4 Tips to DIY Your Wedding

(Illustration from Pinterest)

We blogged a couple of days ago about the increased number of couples who are opting to plan their own weddings (read it here if you haven’t already). Today, to pick up where we left off, W&T has rounded up a couple of tips for all you DIY couples out there to help you get started!

1. Decide on the theme of your wedding first

The most common problem couples face when they start planning for their wedding is being overwhelmed by the sheer amount of work involved, and not knowing where to start. For DIY couples, we suggest that you begin by thinking about the theme for your wedding, as everything else (such as venue, decorations, menu etc) depends on that.

Thinking of a chic garden wedding? Consider places such as HortPark or one of those lovely restored heritage buildings such as Alkaff Mansion. Prefer a rustic bohemian wedding? How about beautiful restaurants such as The White Rabbit at Dempsey? Once you have a good image of what you want your wedding to be, it will be a breeze when you hunt for suitable venues purposefully.

As a related note, you should also consider the scale of the wedding (i.e. how many guests) at this point of the planning, as it will impact the choice of venue as well.

2. Come up with a unique highlight for the wedding

One of the biggest joys of having a DIY wedding is that there is no need to stick to boring features that come with a package deal, and you are free to come up with your own creative ideas to make your wedding a one-of-a-kind affair.

With your theme in mind, try to consider what your unique highlight would be. Would it be a three-piece jazz band playing in the centre of the venue? Would it be an extensive photo wall so that your guests feel like they are actually viewing an exhibition? Or would it be the crowd-pleasing photo booth that will give your guests beautiful memories to walk away with?

No matter what, the unique highlight will be important if you want your guests to be talking about how special your wedding was for days!

3. Decorations are not as intimidating as they look!

One of the biggest obstacles that put couples off DIY-ing is the thought of having to do up the entire space on their own — definitely a worrying prospect, especially for couples who do not see themselves as artistically inclined.

The trick to conceptualising your own decorations is to make them as venue-specific as you can. What this means is, your decorations (as much as they should be a reflection of what you want), should be done with the best and worst of a venue in mind. Sometimes, this process might require some compromise on your initial vision for the wedding. For example, while you might think fairy lights are the most romantic things in the world, the idea will not work for a venue with a very low ceiling, and might just highlight this flaw.

If you are working with a restaurant for your DIY wedding, most restaurants will offer to provide details such as menu cards and placards, so there is no need for extra work on your part, if you are not inclined to it. Restaurants also come fairly decorated, so you most likely will only need to put in extra touches such as flowers on your own. If you feel unconfident, ask a few friends whom you trust to help you out. After breaking down the components, decorations don’t sound that intimidating after all, do they?

4. Don’t leave the details to the last minute

A common mistake DIY couples tend to make is to underestimate the time they need to set up. If you think you can accomplish a task in two hours, play safe and allocate three hours instead. Make sure you have ample time to allow you to set up, and make mistakes along the way (trust us, it will happen). After all, this is the first time you are doing it and it is natural if things do not turn out the exact way you imagine them to be. When that happens, you will be thankful for the extra time as you will need to improvise and adjust things on the spot. Giving yourself generous time will also help to keep stress levels down!

Do you have any other tips for DIY weddings? Share with us here, or on our Facebook page!