Average Cost of US Weddings Hits New High

The 2014 Real Weddings Survey conducted by US-based The Knot found that the average cost of US weddings has climbed to a new high of about US$31,213, up from US$29,858 in 2013. The most expensive wedding was, unsurprisingly, recorded in Manhattan, costing US$76,328. On the other end of the spectrum, the cheapest wedding was in Utah, at just US$15,257.

A notable trend was that while the average cost of weddings have increased, the guest list, on the other hand, appears to have shrunk as compared to before. This means that US couples are inviting less people, but spending more to impress each and every one of them. Rebecca Dolgin, editor-in-chief of The Knot said, “People want their guests to have this amazing experience. So they’re inviting fewer of them, but really going all out with them.”

Perhaps reflecting a more buoyant economic outlook in the US compared to the downturn of previous years, The Knot’s survey found that majority of couples (45%) went over budget with their weddings. Another 23% of couples surveyed did not set a budget for their weddings. The remaining 26% and 6% stayed on or below budget respectively.

US couples also commonly received help from their family to pay for their weddings. Couples who paid entirely on their own remained a minority, at just 12%. On average, couples contributed 43% of the budget, the bride’s parents 43%, the groom’s parents 12 percent% and others accounted for the remaining 2%.

Read the full survey findings on The Knot.