Basic Tips About Blings On The Day

First, recognise that everyone has different opinions about jewellery. However, as with everything, there are some basic rules you should be aware of.

1. Take note of proportion. If you are wearing gloves, don’t put on bracelets as well. Fine jewellery designs should not be worn with a gown that has detailed work done on it. Choose one to highlight, not both. In short, match simplicity with detail and vice versa.

2. Show off the gracefulness of your neck. An unadorned neck looks great; just remember to go for neck treatment beforehand. Otherwise, remember that necklaces draw attention to your neck. Chokers go better with long slender necks and oval faces.

3. Chunky necklaces are in and look great, especially if they are in white gold or silver. Faux jewel earrings also set off the gown well.

4. Don’t ever ever wear a watch! It’s not a day to rush!

5. If you intend to wear coloured gems, do a quick check as to which colours suit you best. And remember to match the colours with your day gown, your night gown and shoes.