2014 Wedding Cake Trends

We understand the feeling of searching for the perfect wedding cake, but having no knowledge of where to start. That’s why we’ve sussed out some of this year’s top trends for these sweet treats to give you a headstart in your wedding brainstorming process!

1. Bring on the shine

Dazzle the crowd and wow your guests with shiny wedding cakes that take the spotlight — this year’s wedding cakes are unabashedly loud with generous use of glitters and metallics to set the look! We say that this trend is great for couples who are going for extravagant old-world glamour (read: the ever-popular Great Gatsby look) as your wedding theme. (Pictures below from here, here, and here respectively.)

glitter2 glittercake gli4


2. Make a statement

Be it through the use of bold colours (hint: we hear that purple’s hot this year!), gravity-defying heights, or unconventional shapes or garnishes (a wedding cake covered with macaroons anyone?), this year’s wedding cakes are all about coming up with something that speaks of you. The best part about this trend? Your wedding cake can be open to all creative options and you can go wild customising it to suit your wedding theme! (Pictures below from here, herehere and here respectively.)

sta1 sta2 sta3 nocake1

3. Au naturel

There is a recent interesting trend of naked wedding cakes, meaning, cakes that are sans icing and sugar coating on the outside! Instead, wedding cakes are dressed up with natural ingredients such as berries and fruits, or simply, flowers. The look is unpretentious and natural, and goes perfectly with a casual wedding in the rustic or bohemian style. On top of that, we dare say that this will definitely be welcomed by people who do not have much of a sweet tooth; definitely a welcome trend for our waistlines as well! (Pictures below from here.)

naked2 naked3 naked4

4. Now you see it, now you don’t

Another trend that is rapidly gaining popularity is the elimination of wedding cakes altogether! In place of a centrepiece wedding cake, more couples are opting for a dessert table of sweet treats such as cupcakes and macaroons that their guests can nibble on. Well, we’re a fan already ‘cos we definitely won’t say no to more variety! (Pictures from here, here and here.)

ta1 ta2 ta3 ta4