Shape up that paunch!

Your fiance might like you “the way you are”, but on your big day, you might want to surprise her with hard washboard abs. (Okay, maybe that’s quite ridiculous, but hey, no harm trying!) At least you can try to lose the paunch and look good on your honeymoon on that Maldives beach. Here are a few tips to shape up.

Put Your Fat to the Fire

Always using time as an excuse for not exercising? Well you can’t whine about that anymore. With just 10 minutes you can take some simple steps to get the heart pumping.

  • Instead of looking for a close parking spot for 20 minutes, choose one that is further so you can walk briskly to your office.
  • Skip the elevator and take the stairs, unless you are on the 80th floor.
  • Above all, have more sex. 20 minutes of sex for a 200-pound man can burn about 150 calories. And it’s a lot more fun than Pilates.

Cut Back on the Weights

If you are trying to lose the kilos, cut back on the weights.

  • One set of high-intensity training is just as effective as three sets, says the study out of the University of Florida’s Center for Exercise Science.
  • Spend that extra time on the treadmill, exercise bike or abs machine.
  • The minimum strength workout can be done in just two 20-minute sessions per week.

Film Psychology 101

Watch the movie Supersize Me, which is out on DVD. There’s nothing better for a diet than being scared stiff. With a sarcastic edge, filmmaker Morgan Spurlock interviews experts throughout the U.S, chronicling the legal, financial and physical costs of America’s ever-expanding waistline.

Get Some Zzzs

Those who sleep fewer than 6 hours don’t live as long and The National Commission on Sleep Disorders estimates that sleep deprivation costs $150 billion a year on workplace productivity and higher stress. Stress is something you definitely have to contend with on your wedding day so get those much-needed sleep now!