Looking for the best place to pop the question? The answer might just be found in Bangkok.

The staggering King Power Mahanakhon towering over all other buildings in Bangkok

At 314 metres high, Mahanakhon Skywalk, located in King Power Mahanakhon is Thailand’s highest observation deck and rooftop bar. Newly opened in November 2018, the experience is an exhilarating one from beginning to end. Imagine being “propelled” from the ground floor to the top in less than a minute, or 50 seconds to be exact, in one of the world’s fastest video-themed elevators.


High tech corridor of digital walls that lead to the elevator boarding area

Set in the heart of Bangkok on Naradhiwas Road and directly connected to Chong Nonsi BTS station, King Power Mahanakhon is a destination in itself. The complex comprises of 4 levels of duty free shopping, the King Power Hotel, Ritz-Carlton Residences, leading international restaurants, café and gourmet products including Dean & Deluca’s flagship store, M Krub, and L’Atelier by Michelin star chef, Joël  Robuchon, exhibition and performance space and of course, the Mahanakhon Skywalk.

Not for the faint-hearted but certainly the closest you can get to a walk in the clouds

Most of us love Bangkok for what it’s best known for – scrumptious local food, affordable shopping, authentic Thai massages, etc and basically, a city that never goes to sleep. But how often or have you ever looked down from the top and admired its dazzling street lights from above? Trust us when we say it’s quite a surreal experience, and one you’re not likely to forget anytime soon. Hence, making your proposal an extra memorable one. After all, who will say no when they are on top of the world?

A mesmerising sunset view of the City of Angels

Mahanakhon Skywalk is open daily from 10.00 – 24.00 hrs, with the last admission at 23.00hrs. Visitors can enjoy direct, convenient BTS Skytrain access to the attraction via Chong Nonsi Station, exit 3. (Full address: 114 Narathiwas Road Silom, Bangrak, Bangkok, Thailand)

Ticket Information:

Ticket type Description Adult Admission Children/Senior
*Children under 12 years of age
*Seniors over 60 years of age
Mahanakhon SkyWalk Indoor Observatory Deck

(74th Floor)

850 THB 250 THB
Mahanakhon SkyWalk & Rooftop Indoor and Outdoor Observatory Deck

(74th and 78th Floor)

1,050 THB 450 THB

Are you ready for Wedding Festival 2019 (at Vivo City)?

Marriage can be a whole new phase in our lives. It is a new chapter which you have to work with your life-time partner to face the ups and downs, and still both of you are willing to hold hand in hand.

Image: Love Story Wedding Boutique

Before stepping into this new phase and trying your best to visualize your future with your partner, planning for your big day is a really crucial part. It is not only important to dress in a uniquely pretty lady and charming man, the dishes to serve your noble guests are most concerned as well.

Image: Malena Brida Haute Couture

Wedding Festival 2019 that is organized by Wedding & Travel is back by popular demand! We have hotel partners such as Orchard Hotel Singapore and Ban Heng Group of Restaurants; meanwhile, they are here to provide you incredible packages!


Image: Suitcase Weddings

Besides, professional and talented bridal studious such as Bluebay Wedding Singapore, Love Story Wedding Boutique, Malena Brida Haute Couture, France Paris Bridal, Suitcase Weddings and My Dream Wedding are participating in this Wedding Festival 2019 as well!

If you eager to be inspired and if you are looking for creative ideas for your wedding day, it is time to visit Wedding Festival 2019!

Image: France Paris Bridal


Details of Wedding Festival 2019 are shown below:

Date: 28 Feb 2018 – 3 March 2018

Venue: Vivo City, Level 1




The WOW Groom Attire Which You Must Know

Most of us will focus on the entire look and feel of our wedding, and it is definitely a very common thing. We want the decoration of our big day is amazing, as well as we have to look fabulous and charming. We feel like it is crucial to show a number of groom attires which is quite attractive.

Do not ever underestimate the importance of the groom attire, as their outfits should match in style and feel with yours.

A man, who is wearing grey notched lapel blazer, grey waistcoat, and white dress shirt with rose boutonniere, looks like a completely charming gentleman.

Who said groom only can wear in black and white to look stylish and classic? Choose different color like color champagne, definitely enhance the look of the groom!

Red is an auspicious as well as a popular color in Chinese culture. It symbolizes luck, joy and happiness. Hence, wearing red groom suit is truly welcomed. You can choose either wear it in a traditional way or in modern style.

Black is a timelessly classic color, don’t you agree? Of course, this design of suit is slightly different than the usual groom suit that you see previously. Black + Creative Design = Charming groom who has unique and great fashion sense

For men who love purple, you may want to refer to this mix & match. This look is totally elegant!


Be fashionable like wearing this suit which is full of patterns is way too cool! As long as you can handle this trendy suit, no one can take their eyes off you for sure!

If you are ready to impress your guests at your wedding day, dress differently like the suits shown above, is definitely one of the best ways to rock it!


Look South To Kenting

Located in Taiwan’s southernmost part, Kenting National Park is famous for its natural beauty and gorgeous scenery. Add to that the many manmade locations for wedding photography and exciting activities for couples, it is no wonder Kenting is the new “it” place to be.

The best part about travelling overseas for your pre-wedding photo shoot is how you can slip in a short getaway at the same time. With its beautiful sand and surf, to-die-for sunsets, and laidback pace of life, Kenting has long ranked high as one of Taiwan’s most popular vacation spots. For the same reasons, there is no reason why Kenting wouldn’t make a great destination for pre-wedding photo shoots too, thought it remains under the radar for now.

