101 Uses for Man’s Ex-Wife’s Wedding Dress

(Photo from People)

In a piece of news that made our morning, Kevin Cotter was a man who found himself at a lost of what to do when his wife walked out on him one day 12 years into their marriage. When a heartbroken Cotter asked his wife what he should do with the wedding dress she left behind, she said “whatever you wanted [to do with it]”. And that was exactly what Cotter did.

Turning his grief into some well-channelled creative energy, Cotter set up the blog, My Ex-Wife’s Wedding Dress, which saw him conjure over a hundred different uses for the dress, including as a kite, oven mitt, snow shooting camouflage and so on.

Cotter’s project has been so hilariously successful that his creations have been published in a book 101 Uses For My Ex-Wife’s Wedding Dress.

For those who are wondering, Cotter has long walked out from this sad window of his romantic history, and now enjoy a blissful life with his new wife and children. Well, all we can say is, there’s nothing like a healthy dose of positivity and good humour to help you get through life!

We first read this article on People.