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Wedding profits ice cake

The pouring and unification of sand from separate vases into a single vase is a weddingtradition. Symbolizing the joining of two lives as one, the blend represents everything the couple has been individually and everything they will become collectively. Many couples arrange for a sand service […]

From a Wedding Theme…

–Text by Ha Mee Mee There is so much to love about wedding themes. They are stylish, elaborate, and most importantly give your wedding a tasteful twist, away from the traditional wedding ceremonies. Wedding themes have existed in history throughout the world since the 16th century. However, the idea was […]

Wedding Magazine Issue 22

Wedding & Travel Magazing Issue 22 This issue of W&T is special to us because one of our colleagues who tied the knot recently is featured, for both her wedding solemnizations and receptions in Bali and Sentosa. Read all about how Janelle managed to do […]

Wedding Magazine Issue 21

    Wedding & Travel Magazing Issue 21 How do you define “The Best Wedding”? Is it the venue, the food, the dress or the guests? It is hard to credit a single element for there are many components that make up a wedding. And […]