Face Shapes & Earrings

Earrings may look pretty and appealing, but as with all things, you need to check if they are suitable for you before you spend a bomb on them. The first rule of thumb? You need to match the shape of the earrings with the shape of your face. Find out what are the best earrings for you now!


Description of face: Slightly longer than it is wide, with curved soft edges.

Lucky gals! Any earrings will be suitable for this face shape and you just have to keep the size of the earrings balanced with the size of your face and body. The best choices? Soft shapes such as pearl teardrops, circles and ovals. In short, choose curvy accessories to complement the curves on your face.


Description of face: With the nose as the centre, if your face has equal distance from around the nose, your face shape is round.

Get earrings with length to elongate your face. These designs add a touch of elegance at the same time. Drop earrings work well, but remember to choose shapes that are soft.


Description of face: Elongated oval shape, but less sharp at the chin.

Simple studs work best, as they draw the eyes horizontally.


Description of face: Strong and square jaw, and the chin may stick out a little. If the distance from the top of the face matches the width, the shape is square.

You need to create a look of length. We think drop earrings fit best.


Description of face: Close to a square, but the face is longer than wide.

You can go for simple studs or button style earrings, with lines that are parallel to your face.


Description of face: Cheeks are the widest while the chin and forehead are narrower. A diamond shape is characterised by sharper features.

Lucky you, most earrings are suitable for your face shape! You can opt for more dramatic lines and choose earrings with corner points and harder edges. Cut crystals are an excellent choice.


Description of face: Heart shapes are wider at the eye, temple and cheek area, with a narrow chin. The edges are soft and curved. Think along the lines of Japanese anime characters.

To balance the narrow chin, choose drop earrings that are broader or wider at the end. Also remember to choose earrings with soft curves to match your face’s curves.


Description of face: This is similar to a heart shape but the lines and edges are sharper and more angular.

You need to balance the narrow chin, so go for drop earrings with designs that are broader or wider at the end. You can opt for more angular designs.