Former U-KISS Member Shin Dongho Married at 21


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Shin Dongho, a former member of South Korean idol group U-KISS has married his non-celebrity girlfriend who is one year older than him. Shin announced his marriage on Twitter in November, accompanied with a photo of the couple’s wedding rings. They spent 3 months preparing for their wedding, which was held on 28th November 2015.

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Shin was an active member of the 7-member idol group from 2008 till 2013, before withdrawing from the group and the entertainment industry due to health concerns.

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However, announcements of his marriage gained much media attention as he was one of the youngest Korean idols to get married.

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Picture from Allkpop

Shin mentioned that he has always wanted to marry early, especially since he has met the right person. His girlfriend shares the same thoughts. He assured his family and friends that they are ready for marriage. The two has been dating for one and a half years, and hope to achieve stability and happiness together. He shared in an interview, “I don’t think I need to say how much we love each other when we decided to marry at such a young age”, showing his maturity and confidence for this relationship.

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The young couple walked down the aisle at a private wedding ceremony held at Patio Nine, Seoul. Many celebrities were present at the joyous occasion. Comedian Byun Ki Soo hosted the wedding, while Super Junior’s Kyuhyun and singer McKay Kim sang the nuptial songs.

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Who Is Tavia Yeung Marrying? Him Law (lor)!

As love will find its way, TVB’s leading lady and prima donna Tavia Yeung, 36, has finally gotten married after 4 years of dating fellow Hong Kong actor Him Law, 31. The couple held a secret wedding in England’s Leeds Castle on March 22 – the day they registered their marriage.

Picture from

Picture from

Yeung and Law became a pair in 2011, after they starred in the medical drama Hippocratic Crush together. Their relationship was not a smooth-sailing one, as Yeung was 5 years older than Law and she had a higher status in the entertainment industry than Law. The two, however overcame all odds and are now finally seeing their relationship bear fruit.

Picture from Apple Daily

Picture from Apple Daily

Yeung’s mother, sister and brother-in-law, as well as Law’s father, witnessed the two’s secret wedding ceremony held in England. Even though the wedding was supposed to be of top secret, Yeung’s sister leaked the news out when she shared photos of their family in England on Facebook.

Picture from Tavia Yeung's Weibo

Picture from Tavia Yeung’s Weibo

The couple had their wedding photos taken in front of Leeds Castle. The castle which has nearly 900 years of history is one of England’s oldest castles. Yeung is seen wearing a white lace wedding gown with a long trailing veil, and Law complemented her outfit with an all-white tuxedo.

W&T wishes the couple a blissful and long lasting marriage (just like the Leeds Castle ^_^)

Congratulations! 🙂

For All Japanese Fans, A Unique Venue For Your Solemnisation

Who doesn’t love sushi? Or pieces of Wagyu beef and sashimi that melt in your mouth? For diehard fans of Japanese cuisine, there’s now a perfect venue for you to hold your wedding solemnisation at.

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Expect a wide selection of deliciously enticing Japanese cuisine, which is a unique mix of traditional favourites and creative new dishes with a twist. You and your loved ones alike will surely be impressed by their delightful fare that is warm and endearing, and prepared wholeheartedly with dedication. Holding your solemnisation there will make you feel right at home on this momentous event of a lifetime!

Shibuya Toast

Restaurant Hoshigaoka is located at SAFRA Toa Payoh. Call 6258 9050 for enquiries.

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Scarlet Heart Co-stars Nicky Wu & Cecilia Liu Weds

The Chinese drama “Scarlet Heart” which broadcasted in 2011 has not only achieved high ratings; it has also played matchmaker for Taiwanese actor Nicky Wu, 46, who starred as the male lead alongside Mainland Chinese actress Cecilia Liu, 29.

Their on-screen love story touched and captivated the hearts of many viewers. The relationship between the two went from reel-to-real, when they starting dating after working on the drama series. Wu and Liu registered their marriage in January last year.

Picture from Toggle

Picture from Toggle

However, it was not until this year that the couple finally held their wedding ceremony and celebrations in Bali over a weekend.

Accompanying Wu as members of his groomsmen entourage were his former idol groupmates Alec Su and Julian Chen from the boyband Little Tigers, which caught Asia by storm in the late 1980s.

Picture from Toggle

Picture from Toggle

On 20th March morning, Wu and Liu held their traditional wedding tea ceremony. Wu wore a traditional changpao with golden dragon embroidery, while Liu complemented his outfit with a stunning kwa (Chinese traditional wedding dress) embroidered with dragons and phoenixes, befitting their characters in Scarlet Heart.

Picture from Toggle

Picture from Toggle

Picture from Toggle

Picture from Toggle

Fans of Scarlet Heart will also be thrilled to know that the couple’s wedding invitations and wedding favours featured designs of magnolias – a token of love between Wu’s and Liu’s characters in the drama that brought them together for real.

Picture from Toggle

Picture from Toggle

The couple then changed into evening wear for the dinner party, with Wu in a dashing white suit and Liu in an elegant red cheongsam. A wedding feast for 350 guests was held that night at Bali’s Ayana Resort and Spa.

W&T wishes the couple a happy and blissful marriage! 😀

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Classic Luxury for Your Big Day!

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Mulsanne Turbo S 3 (2)

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