A Pinterest Wedding Surprise

Screen shot 2013-10-30 at PM 09.03.20
(Image: Amanda Roman’s Pinterest)

For all those who argue that romance is dead in modern days, we’ve come across the perfect story that can be the poster child for the 21st century tech-savvy love story. Couple in question? Meet Amanda Roman and Ryan Leak. And the unlikely place for this love story? Pinterest.

While I’m sure many of our brides are not alone in pinning their wedding inspirations on Pinterest, Amanda and Ryan just took things further — on overhearing Amanda that her dream was to get engaged and married on the same day, Ryan promptly planned their wedding according to Amanda’s Pinterest board titled “My Dream Wedding”, and popped the question on their fifth anniversary together!

The amount of thought that went into Ryan’s proposal practically blew our socks away — as if it’s not hard enough having to plan a wedding all by yourself, Ryan also delivered the proposal and wedding as a beautiful surprise to Amanda. That involved flying Amanda to Miami on the pretense that they were going to help a friend move, and of course, flying in all their loved ones to the same place on the sly! Just in case you’re wondering, Ryan also got ready all other items for the wedding, including Amanda’s gown and makeup/hair. Now, a man who can pick your dream wedding dress for you is definitely one for the keeping, we say!

For those of you who’re interested to find out more about this enviable couple, check out the documentary below!