2013 best wedding photos

It is the time of the year to look back at the year’s finest and best memories. Today, we scoured online to find some of the best bridal photos that we hope can inspire you for your own.

On every wedding day, the bride becomes the centre of attraction and rightly so.
(Photo credit: CINEMATICbyDavidM)

Considering how Singaporeans love fireworks, any couple daring enough to emulate this?
(Photo credit: Nathan Desch Photography)

Come what may. Not even a bad weather is going to stop you from having a blast at your own big day.
(Photo credit: Unplugged Photography)

Who says mudbloods (pardon the quote from Harry Potter) can’t have magical weddings? A little help from sparklers and the slowing of the shutter speed will do the trick.
(Photo Credit: Captivating Weddings)

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