The Kitchen Cabinet SPA

With all your money spent on wedding preparations, you probably have little budget for pampering yourself at spas. But do you realise that your kitchen cabinet is a veritable treasure trove of spa treats? Many of the ingredients that we take for granted in our kitchen cabinets are actually skin savers. If you want to go that one step further and give your bathroom a spa-like feel, pop down to any store and grab a few flower-shaped scented candles, an essence oil burner and a bottle of organic aromatherapy oil. For example, if you want to invigorate your senses, burning some bergamot would do the trick. If you’re looking for something relaxing, lavender is the answer. So, choose a fragrance that is most suitable for you and your needs. The next step would be to make simple albeit effective face and foot masques and scrubs using ingredients straight from your kitchen. These delightfully tasty concoctions do wonders for your skin as they are all natural with no chemical preservatives. What are you waiting for? Pop into your kitchen and get yourself a quick spa treat right now!

Face Treatment

Scrub a Dub Dub

Slough away the dead cells that are clogging up your pores and let your healthy skin shine through. A simple, yet effective homemade scrub could be made by mixing some oatmeal together with some milk. Mix the ingredients till they turn into a paste and it’s ready for use.


After stripping away all that dead skin, apply some honey on your face. The soothing and moisturising properties of honey helps to calm your skin and give your face a natural glow.

Foot Spa


Many of us neglect our feet. This is a terrible mistake because living in tropical Singapore means that we spend our days in thongs and open-toed sandals. Allowing your feet to look hideous would just spoil your whole look. A simple and effective way to reveal soft, smooth skin on your often abused feet would be to combine 4 tablespoons of salt together with olive oil. Mix the two ingredients together and soak your feet in warm water for five minutes. You may also use the mixture to scrub your feet. After scrubbing, with extra emphasis placed on your heels, wash your feet with gentle soap and remove all traces of oil. After all that scouring, liberally apply some lotion to moisturise your super-soft, new feet. If you have a cuticle remover at your disposal, use it to cut away the softened cuticles from your toes.

Now sit back and let these treatments work its magic, chill out with a glass of wine while breathing in the soothing scent of aromatherapy oil, all courtesy of your own kitchen spa.