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Au Naturel at Villa Anugrah, Bali

Speaking to Kris and Victoria Emerton-Jones about their destination wedding at Villa Anugrah, Uluwatu, Bali, there leaves little doubt that the intimate event, attended by 78 of the couple’s closest family members and friends, was a perfect reflection of what the couple was – affable, […]

Home Sweet Home

Brides are usually the centre of attraction at any wedding, but Sisca Oktaviani, 23, a public relations officer, decided to give the honour to her husband-to-be by naming the most significant milestone of their lives after him. “I wanted a formal wedding banquet and was […]


Which Gown Suits You Best

To look beautiful on your wedding day, make sure you choose a suitable gown that fits your figure. It’s important that you acknowledge and accept what your general physique is and keep this in mind when you go gown-searching. Many women try to fit into […]


Wedding Gown Fabrics

You love the oh-so-gorgeous gown that you have chosen but have no idea what fabrics were used? Enlighten yourself with some of these useful fabric information. Brocade For a really formal look, go for this fabric. It is often used in interwoven and raised designs, […]