5 Beauty Tips Before Your Big Day!

Becoming a beautiful bride requires effort! Even with the most flawless skin, you have to be careful to maintain your looks and to prevent any outbreak or dark eye rings. Here are five quick tips to take note before your big day.

Start Early

Start your facial maintenance at least 3-6 months before the wedding. Do your cleansing, scrubs and masks religiously. Make a date with your spas to release the tension and stress from planning a wedding. (It does tend to become stressful!) And most importantly, ensure plenty of beauty sleep.

Scrub Away

Scrubs and masks; you need the abrasive stuff to get rid of any uneven skin tone and texture. Remember to use them on shoulders and back to lighten any marks, spots, scars or uneven pigment tones.

Don’t Become a Panda Bride

Prevent puffy eyes! Don’t drink too much water before sleeping, especially the night before the wedding. If you need to drink, do so at least one hour before sleeping.

Carry an Umbrella

Avoid sun tanning at all costs. Other than causing potential burn, peeling and aging, your skin tone will be uneven around the neck and shoulders. That is unless, of course, you are not wearing a gown that reveals anything below the neck.

Afro Heads?

Keep the volume in your hair. As the day passes, your hair will start to become limp. So set out with a bigger volume and look than you are normally used to. Don’t apply oil or cream on your hair the night before your big day. Your hair will be much easier to set.