3D Printed Wedding Dresses Anyone?

(Picture from Daily Mail)

Looking for a wedding dress that is custom made just for you? Instead of looking towards a haute couturier, brides can now have the option of 3D printing their own wedding dress. This innovative technology was unveiled at the TCT + Personalize Asia exhibition in Shanghai earlier this month by Chinese 3D printing specialist, Xuberance.

The 3D printed dresses are created through a process called selective laser sintering, which involves constructing the dress layer by layer with nylon powder, and then fusing them together with lasers to form the “fabric”. Judging from the pictures, the 3D printed dresses feature elaborate and intricate patterns and cut-outs that would indeed give traditional dress designers a good run for their money. To top things off, each 3D printed dress only takes about one week to complete, as compared to months for hand-sewn dresses.

Not surprisingly, such cutting edge technology comes at a high price. A 3D printed veil will set you back by a staggering RMB$20,000 (about SG$4,400), while a metallic headpiece costs RMB$5,000 (about SG$1,100). Details of Xuberance’s next wedding-related 3D printed products are still under wraps, though a 3D printed wedding cake and sugar flowers were also on display at their booth.

Would you consider incorporating the use of 3D printing technology in your wedding? Share with us!