make use of the wonders of natural light as you soak in the western sun and explore the golden vineyard in search for that perfect wedding shot.

Price: S$346/night, with a minimum stay of 1 night.
For more information, visit

3. Stay in an Ancient British Castle (Kirkby Stephen, United Kingdom)
Beauty & The Beast

Tale as old as time, true as it can be – is your love story similar to the mismatched but everlasting love of Beauty and the Beast? Bring your fairytale romance to life in this castle built in 1841, stashed away from the crowd at the edge of Yorkshire Dales, Northern England.

While the castle’s exterior bears a striking resemblance to the beast’s home, its interior provides multiple picture-perfect moments as well. Capture candid shots of your love story as you share a magical dance with your significant other in the beautiful hall, furnished in lush leather sofas, antique fittings and a regal fireplace.

What’s more, with the listing comfortably accommodating up to 30 adults and 10 children, couples can also invite family and friends to be a part an unforgettable wedding photography experience

Price: S$200/night, with a minimum stay of 1 night.
For more information, visit

4. Domus Civita, a unique home rental (Civita, Lazio, Italy)
Hunchback of Notre Dame

Domus Civita, a unique home rental in Civita 1

Be transported to a place of wonder at Domus Civita. Located on the Italian hill town of Civita di Bagnoregio in the Province of Viterbo, this unique Italian villa promises a breathtaking bird’s eye viewof the rustic town and the lush greenery surrounding the premises.

A 14th century palazzo that sits amidst underground caves, Etruscan tombs and a Roman water cistern, Domus Civita presents numerous opportunities for an unforgettable wedding photo shoot. Be inspired by the magical views – imagine a wedding shot against the backdrop of a setting sun dipping into the rolling hills and rock formations, or make use of the listing’s red brick walls and cobblestoned stairs for a more medieval setting.

Domus Civita, a unique home rental in Civita 2

Besides the great outdoor scenery, more romantic photography opportunities can be found indoors as well. Take your pick of romantic spots – from the underground hot tub and heated pool amidst a cavernous room, to a cosy candlelit wine cellar, or even just beside the fireplace!

Whether you’re looking for amazing outdoor wedding shots, or a session in a more intimate setting, Domus Civita provides you with a wonderful array of inspiring options for your fairytale wedding photo shoot.

Price: S$640/night, with a minimum stay of 7 nights.
For more information, visit

5. Gingerbread cottage (Point Roberts, WA, United States)
Hansel & Gretel

Gingerbread Cottage in Point Roberts 1

If you’re a nature lover, foray into the great outdoors and make a stop at the Gingerbread cottage in Point Roberts. Enclosed amongst a grove of magnificent cedar trees, the little wooden cottage abounds with raw, natural beauty and is a perfect spot for a quiet, back-to-basics photo shoot.

Pose along a trail lined with large ferns, or head to the verandah for a photo shoot with the cedar trees. Venture further away from the cottage for more photo opportunities, and you’ll find yourself near a park with walking trails leading down a long stretch of secluded Pacific beach.

When you’re done with your photo shoot, take a breather from the wedding plans and enjoy a quick respite at the Gingerbread cottage. Make the most out of the trip and relax amidst the sound of rustling leaves and the occasional screech of an eagle, and head back fully recharged for your big day.

Price: S$152/night, with a minimum stay of 2 nights.
For more information, visit

6. Dairsie Castle – historic Scotland (Cupar, Fife, United Kingdom)

Dairsie Castle (historic Scotland) in Cupar 1

Make your fairytale dreams come true in a real, honest-to-goodness castle! Located in Scotland, the castle is a majestic venue for couples looking for location for their fairytale wedding photo shoot.

Be wowed by the grandeur of the castle grounds – from the tall, imposing towers to the intricately sculpted lawn and hedges. Be sure to keep a lookout for the subtle details all around the castle as well, such as the knight sculptures, wooden doors and medieval tiles along the brick walls.

While the castle is huge and has all the characteristics of a perfect fairytale setting, two particular rooms present an even greater allure to the theme. Firstly, the Great Hall, which is the hub of the castle, houses a majestic dining table, a fireplace and is surrounded by beautiful artwork and sculptures. The Minstrel’s Gallery, on the other hand, overlooks the Great Hall, and is a spacious room on the top floor of the castle filled with artwork and antiques.

With a large space and good views of the countryside, Dairsie Castle is an ideal place to make fairytales come to life!

Price: S$1266/night, with a minimum stay of 7 nights.
For more information, visit

Celebrity Wedding: Jade Seah

In news closer to home, local TV personality Jade Seah has gotten hitched! The lucky man? Terence Lim, a former national swimmer who now works in the finance industry. The couple had been dating for three years, before Lim popped the question about a year ago.

While the wedding went almost according to plan, it was not without its fair share of little hiccups through the day. For one, Jade Seah was late for her church wedding at Our Lady of Lourdes Church as she was underestimated the time required for hair, makeup and photo-taking. The bride was also caught in morning traffic on her way.

