Let’s Go Jeju! The Most Romantic Island of South Korea

Jeju island has been well-known to domestic and international travellers alike. A regular destination for k-dramas to be filmed, this little island sometimes known as the ‘Eastern Hawaii’ is also a popular spot for honeymooners.

So why is Jeju such a suitable place for newly weds? Besides its vast natural wonders such as the mountains, waterfalls and forests, Jeju offers several romantic spots for one to enjoy.

Here are five spots we recommend – whether you are a couple or a newly wed or someone who has been married for a long time, these spots give you the same adrenaline as you first fell in love.

Samyang Black Sand Beach

Located not far from the city, the Samyang Black Sand Beach got its name from, of course, the colour of the beach sand. It is not exactly black and will only be seen as so when in water. This extraordinary beach is the result of a volcanic action and many people visit for the black sand (it supposedly promotes blood circulation if you bury yourself in it) and for its mineral water.


Take a walk with your loved one (if you have no interest in burying each other) barefooted and let your feet sink into the extremely soft, warm sand. Enjoy the sunset at the same time and listen to the waves washing ashore.

image003 image005

Mint Restaurant

This restaurant building has appeared in several Korean dramas like “All-In” and “Boys Over Flowers”, and reality show “Superman” due to its impeccable architecture and the romantic scenic view that you can see through its full-length windows.

image007Courtesy of www.hankyung.com

The building was designed by famed architect Tadao Ando and diners have the privilege of enjoying the magnificent Seongsan Ilchubong Sunrise Peak, a UNESCO Heritage Site while tucking in an array of fine dining.

image008Courtesy of http://elsol.tistory.com/2792

You can also take a short walk nearby surrounded by breath taking views.

image010 image012

So impress your other half with this amazing dining spot and feed your spouse with great food and a dose of sparkling romance. Reservations are recommended.


Courtesy of http://www.phoenixisland.co.kr/pi/dining/mint

O’Sulloc Green Tea Museum and Innisfree House

Well, a museum may not be the most romantic spot you will want to bring your loved one but O’Sulloc Green Tea Museum is not totally a museum. In fact, the ‘museum’ part of it only takes up like, one-fifth of the place. The highlight is the beautiful tea plantation so neatly pruned that it makes an OCD satisfied.

image016 image018

There is a café where they serve sweets like ice-cream, tea and cakes all made from their signature green tea plants. There is also a hall where they teach tea-making and an Innisfree house filled with natural skincare (your woman is going to love you for bringing her here)

image020image022 image024

This zen-like area has all the right elements come together – beautiful landscape, architecture made of natural materials of Jeju like volcanic rocks, wood and huge glass panels up the play of elegance to this place.

Seongsan Ilchubong Sun Rise Peak

The most famous mountain may be Hallasan which is the highest mountain in South Korea. However, Seongsan Ilchubong, also known as Sun Rise Peak, may be the most photographed and admired since it is relatively easier to climb and you can get beautiful views of Jeju from here too.

image026 image028

Since it is named the Sun Rise Peak, it is best that you reach at 6 am (sunrise is dependent on the season) to start climbing up. It takes about an hour to reach the peak for novices (half the time if you are a regular at the gym). The steps get steeper as you near the top so be prepared to work those leg muscles with your partner.

image030 image032

But it is all worth it as you enjoy the view from above and you can even see a well-preserved bowl-like crater at the top. Now, how often would you get to see that?


Tickets are at 2,000 won per adult (about SGD$2.50), well worth the price to share one of the most romantic sunrise with your loved one.


Now, if you are seeking a different kind of romantic thrill, we would recommend this quirky theme park called Loveland. For the shy couples, this is a 19 and above place so be prepared to be awkward.


Loveland is an erotic theme park with huge statues of, well, human figurines in different sexual poses. Expect many nude figurines and do remember to read the captions for the sculptures; many are surprisingly witty and humorous.


There is a souvenir area with many ‘toys’ available that make all the Korean ahjummas (otherwise known as the aunties) giggle like schoolgirls.

Arrange for this little kinky visit as the last on your itinerary and get things all heated up to do what you have to do behind closed bedroom doors at the end of your day.

image040Courtesy of https://traveleggo.wordpress.com

Do you know?

You will be able to see these stone statues everywhere in Jeju island. Known as the ‘dolhareubang’, which means ‘stone grandfather’, this statue carved from volcanic rock is a symbol of Jeju and the locals believe that women who touch the nose of will bear sons. Will you try it?

image042Courtesy of wikipedia