How much is too much bling


The thing one needs to bear in mind about jewellery is that less is more. Many people tend to go overboard with jewellery, not realising that there is something called ‘overkill’. Weddings are often filled with fashion disasters. I am sure you would have spotted someone decked from head-to-toe in garish baubles that make them look more like a walking Christmas tree that a human being. We teach you how to avoid this by learning just about how much, is too much.


1. Wear a necklace to accessorise a plunging neckline.

2. Combine matching studs or tiny hoop earrings with a simple necklace to accessorise your outfit (think simple pearl or diamond studs or tiny hoops).

3. Wear bangles or a bracelet to give a sleeveless gown some oomph and accentuate your hands and arms.

4. Wear a choker with a low cut top only if you have a long neck, or it may make your neck look even shorter than it is.

5. Wear long strands of beads or pearls, they are flattering and add a touch of class.

6. Wear rings to add a sense of drama to an otherwise simple outfit. Try not to combine large dramatic rings if you are already wearing a ton of jewellery. Do avoid thick rings if you have short stubby fingers as they would make your fingers look even shorter. Instead, opt for thin delicate designs that are both feminine and flattering.

Jewellery is important as its helps to give some character. It is also a brilliant way to draw attention to yourself (the idea is to make this positive attention and not stares of horror).

Don’t (Ever Under Any Circumstance)

1. Wear the matching bracelet, ring, necklace and earrings all at the same time. I know you spent loads on the set, I’m sure it’s really cute, but wearing an entire set at one go is definite overkill.

2. Wear a chunky necklace with a high neck top. This will only make you look messy and cluttered.

3. Mix yellow gold and silver/white gold jewellery. Although Cartier is synonymous for their triple gold ring, yellow gold jewellery mixed together with white gold or silver just looks tasteless.

The objective here is not to blind people with your bling. No one cares if you spent $40,000 on that diamond encrusted necklace, they just know you’re trying to blind them with its brilliance. Lay off piling on the bling and your look will be more pulled together and classy without looking trashy.

There is a thin line between being fashionably accessorised and looking like you hit a thrift store, so go easy on the baubles and avoid the shiny, plastic monstrosities that are currently masquerading as jewellery. Instead choose classic pieces to create a more elegant and pulled together look.