Pre-Wedding Beauty Tips for the Stress-Free Bride!

Beauty booking app VANIDAY shares tips to help you look and feel app-solutely fabulous on your big day.

Every bride dreams of having that radiant glow-from-within look. Want flawless skin, silky hair and a mega-watt smile on your wedding day? You need to start putting in the work. VANIDAY encourages you to come up with a beauty game-plan to look and feel your best.

VANIDAY is a new app offering the most diverse collection of spas, facials, manicures, massages, hair and makeup services, all booked conveniently and easily using its intuitive interface. With over 850 salons and spas in Singapore, discover, compare and book your favourite beauty treatments and services at amazing prices in just a few clicks. The best part of it all – with the option to pay online via credit card, you can just show up and enjoy the entire experience.


A healthy-looking complexion free of blemishes is a top priority for every bride. The problem is, good skin does not happen overnight. Want that elusive glow? Start scheduling regular professional facials with your aesthetician at least once a month to address skin concerns. The same goes for spotting a head full of glossy locks. Take the first step by investing in quality hair treatments that will smoothen and repair your damaged strands.

Try Epi Treatz’s Anti-Acne Purifying Facial ($68 for a first-time trial) to target unwanted blemishes and Chez Vous Salon’s Cut+Rebuild ($202.23) which includes a 3-step treatment to rebuild, resculpt and revitalise your tresses.

EPI Treatz

Epi Treatz


Smudged eye makeup, cakey foundation and a shiny T-zone on your wedding are big no-nos. At this point in time, you would want to start looking for a professional make-up artist and arranging for a make-up trial. Find someone who’s organised and whose beauty style meshes with yours. Remember, putting makeup on your wedding day should be a seamless and fun process!

Try Ponnie Hsu (from $720) and The Make Up Room (from $1,035) for wedding make-up and hair-dressing packages.

Vaniday - Beauty, Health & Wellness Spas & Salons

The Make Up Room


Going for a trim and colour touch-up for your hair is a great idea at this stage. Talk to your trusted hair stylist about how you can best prepare for your wedding hairdo, and give your strands some TLC before your big day. As stress levels rise, don’t forget to take time to unwind and connect with your loved ones. Even better, take half a day off and indulge in a luxurious couple spa treatment.

Try Pavo Hair Studio for your pre-wedding hair fixes. Bring along your best friend to take advantage of its GSS 1-for-1 deals for all hair services.

For quality time with your partner, try Auriga Spa’s Honeymoon for Two ($1,176) for a half-day pampering session that includes a Ylang Ylang and Rose body scrub, body wrap with hair and scalp treatment, top to toe massage, Honey and Jasmine facial mask, and Mandi Safar bath. On top of that, you get to enjoy bar mocktails and tapas.

Auriga Spa

Auriga Spa


It’s time to get your wax on. Ensure your legs, bikini line and eyebrows are all waxed, groomed and ready to go. One week ahead is a safe time to do this just in case you experience any extra sensitivity or skin reaction. Don’t forget to get enough sleep too to look your best on your big day!

Try Pink Parlour’s Women Full Body Waxing ($160). Recognised as one of Singapore’s leading hair removal specialists, you can put all your waxing worries to ease.


Pink Parlour


Start your morning with a relaxing bath. Get your makeup and hair done. Slip into your gorgeous white dress. Most importantly, don’t forget to enjoy being in the moment – live, laugh and love!

Book your appointment with VANIDAY, on or on the VANIDAY mobile app. For first time users, use the code W&T to get 50%* off your first appointment! Offer valid till 31 August 2016.

*Capped at $25 off

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6 Ultimate Dating Ideas in Singapore this June

Do you know that the 14th of every month is a couple holiday in South Korea? This coming June 14th is Kiss Day, and you can go on a romantic date with your other half in Singapore too! It is fun, invigorating and the best part of it all? It will definitely bring the two of you closer together! Check out the 6 ultimate dating ideas in Singapore that W&T has compiled for you:

1) Tripping Down The Marina Promenade

Picture from

Picture from

Have you ever walked the entire stretch along Marina Promenade before? This date idea may seem unconventional and unromantic, but it can actually be a refreshing and exuberant respite in each other’s company. The Marina Promenade starts from the Esplanade to the Singapore Flyer and is connected to The Helix Bridge. Stroll down the Marina Promenade in the evening after a satisfying dinner and enjoy spectacular panoramic vista of towering skyscrapers. For the sporty couples, opt for an evening run instead, with the cooling night breeze caressing your faces. Night lights embellishing the city skyline act as a magnificent backdrop for you and your other half to have some fulfilling personal time together, and truly enjoy being alongside each other. Walk all the way down to the Helix Bridge and get to bask in a special visual experience of the illuminated bridge’s changing colours. Don’t forget to snap beautiful couple shots whilst you are there, and end your night with a kiss!

