A Halloween Proposal

(Image from Daily Mail)

As we’re recovering from our post-Halloween slump, here’s an interesting Halloween proposal love story (first reported on Fox News) that will definitely bring a laugh to your day!

The story begins as normal as can be — Nick Showman decided it was time to take things to the next level and propose to his girlfriend Stephanie Hill. But here’s the humorous twist — thinking that it would “haunt him forever” if Stephanie rejected his proposal, Nick decided that he would prefer for both of them to be tormented, regardless of her answer — he proposed in a haunted house.

The way Nick presented the ring was of course innovative as well. Halfway through the route, an actor who was dressed as a zombie would swing over the couple’s heads on a rope, and in the process, pass him a giant spooky foam hand with the ring attached.

Stephanie, expectedly, was rather confused and taken aback when the proposal happened. She was quoted as saying, “I didn’t even know what was going on… I was kind of ready to smack him. I didn’t know why he was stopping, I was like, ‘come on, let’s go’. I was not expecting that at all.” Well, understandably! If we were with someone who stopped abruptly in a haunted house while we were surrounded by ghouls and ghosts, we would have wanted to pack a few punches too!

Lucky for Nick, his proposal wouldn’t be turning into a tragic and haunted affair — Stephanie said yes. All we can say is, there are people who think of all sorts of alternative proposals in the world! And we can only be glad that they have found their perfect partners who appreciate their efforts all the same.

Do you know of any proposal stories that are quite different from the norm? Share with us, we’ll be happy to learn more!