Longing For That Perfect Figure On Your Wedding Day

The Dos

1. Eat regularly. Don’t attempt to skip meals at any time of the day, as you will just end up binge eating later. If you are hungry and need to refuel, snack on the right things like smoothies, low-fat or diet yogurts and vegetable sticks.

2. EXERCISE! Transform yourself from a potato couch to a toned, happy gym bunny. Even just a short 15 minutes body conditioning is good enough for a healthier you.

3. Get support. Nothing beats having someone there to encourage you along the way and boost your morale. It makes backing out much harder to do.

4. Watch portion sizes. You may be surprised at how much you eat in comparison to others. Choose to eat more fruits, vegetables and less of protein, dairy products and fatty and sugary foods.

5. Set yourself achievable goals. This is mandatory as you will feel good about yourself once you reach your goal. With that you can reward yourself with a nice hot bath or a night out to the cinema.

6. Remember there are no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ foods. There are only ‘good’ or ‘bad’ diets. This means that you can have treats. It is really important to be able to have what we call ‘flexible restraint’ and pick and choose carefully when you have foods like chocolates and crisps.

The Don’ts

1. Don’t rely on changing your food intake to lose weight. Research has proven that a combination of both exercise and altered eating habits is the best way to lose and maintain weight.

2. Don’t think that a fad diet will be the answer to your weight issue. Many fad diets promise great weight loss but are unbalanced, and only make you crave for those ‘sinful’ foods. It’s a sure-fire way to end up hitting the biscuit barrel. Have a more realistic approach to weight loss.

3. DON’T MISS BREAKFAST! A classic way to think you are cutting back on calories is to skip the most important meal of the day: breakfast. If you miss an early-morning meal, you are more likely to go for a snack mid-morning, and it may not always be a healthy one you reach for.

4. Don’t become obsessive with your food intake. Feel you are permanently on a diet? Ask yourself why. It’s pointless to go out for a meal and feel deprived. Instead, think of coping strategies to make such occasions as enjoyable as they should be. Try cutting back the day before you go out for that meal, or even the day after.