2) Create a “Couple Perfume”

Picture from

Picture from

A truly unique date idea that will allow couples to have fun and learn more about each other in the process. Attend a “Couple Perfume Workshop” together with your significant other and get to create your bespoke exotic and rich perfume using the various top quality ingredients available. Both of you can either create a perfume suited for your other half’s personality, or create a perfume befitting your own personality and then exchange perfumes with each other. At the end of the workshop, be rewarded with a treasured bottle of your loved one’s personality and imagination that will evoke fond and sensual memories whenever you smell that one-of-a-kind aroma. A fabulous way to create indelible memories for a lifetime to come!

You can sign up for the “Couple Perfume Workshop” from Jetaime Perfumery. Their studio is located at Goodman Art Center.

3) Dine in Total Darkness

Picture from NOX Facebook

Picture from NOX Facebook

Is eating together too conventional for you? Are you looking for something more unique and exciting? How about dining in complete darkness? A great opportunity for the two of you to rediscover the joy of having each other’s company while going through a dining experience like never before! At NOX – Dine in the Dark, you will be treated to a 3 course prix fixe dinner, which consist of a mystery set menu that will keep you in constant suspense and anticipation, complementing the dark and mystifying atmosphere you’re in. A vegetarian and/ or vegan menu is also available upon request. You and your significant other will be asked to leave all bags, outerwear and items that emit light such as watches and mobile phones in a locker before proceeding to the dining room. There will be a reversal of roles as blind or visually impaired guides are assigned to you, who will serve you and look after your needs throughout your meal. Dining in the dark will definitely be a refreshing idea for couples to focus on listening to each other without the distraction of the surroundings and technology. After dinner, pictures and descriptions of what you have eaten will be presented to you. Come as a couple and embark on this sensory journey together!

Make a reservation at NOX – Dine in the Dark at

4) Pray at the Love Temple

Picture from

Picture from

Yueh Hai Ching Temple (粤海清庙) is one of the oldest temples in Singapore, with a history dating all the way back to 1826. The present building was built in the 1850s and gazetted as a national monument in 1996. It is one of two temples in Singapore that has been honoured a bian e (匾额 – horizontal board with an inscription on it) from Emperor Guang Xu of the Qing dynasty in 1907. It has also received the UNESCO Asia-Pacific Heritage Award. Other than its rich history, do you know that Yueh Hai Ching Temple is also known as the Love Temple? Yue Lao (月老), literally “old man under the moon”, sits in this temple. Yue Lao is a deity of marriage and love in Chinese mythology, who is believed to bring together two people destined for each other by tying a red thread to connect them. The red thread symbolises love, marriage and romance. Visit the temple to pray for a happy relationship or marriage with your significant other!

Wish for everlasting love at 30B Phillip Street, Singapore 048696

5) Ascend Mount Faber Park

Picture from

Picture from

Take delight in a host of activities with your loved one at Mount Faber Park – one of Singapore’s oldest parks. You can ascend Mount Faber Park along footpaths and trails that lead up to the peak of the hill. Immerse yourself in the fresh air and natural flora and fauna around you as you walk up. Once you reach the peak, a breathtaking panoramic view of the city skyline, harbour and Southern part of Singapore will come into sight. There are telescopes at different lookout points situated along Mount Faber Park, allowing you to have a closer gaze at the picturesque city landscape. Tuck into a hearty lunch amongst lush greenery at the various dining options, while you relax in this serene and tranquil environment 100 metres above the sea. Make sure you ring the century old Bell of Happiness together with your significant other, which is believed to bless people with love and happiness. From Mount Faber Park, go on to take a cable car to Sentosa island and be in for a visual treat of the vast, aerial scenery. An alternative would be to saunter across treetops on the impressive Henderson Waves bridge with a unique curved wave architecture, getting all up close and personal to spot migratory birds in their natural habitat.

A Marang Trail which leads from Marang Road at the Harbourfront MRT station will bring you up Mount Faber Park.

6) Magnificent View at ION Sky

Picture from

Picture from

Want to have a stunning 360° view of Singapore from the top? Come to ION Sky, an indoor viewing gallery situated on the top floor of the ION Orchard building at levels 55/ 56, 218m from the ground. Stand high above and surround yourself with an unobstructed cityscape view of this beautiful island! The observation deck is designated as an “Official Cloudspotting Area” by the Cloud Appreciation Society, where you can learn about different types of clouds. Spend time here with your significant other, and watch how lovely the Singapore day and night sky looks like. There are also state-of-the-art BEHOLD™ telescopes, the first of its kind in Asia, available for you to admire Singapore from a new perspective. You can also see how Orchard Road used to look like in the past, with fruit orchards and nutmeg plantations. ION Sky can be accessed via high-speed lifts from ION Art Gallery at level 4. The lifts only take 45 seconds to get you to the top! What’s even better is that it is totally free! This is definitely a great place to visit with your loved one.