Wedding stories gone viral in 2013

While conventional weddings still remain the norm, more couples are opting for special ways to celebrate their big day and their actions have not gone unnoticed.

As the end of the year comes around, we round up some of the most unusual stories heard in 2013.

1. Bride goes traveling in her wedding gown
More than 147 (and counting) photo shoots thus far in 19 different countries all over the world, Jennifer Salvage from the United States proved that a wedding gown does not have to be a white elephant lying in your closet after the big day.

“We love the idea of using up the dress, reliving our wedding over and over again.” The USD$400 wedding dress, in which Jennifer had on while skiing and swimming with dolphins, is documented in her photography project “One Dress One Woman One World”. Recap Jennifer’s adventure here!

2. A Pinterest wedding surprise
The internet has become a daily essential in our lives so why not use it for your wedding? By simply referring to his girlfriend’s Pinterest board, Ryan Leak planned a surprise engagement and wedding in just a day. Recap the story here!

3. A celebrity surprise
You perhaps read here about how Hollywood star Brad Pitt gate-crashed a wedding earlier this year in Buckinghamshire, leaving the couple star-struck. Just recently, Justin Timberlake got in the fun as well by leaving the stage to a male fan who proposed during one of the NSYNC star’s 20/20 Experience World Tour.

4. Couple re-enacts Dirty Dancing for their wedding

This couple stunned not just their guests, but viewers all over the world, when their re-creation of the dance scene from “Dirty Dancing” went viral. Three cheers!

5. Girl on fire, literally

We’re not sure whether the bride in this story, Natasha Samuel, is a fan of the “Hunger Games” series but this is one daring act indeed. For her wedding photos, Natasha had her photographer, Eric Simantov, douse her wedding gown in flammable liquid and set it on fire before he quickly snapped a photo. Natasha later ran into the ocean to extinguish the flames, wow!

6. T-Rex invades wedding
This Jurassic Park-inspired wedding photo took the internet by storm, and its not difficult to see why. Hailed as the “Best wedding photo ever” by netizens, photographer Quinn Miller, the one who suggested this idea, became an overnight famed photographer after this photo was shared more than 12,000 times on his official Facebook page. Recap the ingenious idea here!