10th Annual Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest, New York

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From the pictures above, one would think that there was nothing special about these wedding dresses. And this, in itself, is the most amazing thing about them. For these dresses are not made from your regular textiles, but from toilet paper. Yes, you heard us right — toilet paper. Now you can scroll up and take a closer look.

The above dresses were created by 10 designers as part of the 10th Annual Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest held in New York on 12 June 2014. With nothing but an absolutely unsexy and plain material like toilet paper and hot glue to work with, the participating designers have definitely done well to evoke the glamour and beauty that we all have come to expect from bridal dresses. We were also awed by the elaborate lattice work and pleating that does not pale in comparison to regular wedding dresses. Considering that these designers had to achieve the same effect with a much more fragile material, we can only take our hats off to their amazing tailoring techniques.

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Amidst the tough competition, Michigan designer Susan Brennan walked away with the top prize with her dress titled “Romance on a Roll”. We’re guessing her imaginative design that allowed the wedding dress to be converted into a party dress effortlessly by simply whipping off the long outer skirt was what cemented her win. As the winner of the contest, Brennan walks away with US$10,000.

We love looking at dresses made from unconventional materials as they really challenge the designer’s creativity to find alternative solutions to make it work (as Tim Gunn always says on Project Runway). Have you seen any other creations that have wowed you? Share with us!