Celebrity Bridesmaids

In this week, we see superstars stepping into the shoes of bridesmaids for their loved ones — Rihanna for her assistant Jennifer Morales, and Beyonce for her mother Tina Knowles.


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While Rihanna’s purple V-neck tulle gown from Badgley Mischka has got some people saying that it is decidedly “out of character” for the singer, we would beg to differ — just check out that swag attitude in the photo the singer posted! While we do agree that the colour of the dress is a tad too demure, we liked how it hugged the Rihanna’s curves in all the right places. Apart from her sartorial choices, here is one other thing Rihanna’s got right — she placed the interests of the bride against her own, and rocked her own style as a bridesmaid! Definitely a handy tip to keep in mind.


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Tina Knowles is the latest member of the Knowles family to get hitched! Taking a leaf from daughter Solange’ book, Tina Knowles has likewise chose to adopt a white theme for her wedding. (I don’t know if it’s just us, but this picture kind of sends us into deja vu.) While the women around her have mostly opted for strong silhouettes and more covered up looks, Beyonce’s bridesmaid look — a skintight lace dress styled with a flower crown — stood out the most for us.

A little piece of trivial — Beyonce’s daughter, Blue Ivy was reportedly the one who helped bring about the happy nuptials.

Fashion: Vera Wang Spring 2016 Collection

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Eschewing traditional bridal runways for the second season now, Vera Wang has launched her sizzling Spring 2016 collection with another short film Hotel Madrid. The collection, while featuring romantic and whimsical dresses that the designer has become so well-loved for, takes a different direction, as it loads on the sensuality and sexual overtones with more skin exposed and sweaty, hot and heavy styling choices.

On the collection and the short film, Wang said, “Hotel Madrid. The beauty freedom mystery and intoxication of Spain. Intimate and personal, these Women inspire a subtle yet nonchalant sexuality. Louche, lazy, luxurious. This is fashion through a youthful yet sophisticated lens.”

We at Wedding & Travel love the artistic edge that Vera Wang has injected to bridal fashion with her conceptual looks that exude a dangerous charm. However, we do feel that the pieces from her Spring 2016 collection definitely fare lower on their wearability — we can imagine how few real brides would be comfortable in baring so much skin (in challenging cuts no less) on their big day! We are curious to see how these dresses can be paired with more practical pieces to make them work in a ready-to-wear setting.

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IKEA Gets into the Wedding Business

IKEA has introduced an online wedding service — Bröllop online — that allows couples to invite wedding guests from all over the world and bring them together virtually using their computer’s microphone and webcam. This means no more headache-inducing logistical challenges of trying to get everyone to be in the same physical space, at the same time. This also means that everyone can be part of the party even if your venue is too expensive or inaccessible to fly everyone to.


IKEA’s digital wedding service allows couples to customise the theme and decorations of their virtual wedding venue with (surprise, surprise) products from IKEA’s catalogues. But in case you’re wondering, it’s not all a marketing gimmick — Swedish couples can actually get married for real with the service as IKEA provides the proper paperwork that is needed.

With large brands such as IKEA getting into the wedding business, we are sure the increased competition will definitely help to inject a new dose of innovation and creativity into the industry.

What do you think of IKEA’s digital wedding service? Share with us!

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Tibetan Couple’s Pre-wedding Photos Has Got the Chinese Internet Talking

A set of pre-wedding photos taken by a young Tibetan couple has unexpectedly gone viral amongst Chinese Internet users in recent days. In the photo shoot, 31-year-old Gerongpengcuo and his wife Dawazhuoma made a bold statement in embracing their traditional roots and contemporary influences unreservedly, with photos showing the couple posing in traditional Tibetan costumes against breathtaking natural landscapes making a strong contrast against photos of the couple wearing modern fashion, posing with luxurious cars and wine.

Gerongpengcuo had worked in Beijing as a broker for the entertainment industry for four years before moving to Chengdu, where he set up an advertising company with his friend He Di, who was also the photographer for their pre-wedding photo shoot. On the other hand, Dawazhuoma runs a Taobao retail store selling handmade ornaments. The traditional scenes of the photo shoot show how life would have been for the couple if they didn’t receive higher education and move to work in bigger cities.

We think this set of photos has captured the delicate position of Chinese youth in today’s world — while the Chinese youth remain very much rooted to their traditions and heritage, they nonetheless pursue a consumerism culture and aspire to attain material wealth in their lives. Gerongpengcuo and Dawazhuoma’s photos capture both mentalities and perhaps that is why they struck a chord with the Chinese audience.

Gerongpengcuo attempts to articulate this caught-in-the-middle sentiment, “We are very happy and satisfied in the city, but we also feel a bit lost and uneasy. Seeking the root of culture doesn’t restrict Tibetan youth. Some of the younger generation easily lose themselves and can’t feel the sense of cultural belonging while they are pursuing their dream. We hope we can send out a signal to the young people that on the road to happiness, you don’t need to lose your principles.”

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Fashion: Zac Posen for David Bridal

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Fans of Zac Posen have more reason to rejoice with the famed designer’s new collection with US bridal boutique David’s Bridal, which is famous for providing beautiful wedding dresses at pocket-friendly prices. Posen’s new collection with David’s Bridal continues to offer brides the option of wearing a designer dress on their big day without busting their budget — the most expensive piece from the collection retails at US$1,850, a fraction of what one would usually pay for a Zac Posen dress.

The offerings from this season’s Bridal Week runway have seen designers move towards sexier silhouettes and designs. Likewise, Posen describes each piece in his collection as having “its own kind of sensuality”.  “On wedding dresses with long sleeves, I like where the back of the wrist and the buttons meet, it’s a real sensual place. A great piece of clothing should support and seduce you as the wearer,” said Posen.

Brides can expect to find classic and timeless white dresses cut in a variety of silhouettes from ball gowns to trumpet and mermaid cuts that would suit various different body types. Posen is also appealing to a wider market of brides with dresses that go up to size 26.

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(Photos from David’s Bridal)

Adventurous brides who are looking for more colour to their wedding get-up would be enthralled with the collection’s stand-out piece of digitally printed blooms against black fabric — a design that was inspired by one of Posen’s couture pieces.

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Posen’s red and black offerings made in a less-is-more silhouette and clever gatherings at the waist make a good option for bridesmaids or brides who are looking for a more casual dress.

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