A Curious Sight: Vintage Chinese Wedding Car

Vintage cars have been gaining steam as a wedding trend in recent years, but we’re thinking that not many would be in a hurry to use this particular Chinese model in their weddings — the Jinma QJM5022TYN6 Wedding Car.


With such a tongue twisting model name, the Jinma Wedding Car looks as almost as eccentric as it sounds. From what we’ve read, the Internet has mixed reviews about the car — some think that it is rather charming in a kooky way, while others are not so impressed.

Manufactured by the Jinma Motor Company from the early 1980′s to the late 1990′s, this wedding car was the epitome of Chinese conspicuous spending during that era — couples would hire it as a gimmick of sorts to impress guests during their wedding. It was also a symbol of longing for the western ways — most Chinese wedding cars during this era were modelled after western limousines. As such, it was also not unusual for such wedding cars to be decorated with Rolls Royce or Mercedes Benz lookalike ornaments.


For the Jinma Wedding Car, its design was mirrored after the Great Wall Motors pickup. With the open top, couples could stand behind the front bench and wave to their guests. However, one thing we’ve got to love about vintage cars is the workmanship behind it — the body of each Jinma Wedding Car is made completely from wood by hand. (Later models, unfortunately, became to be made from plastic.)


While such cars may look out of place in our modern context, it is always interesting to read about things that were in vogue back in the days. With fads and trends being cyclical in nature, who’s to say that they won’t have their heyday again in the future?

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