Following the church wedding, the couple hosted a lunch reception for their guests at the Singapore Swimming Club, where Seah took a dance with both her father and the groom. The reception was kept casual and relaxed, and Seah doubled up as emcee to introduce her friends who were making speeches.

The dinner reception was held at Chijmes Hall and was attended by 150 guests. Seah had a small moment of panic when she realised she had lost her headpiece minutes before the dinner reception was due to begin. Fortunately, a security guard managed to locate the headpiece in the end, effectively saving the day.

Laughing at her own disorganisation that resulted in these minor mishaps on her wedding day, Seah said that she would be taking the chance to make becoming more organised her resolution for 2015.

The couple also revealed that they would be considering exotic destinations such as South Africa, Central Asia, Egypt or South America for their honeymoon.

Congratulations to Jade Seah and Terence Lim!

(All photos from AsiaOne)

Celebrity Wedding News: Johnny Depp & Amber Heard / Zhang Ziyi & Wang Feng

The past week has been a lovely one for the entertainment industry, to say the least, as Johnny Depp and Amber Heard tied the knot at the actor’s private island and Zhang Ziyi said yes to rock star Wang Feng’s proposal during her 36th birthday party.

Johnny Depp & Amber Heard

(Photo from People)

While Johnny Depp and Amber Heard had been plagued by separation rumours for the past year, the couple put all waggling tongues to rest as they finally tied the knot at the actor’s private island, Little Hall’s Pond Cay in the Bahamas, which he acquired for US$3.6 million more than 10 years ago.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard had reportedly first gotten married legally at their Los Angeles home before the ceremony at the island. Aerial photos show just a modest number of seats lined up on the beach for the couple’s intimate and private wedding. Due to a lack of facilities on the island, guests stayed onboard Depp’s luxury yacht instead.

Zhang Ziyi & Wang Feng

(Photo from People)

Zhang Ziyi had much to be happy about at her recent 36th birthday party — Chinese rock star Wang Feng proposed to her using a white drone to bear the diamond ring, going down on one knee before the guests of the party.

Following the proposal, Zhang Ziyi also took the happy news to social media, where she posted a picture of fireworks with the caption “I do”. In response, her beau wrote, “Thank you for giving me a complete life. All the hardships are bygones. From now on, we will grow old hand in hand.” Altogether now, aww…!


Want to Plan a Memorable Wedding? Here Are Some Top Picks

While many couples at the early stage of their wedding planning do not have a clear idea of what exactly they want, they do know, however, that they want their wedding to be memorable. The following list of locations from this timely piece from Yahoo News would give you some ideas on unique (and many times, unimaginable) wedding venues that you can consider for your memorable wedding.

1. Dracula’s castle — Transylvania, Romania

(Photo from Yahoo News)

For couples who are into gothic architecture and are looking to channel a mysterious vibe for your wedding, the Bran Castle in Romania would be right up your alley. The castle, which dates back to the 14th century, is said to be the former home of Vlad the Impaler, upon whom the classic literature character Dracula is based on. While the spectacular castle is now a museum that is open to the public, couples can rent the entire place for their weddings for US$900,000.

2. Kennedy Space Centre — Cape Canaveral, Florida

(Photo from Yahoo News)

For couples who are into science fiction and dream of having your very own futuristic wedding, why not consider the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida, USA? The breathtaking facility cost a whooping US$800 million to build in 1962 and still functions as a NASA facility to this day, albeit in the R&D aspect. Couples can choose to get married at its visitor centre against the backdrop of space shuttles and satellites, or go for the zero-gravity option which costs US$5,000 per person. Love is in the air, indeed.

3. N Resort  Jamaica

(Photo from Yahoo News)

For couples who are looking for a more liberating experience, the N Resort at Jamaica might be the choice for you. Situated against a gorgeous seafront, this premium nudist resort offers couples who purchase a week-long stay with a luxury wedding package which includes a complimentary wedding licence, wedding planner, cake, flowers, private dinner and so on. On the plus side, you won’t have to worry about any wedding dress woes (what dress?) at all. On the down side, we’re not sure if you would still be able to face your guests normally after seeing them in the buff…

4. The Ice Hotel — Jukkasjärvi, Sweden

(Photo from Pinterest)

For couples who are still stuck in Frozen fever, the Ice Hotel in Sweden would be top on your list. The Ice Hotel is constructed with blocks of ice from scratch every year, making no two buildings the same — great for couples who are after that extra bit of exclusivity! Wedding packages start from US$7,600 and includes the use of the Ice Chapel, suites in the hotel on the wedding night, use of the on-site wedding planner, and dinner options. We reckon your first night together will be a rather chilly one, but then again, that just makes another reason to huddle together.

5. Ernest Hemingway’s Home — Key West, Fla.

(Photo from Pinterest)

For literary couples, what is more perfect than tying the knot at the old residence of literature great Ernest Hemingway? The Spanish Colonial property was constructed in 1851 and is a museum today, showcasing various personal items of Hemingway. With enough space to accommodate about 30 guests, the property offers an indoor and outdoor option for weddings, and can be rented from US$375 per hour onwards.

Read the original article at Yahoo News.