The Perfect Veil Friendly Hairstyle

When picking out your hairstyle and veil, it is important that you take the shape of your face into consideration. If you have a round face, sleeker styles with longer veils will look best; on the other hand, fuller hairstyles and veils flatter slim, narrow faces. However, most good stylists are able to adapt most styles to suit the shape of your face.

Veils that hang beyond your waist like the fingertip, chapel and ballet styles are very heavy and a tighter style would hold up better under all that weighty lace. Therefore, if you’ve chosen to wear a long veil, choose a hairdo with less volume on top. A chignon for example is a better bet. Another option is the Juliet topknot, where the hair is twisted into a tight coil at the top of the head.

A versatile and flattering hairdo is the French twist, where the hair is gathered into a low pony tail and swept into a roll along the back of the head. The advantage of this hairstyle is that it looks good with both long and short veils.

Loose Locks

If you have decided to leave your hair down, bear in mind that tousled does not mean tangled, so be sure to set your hair with either hairspray or gel to prevent flyaway hair. Hair left down looks good with any length of veil, but the rule of thumb is that your veil should always be longer than your hair so you don’t look messy. Very long veils may be too heavy for hairstyles with lots of body and bounce, so try a sleek look if you’re wearing a long veil.

Hair Up or Hair Down

If you can’t decide between letting your hair down or pinning it up, a flattering compromise would be to settle for something in between, where hair from your crown is pulled back and accessorised with pretty pins and barrettes while the rest of your hair is left down.

Chic and Short

For brides with short hair, styling is crucial as shorter styles tend to look messier. A flattering style for short cropped hair would be to strategically place tiny crystal-tipped hairpins throughout the hair to add some sparkle and create a whimsical look. Brides with short hair look lovely with both short and long veils. Turn up the volume by dressing your hair up with a tiara or a halo of flowers and you’ll be ready to go!

Bejewelled Tiaras

Every girl dreams of being a princess, so it’s no surprise that the tiara is the most popular accessory for bridal hairstyles. Combs, clips, jewelled hair sticks and hairpins are other popular choices. These hair accessories are suitable for most hairstyles and veils, but it is important to use them sparingly as too much of a good thing can be distracting.