An Alternative Fairytale Wedding


What do you think of when we say, ‘fairytale wedding’? Daring to do something different from the usual Disney princesses are Amanda and Nathan — the couple got married as Shrek and Princess Fiona.

Apart from custom making their costumes, Amanda and Nathan also went the extra mile by painting themselves green from head to toe! When exchange vows, Nathan even cheekily told Amanda, “I do take this orge.” The couple’s guests also came decked out in proper costumes in accordance to the theme. In attendance at the wedding were characters such as Minnie Mouse, Gingerbread Man and Snow White; what a party!

Apart from the dress code, another special and meaningful thing that the couple did at their wedding was to take the opportunity to raise funds for Cancer Research. Having lost seven patients to cancer at work, and having two of their close friends come down with breast cancer, this was something that Amanda and Nathan felt very strongly about. Through their wedding, the couple hoped to tap on the generosity of their guests to raise at least £1000 for the cause.

It appears that the idea for a fairytale wedding had always existed between the couple. “I always said to Mandy that if we ever did get married that I would give her a fairy tale wedding.” Nathan chuckled. Well,  perhaps not quite the one that she was expecting, we say! But then again, Amanda was all for the idea of having them dressing up as Shrek and Princess Fiona. Now, the whole idea of a fairytale wedding has become somewhat of a standing joke between the good-natured pair.

Amanda and Nathan’s story is yet another reminder to us that the best wedding is one that the couple feels strongly about themselves (regardless of the theme, of the cause, in Amanda and Nathan’s case). Instead of trying to live up to expectations that are imposed by others, there is no greater merit than to strive to make your big day a most memorable one by your own terms! What do you think?