10 wedding favors your guests will love

Enough with run-of-the-mill cups or chopsticks or keychains. Make your wedding favors indispensable and something that guests actually want to keep with just a tinge of creativity like below…

1. With outdoor weddings getting popular these days, do your guests a favor and shield them from the sun. Throw in a witty statement like this and your guests will love it even more!

2. Program booklets that double as paper fans are also must-haves for summer outdoor weddings.

3. Say something fun or cute or thankful about each guest who’s taken time off to attend your wedding. We’re sure they’ll appreciate your efforts.

4. This sure is helpful for friends who partied way too long at your after-party.

5. If your friends and relatives still haven’t had enough of the party, more booze is always the way to go.

6. Food or anything edible always makes people happy.

7. Help them create moments worth keeping.

8. Be puny!

9. Something fun and cute always stands out.

10. This is by far our favorite choice of gift! For Instagram lovers, make full use of your own pictures and have them printed as coasters. Just be sure to select meaningful images and not just selfies.
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