Wedding Gown Fabrics

You love the oh-so-gorgeous gown that you have chosen but have no idea what fabrics were used? Enlighten yourself with some of these useful fabric information.


For a really formal look, go for this fabric. It is often used in interwoven and raised designs, characterised by a satin weave background that uses one or more fillings to create the motif or artwork.


Dreamlike and delicate, this sheer fabric comes with a simple weave. It is lightweight with a soft drape-able finish.


An alternative to muslin fabric, this sheer and very lightweight cloth is embellished with raised dots, evenly spaced throughout.


Pronounced “file”, this is a shiny, tightly woven fabric made of silk or rayon and has a crosswise rib effect.


If you want a shimmering look, look for this. This fabric is generally made of a polyester or silk taffeta patterned to glisten like water when seen in diffused light.

Point d’esprit

Your designer will be impressed for sure to hear this term. This fabric is made from a polyester net with the yarns sewn together to create a diamond pattern.


Used from veils to gowns, this transparent, simply woven fabric has a reflective, crystal-like appearance.


Every girl’s favourite, satin is an opaque fabric woven in a satin weave and features incredibly smooth finish.

Slipper Satin

This is a delightful, soft, closely woven fabric that shines in the light and feels just like satin.

Italian Satin

Usually used if you are going for a classy look. This is a heavier satin fabric, brimming with body and featuring an antique sheen.


A term you need to know if you want to pose professional with your gown designer. A popular wedding fabric, it may be used as either the lining or outer fabric of a gown. It will have either a matte or shiny finish and will be fairly stiff when used for the outer layer.


Usually found in layers covering a full satin skirt, tulle is one fabric that is very commonly used in bridal apparel. It resembles tiny meshed net of a silk, cotton or synthetic fabric.


What you need to create fullness. It is a coarse net that is used in creations such as crinoline slips.