£10 Wedding Collection

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(Photos from Daily Mail)

Just a few days ago, we blogged about how the average cost of US weddings had hit a new high (read it here if you haven’t already). Today, here’s a piece of budget-friendly wedding news: UK supermarket chain Asda has launched a wedding collection for flower girls and pageboys, with pieces starting from as low as £7 (about SG$14).

Asda’s wedding collection is designed for children aged from 9 months to 14 years old, with dresses starting from £12 (about SG$24), formal shirts from £7 (about SG$14) and suit trousers from £10 (about SG$20). This means that one can get a complete flower girl outfit for as little as £28 (about SG$56), while pageboys can get decked out in a shirt, tie, waistcoat, suit and shoes for just £51 (about SG$102).

Asda’s pocket-friendly frocks would be welcomed by budget-conscious UK couples, who were reported to be spending an average of £500 (about SG$1,000) to dress their flower girls and pageboys — a hefty sum compared to Asda’s offerings. The average number of flower girls and pageboys at a UK wedding has also increased to four in recent years, a trend perhaps sparked off by celebrity weddings such as Kate Moss and Poppy Delevingne’s, who had 14 and 17 flower girls respectively.

This is the not the first time Asda has launched a wedding collection targeted at thrifty couples. Back in 2006, the supermarket chain launched a wedding collection targeted at the bride and bridesgroom, with a wedding dress and wedding suit going for as low as £60 (about SG$120) and £40 (about SG$80) respectively.

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