7 Feng Shui Life Hacks for Romance

Not just for the home, the art of Feng Shui can be useful in the quest for love too.

If you are on this site looking for wedding ideas, there’s a high chance you won’t be spending this Singles’ Day alone. But what if you want to share the love and play cupid to your extremely eligible single friend who is less lucky in love? Well, these hot tips from Way Fengshui Group may just be the right antidote to lift the single spell!

Fengshui tips for love

  1. Wear more pink or red

As the colours most associated with love and passion, it shouldn’t be a surprise that pink and reddish hues help enhance romantic luck. Furthermore, studies have shown that women’s use of red is linked to sex and romance, and that wearing red has a significant positive effect on the sexual attractiveness of both men and women.

  1. Switch up your makeup

Tao Hua, or peach blossoms, is representative of love or attraction to the opposite sex in Feng Shui. The area between your eye and temple is known as the Tao Hua region, so giving yourself a makeover may actually improve your love life!

To attract potential suitors, cat-eye makeup and soft-coloured, rounded brows are the way to go. It’s also said that straight Korean brows – so popular right now – may attract suitors with impure intentions, and are not looking for a stable relationship. No wonder all the heroines in Korean dramas are always crying!Fengshui tips for love

  1. Reap some fringe benefits

To attract your soulmate, people with long faces should try out hairstyles with a prominent fringe, while those with round, square, heart-shaped or diamond-shaped faces should opt for a wavy or curlier ‘do. Small face shapes do the best with short hairstyles, while those with oval faces have the freedom to wear any hairstyle they please. As a rule of thumb, sharp features at the sides of the face, such as prominent jawlines, should be covered with hair.

  1. Show off the right arm candy

On top of looking pretty, these precious stones may bestow amazing energies and benefits that could certainly improve your romantic life:

  • Rose Quartz: The numero uno crystal for love, this powder pink stone is said to radiate love and wash away pain, disappointment and other negative energies that might have closed your heart.
  • Pearl: Besides enhancing romantic luck, pearl also promotes good health and prosperity.
  • Pink Kunzite: A stone of emotion, this helps in opening and connecting the heart to the mind, allowing the heart to be more receptive to unconditional and abundant love. This beautiful crystal not only improves romantic relationships but also interpersonal ones, so you are more popular all round.
  • Moonstone: This gem is believed to be best in inciting passion and intensifying physical relationships while amplifying passion. Despite its fiery powers, it also helps calm the mind.

Fengshui tips for love

  1. Redecorate your nest

Symbols are important in classical Feng Shui as they help generate positive romantic vibes. Boost the qi or energy in your love life by introducing some symbols of love into your home, which include:

  • Flowers: Flowers, especially peonies, have a strong healing energy, and are said to help single women find their match.
  • Water fountains: Fountains not only promote wealth and prosperity, but also romance; the peacefully moving water of a fountain distributes qi, allowing positive energies to flow.
  • Mandarin ducks: Among the most popular Feng Shui antidotes to a lacklustre love life, Mandarin ducks, which represent devotion and loyalty, are said to attract romance and desire into its owner’s home.
  • ‘Double happiness’ magpie – Known as the “bird of happiness”, magpies have a significant role in Chinese folklore – forming a bridge from earth to heaven to reunite the star-crossed lovers – Cowherd and the Weaving Maid. Together with the ‘double happiness’ symbol, which represents conjugal bliss and an inseparable bond, the ‘double happiness’ magpies help to strengthen romantic energies, while bringing happiness and unlimited opportunities.


  1. Clean up your act

While symbols are great ways to increase your luck in love, too much clutter can block the positive qi from entering your life. Keep all areas of your house clutter-free for the smooth flow of qi. This in turn, will help improve romance luck

Make sure to also gift, sell, or donate items gifted by an ex-lover, or items that remind you of him or her. This helps you to move on more easily, and get rid of the negative energy associated with your ex.

  1. Set your clock for romance

Don’t dismiss the potential for finding love online, just be sure to time it right! According to Way Fengshui Group, the best times to swipe right to Mr Right are from 11am to 1pm, 5pm to 7pm, and 11pm to 1am. Happy swiping!

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