Planning a One-of-a-kind Wedding? Here Are Some New Things Couples Are Trying

If you’re racking your brains trying to come up with something special to wow your guests on your big day, here are a couple of the latest wedding trends that couples around the world are exploring now.


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So drones aren’t exactly a new trend and has been all the rage for awhile now, but couples are only really starting to use them in a big way in their weddings in recent months. Apart from capturing the mandatory aerial shot of all your guests, couples are also using drones to capture aerial footage of the order of proceedings during the wedding to supplement their regular video footage. The aerial angle brings a sense of drama and gives a macro view of what is going on during the wedding. This is definitely an add-on to consider if you’re really particular about your wedding video footage.


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After the drone comes the robot. Instead of the usual ringbearer, some couples have opted to inject an element of surprise to their wedding by substituting a human ringbearer with a robot one. The sight of a robot walking down the aisle behind the bride, while slightly comedic, is definitely a fresh and attention-grabbing sight!

Silent Wedding

Shelby and Dan
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This one’s the most intriguing trend for us — after all, can you imagine a wedding that is without noise? The idea of a silent wedding is that guests can choose to listen (or not) to the music that is playing through their headphones. Therefore, couples can engage multiple DJs or prepare multiple playlists to cater to the diverse tastes of their different guests (oldies and youngsters). Guests who prefer to have a conversation with each other would be free to do so without interference from loud music. Silent weddings are also great for couples who are holding their weddings at venues with strict after-hour noise limitations. With guests hooked up on their headphones, there is nothing to stop the party from carrying on all through the night.

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Wedding Etiquette: Here’s How Not To Ruin Your Best Friend’s Wedding

1271074937037610057(Photo from Reddit)

The above photo has recently gone viral on Reddit, and for good reason too. While the photo looks like any regular old proposal at first glance, a closer look shows that the couple’s proposal had taken place during their friend’s wedding, in front of the bridal table no less. Not cool.

While some couples might be tempted to think that popping the question at someone else’s wedding is a good idea (double happiness, why not?), let us try to convince you — it is not. First of all, as you have rightly noted, this is someone else’s wedding, not yours. This is their big day. And it is not cool to try to upstage them on the special day they had planned for, even if you think that you are simply “sharing their happiness”.

Second, proposals are all about T.P.O. — Time, Place, Occasion. Trying to steal the limelight from your friends at their wedding just does not spell sensitive at all. (Hell, do most of the guests even know who you are?) Wrong time, wrong place, wrong occasion, dude.

Third, from the newly weds’ point-of-view, having someone else’s proposal happen during their wedding is definitely the biggest nightmare ever, as that is likely what people are going to remember about their wedding — “the wedding where XXX proposed to XXX”. This, after months and months of planning every single detail, brainstorming a million ideas to come up with something unique to wow your guests, spending a reasonable amount of money to come up with something nice and fancy. Absolutely tragic.

So, to this dude in the photo — don’t think that you have managed to make your proposal extra special. (It might be, but for all the wrong reasons.) Riding on someone else’s big day as the “unique point” of your proposal is not a stroke of genius, that’s just cheap.

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Celebrity Wedding: Geri Halliwell

geri geri2
(Photos from Daily Mail)

Ginger Spice Geri Halliwell has gotten hitched! The former Spice Girl got married to Formula 1 racer Christian Horner last week at St. Mary’s church in Woburn, Bedfordshire.

Taking a sharp diversion from her adventurous sartorial choices in the past, Halliwell kept it simple and chic with a three-quarter sleeved Phillipa Lepley ivory lace gown. (Designer Phillipa Lepley is a bridal couturier based in Chelsea who is popular with English high society.)

Halliwell’s gown, while a tad too safe for us, is elegant and absolutely age-appropriate for the 42-year-old bride. She was all smiles for the camera as she entered the church, and a slight hitch of her hem revealed that she was rocking golden stilettos under her gown.

And for all you Spice Girls fans who are wondering who will be next to get married, Halliwell has hinted that Baby Spice Emma Bunton might just be next.

Congrats to Geri Halliwell!

Wedding Magazine Issue 26

Wedding & Travel Magazing Issue 26

Ever heard of the old bridal saying, “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue”? All these are tokens of good luck for the bride on her wedding day. This issue, we decided to unite all these auspicious elements in our cover story.

For something old and something borrowed, the vintage 1963 Rolls Royce is the obvious answer. Of course, we couldn’t have done it without the help of Henderson Motors. For more ideas on unique wedding mobiles for rent, refer to page 55.

Something new are the gorgeous gowns with a vintage touch. Remember the sensation caused by the revelation of Bella’s wedding dress in Twilight? We loved that vintage dress and so did many brides-to-be as it was so feminine, so romantic and so mesmerising.

Something blue is traditionally less noticeable or even hidden, such as a blue thread sewn into the wedding dress or the colour of the garter belt. Instead of hiding it, we decided to play it up by lending colour to the gorgeous accessories worn by our model.

Our love for tradition aside, this issue sees our biggest ever designers’ collection, with over 200 of the latest and most stylish designs from the runways of the UK all the way to the US, guaranteed to mesmerise brides of all tastes.

If fairy tales is your thing, how would you like to say “I do” before a magical fountain witnessed by all your close friends and family? See page 108 for the most romantic thematic wedding makeover. Continuing with the theme on vintage, now you can hold your reception on one of the last remaining tong kangs formerly used by coolies and Samsui women during the founding days of Singapore. Turn to page 210 for the inspiration.

Did you know setting the theme for your wedding wouldn’t be complete without something as significant or momentous as the use of good lighting and scenting? Special lighting, be it for an outdoor or indoor environment can greatly enhance the mood that you want your guests to experience. Experts also say that the fastest way to trigger the human memory is through our olfactory system. Find out more on page 88.

For the perfect pre-wedding destination, we sussed out top locales from the north to south coast of Taiwan. Let experienced locals take you on an unforgettable voyage as you eat, play, and take beautiful pictures along the way! The beauty of the local culture, natural scenery and the latest photography headquarters is sure to blow you away.

With that, we hope you will enjoy every step of your wedding planning journey and remember to keep that smile on your face!

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