But not for long – W&T puts together a three-day itinerary that introduces you to the best of this charming seaside town – picturesque photo spots, thrilling activities, and delectable menus, let’s go!


Day 1: Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot

Kenting is best known for its stunning sea views and brilliant clear skies, and each of the following start attractions offers the best views, while imparting a different mood and feel to your photographs. Specially, Kenting Bay makes a great location for playful and dynamic shots taken right by the seaside; Eluanbi Lighthouse brings a touch of elegance when its statuesque white exterior is juxtaposed against the blue sky; Maobitou Park is our top choice for dramatic shots, with its magnificent cliffhanging sea views and strong winds.

A couple of frequent grouses about overseas pre-wedding photo shoots are tight schedules and crowded photo spots. With a wide range of gorgeous setting, from a glass chapel on water, to Greek influenced buildings, to rustic farmhouse backdrops. As such, couples can enjoy privacy and the luxury of time in using the expansive grounds for their photo shoots.


Day 2: Under The Sea

No trip to Kenting is complete without adventures on water. For the active couple who loves thrill and action, get your adrenaline fix at South Bay, where you can try out up to 8 types of water sports, including jet skis, flying fish, and banana boat, etc.

For the laidback couple who prefers to take things slow, you can take an ocean cruise. Apart from providing unbeatable views of the coastline from a unique perspective, you can also enjoy open-sea snorkelling with the yacht as your launch pad when water conditions permit. We recommend going on the last trip of the day, as you can catch the magnificent Pacific Ocean sunset on your return journey.


Day 3: Out And About

There is no better way to know a place intimately than to explore it for yourself. Rent a motorbike or electrical bike (for those without a licence) and hit the roads! Spend a delightful morning feeling the refreshing sea breeze on your face as you traverse the coastal roads, and get a taste of quaint local life as you meander through the streets of Hengchun Old Town. For fans of the hit movie Cape No.7, which was shot in Kenting, be sure to visit protagonist Aka’s house on the way!

The journey through winding mountain roads and challenging sand dunes would definitely have you holding on tight to your seat for sure! The expedition ends on a high (and wet) note as the jeeps toss up strong sprays of water as they perform high-speed turns on the stream.

How can one visit Taiwan without making a trip to the night market?  For dinner, have your fill of Taiwan’s most delicious street foods as you shop till you drop along the night market at Kenting Main Street, which comes alive around 7pm every night.


A Touch Of Luxury

Flowers, check. Venue decorations, check. Wedding cake, check. Any couple who has been through their big day will be no stranger to the long checklist of things it takes to pull off a beautiful wedding. Apart from the usual suspects, these days, some couples are opting to take things one step further with luxurious add-ons such as a customised scent, or special lighting effects for their weddings, creating a multisensory experience for their guests.


The Memory Of A Scent

Scientific research has shown that out of our five senses, the olfactory system is the one that can trigger memories and emotions the quickest. That is why it comes as a surprise to us that wedding scenting has been a rather neglected segment of wedding planning until recently.

The simplest way to work a scent into your wedding is to add a drop of fragrance on your invitation cards when you are sending them out to set a mood for what your guests can expect when they turn up for your big day.


An Illuminating Experience

As couples become increasingly creative in coming up with their own unique wedding themes, it is no wonder that basic ballroom lighting can no longer suffice to create the right mood and ambience for one’s wedding.


The need for specialised wedding lighting comes almost as an intuitive thought if you wish to create an immersive experience for your guests during your wedding. For example, to materialise the wedding theme of say, a magical forest, it is a no-brainer that the usual white lights would not be enough, and perhaps, darker-coloured lights are needed to create a more mysterious atmosphere. A change in lighting effects will also help your guests’ transition between different segments of your wedding programme. For example, the pre-dinner cocktail session can be awash with gold accents to create a laidback vibe for your guests, before they step into a different lighting environment in your banquet venue. Sophisticated use of lighting effects can also draw your guests’ attentions where you want them to be – consider the use of a spotlight during your march in, or the use of pin spots to highlight that particularly spectacular floral centrepiece.

But apart from being purely aesthetical, specialised lighting can be highly functional, specialised lighting can be highly functional as well. For example, the strategic placement of lighting in an outdoor wedding can help to illuminate a path for your guests and prevent accidents at night. Clever usage of colour washes can also help to define specific zones within your wedding venue, for example, the dance floor.



For couples who are looking for that bit of dramatic effect, wedding pyrotechnics might just be the thing for you. Imagine this –a burst of gerbs (a pyrotechnic effect that looks like a shower of golden sparks) just as you are ending off your wedding waltz – if this doesn’t spell “impact”, we don’t know what else does. For your information, the use of pyrotechnics in weddings is allowed in Singapore, though different types of effects are permitted depending on whether your venue is indoors or outdoors. Be sure to refer to the guidelines set out by the Singapore Police Force, and double check with your vendor and venue provider on other safety measures.

Next, you can draw inspiration from the bridal bouquet for floral noted that you can use to perfume your wedding venue. While some couples may choose to go au naturel and use only fresh blooms for their wedding scent, chances are, the prohibitive prices due to the large number of flowers required, and Singapore’s tropical climate will make this solution less viable.

Though a scent is formless and cannot be seen, couples can be assured that the extra effort put in will make all the difference. Your customised wedding scent would likely be the first thing that comes to mind every time your guests reminisce about your wedding. Similarly, we are sure the scent will bring many sweet returns for you and your beau on your big day as well.